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The Best Female Pets for Customizing

by brucas188


Also by unplan

Customizing can be a lot of fun, but what are the best pets to customize? We've compiled what we think are the best female pets to customize. Without further ado, here is the list:


Kacheeks are a lovely pet for customizing and probably the most popular. Almost all clothing items look fabulous on them (when have you not seen a gorgeous looking Kacheek?). We find that the face paints that are available tend to be visible (as with all things there are always some exceptions like the Winter Breeze Face Paint can be hidden if the wig falls the right way). We also find that contacts that don't have pupils (such as the Pink Lulu Contacts from the NC Mall) look wonderful with their little adorable eyes.

Also, most Kacheek paint colours have a base colour that are a customizer's dream (Island or White seem particularly popular), which makes almost all colour combinations look amazing on them.

There is really only one con to Kacheeks that we can think of and that is some contacts can look really weird or creepy if they have pupils in them. Their, while lovely, but small eyes, can make them look a bit odd.

Our suggestions for Kacheeks are to use long voluminous wigs like the Spring Flower Wig, or the Pretty Pink Wig, or nice large updos such as the Curly Valentine Wig or

Starry Auburn Wig so that their heads appear a little smaller. Try to avoid the contacts that will give them pupils, because again it can look creepy, and some dresses may not fall exactly right on their tiny bodies so try avoiding ones that flip up to avoid any unwanted looks. Try to use ones that go past their feet to avoid this issue.


Draiks are another popular species for customizing, especially female ones. Their long bodies make them ideal for dress wearing. Seriously, there are so many dresses that Draiks look fabulous in that it is hard to pick just a couple to mention, but our personal favourites are the Long Red Evening Dress or the Iridescent Light Dress just to name a couple.

Draiks are also a great species to wear contacts. Their large eyes make any pair look fantastic and natural. Draiks can pull off any range of contacts from the delightful Falling Snow Contacts to the ever popular Roberta's Collector's Contacts.

Moreover, Draiks have beautiful natural wings that make this species a must to model any wings you may have. It is important to remember however, that Draiks are a larger species and while most wings look simply lovely with them, some look too small for their bodies and it just looks ridiculous.

While Draiks are a natural choice for many customizers, they are not without their cons. Their long bodies mean that their feet are more often than not visible, so if you are customizing this wonderful species, shoes are a must have. We've found that even the longest dresses on them still expose the very bottom of their feet so shoes are a must have if you want a polished finished look.

Moreover, some wigs don't look as though they are sitting on their heads properly, and they tend to cover most face paints. Updos tend to work better for Draiks, they look really nice, and your lovely face paints are visible too this way.

Our tips for customizing your Draik are to be sure to use wings that are appropriate to their size, and SHOES. We've said it before and we'll say it again, shoes are a must for a polished look. Lastly, make sure you pick a tight fitting wig, you wouldn't want your Draik's lovely accessory flying away mid-flight now would you?


Usuls are another pretty popular pet for customizing. For the most part they wear dresses nicely. Wigs look amazing on Usuls. It is almost as if every single wig was made to go onto a Usul's head. We especially love the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon or the Tower Princess wig. Both will make your Usul look so beautiful and elegant. Usuls, like Draiks, also have nice big eyes that are excellent for wearing your favourite contact lenses. Again the big eyes make them perfect candidates to wear contacts that have pupils and they'll look fabulous and natural.

While some people do not like the ruff around a Usul's neck, that is easily fixed by wearing a Golden Key Necklace. However, the necklace does leave a weird neck space that doesn't really look like a neck, but with the right items it is overlooked and your Usul will look like her usual fantastic self. A lot of painted Usuls also come with some really great paint brush clothing. There's the wonderful Usuki Girl paint brush clothing, and who doesn't love that dainty little cape you get from a Royal Girl Usul?

However, because of the Usul's shorter and stockier body, some dresses do look a bit awkward on them. Don't let that scare you however, there are still many dresses that look fantastic on a Usul like the Sparkling Ball Gown or Lavender Faerietale Dress.

Our suggestion for customizing your Usuls is to use the Golden Key Necklace. This will ensure that the neck fur does not get in the way of your lovely dresses, and because of the way most dresses fall on a usul, the awkward neck space is usually hidden by the dress.


Aishas are another of our favourite girlies to customize. Most of the dresses that are available look amazing on them despite them standing on all fours. Aishas are another great species to have when it comes to wearing wigs. They fit the Aisha's head properly and they look amazing almost all the time. Aisha's have the ability to pull of short wigs, long wigs, updos, and everything in between, such as the Bright Pink Bob Wig, Ebony Forest Wig, and the Floral Tea Wig.

Another lovely thing about Aishas is their eyes mean they wear the eye shadows that are available very nicely. The eye shadow is easily visible, and it always looks wonderful and natural which is always nice.

One of the downsides to customizing an Aisha is that contacts are basically invisible on them, and most of the time it won't even look as though they are wearing any.

Also, because of the way they're seen, face paints that are on the cheeks are going to most likely be covered by those gorgeous wigs they're wearing.

Overall, when customizing your Aisha, try to use poofier dresses. This will more than even out the fact that they stand on four legs. Also, try to only use eye shadows, or contacts that also highlight things outside of the eyes, otherwise you will just be wasting your Neopoints, Boxes, or Neocash on them.


Another species that seems pretty popular for female customizations are the Blumaroo. The way their face is set up make them a natural for wigs. Seriously, as with the other species listed here, wigs look wonderful on them, we especially liked the Black of Night Wig. Also, you can actually see face paints on Blumaroos almost all of the time regardless of the wig!

Blumaroos also have some very nice species specific wearables available to them such as the Blumaroo Shepherdess Wig or Fancy Blumaroo Dress. They also have a delightful array of paint brush clothing that you could add to your closet, such as the Royal Girl or Pirate set.

The downside to Blumaroos is a lot of dresses can look like a muumuu on them. Our suggestion to avoid this is to choose dresses that flair out towards the bottom such as the Floating Hearts Dress. Doing this will ensure that your Blumaroo will always look as lovely as you know she is. Also, while most wigs do look fabulous, some do cover their eyes, but this is true with most of the other species listed here too and it is something you learn to work around after trial and error.

Our suggestions for dressing your Blumaroo are to remember to pick a dress that flairs out after the waist so that you avoid what we're dubbing the muumuu look. Face paints are almost always visible so they are a must have for any fashionable Blumaroo to have.


And finally, we've reached the last of our list, the Ruki. The Ruki is probably one of the most underrated pets when it comes to customization. They wear wigs very nicely (we especially love the Braided Flower Wig). They have nice large eyes which are perfect for contacts, AND they also have lovely eyelids which are great for eye shadows.

Another really nice thing about Rukis is that while they are on four legs, they also have the two arms up top for handhelds and accessories. They can easily hold them without worrying if their lovely staff is going to get dirty sticking out of the floor like that. Their bodies also lend themselves quite nicely to dresses. Most dresses fall on their bodies so beautifully. We especially liked the Elegant Green Dress.

However, because of their larger body frames, a dress that would cover say a Usul's feet, would leave a Ruki's four exposed, so shoes are a must with this species. Another downside we found is that while they wear wigs and face paints beautifully, often times the wig falls into their face in a way that covers up the face paint a lot of the time.

When it comes to customizing your Ruki, we recommend using longer dresses as they tend to look better. Try to find a wig that doesn't cover their faces so that you can see their gorgeous face paints. And don't forget the shoes, they are a must with this species!

There you have it, our list of the best female species to customize with.

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