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Sophie in the Sewers

by phineas_and_ferb_104


Before he came, when Neovia was a land of peace, I was just that little girl who was always getting into trouble. "Oh, Sophie, why did you hurt Miss Cherrie's Kadoatie?" or it would be, "Sophie! Why in Neopia would you EVER go into Mr Jase's cellar?" I was always the girl be scolded.

      But I was the first one to see him. HIM. Yes, that's right. Dr Krawley. THE Dr Krawley. I noticed him, and he wasn't weird to the others because all the Neovian's looked and dressed differently. But I was eight. I knew who was for-real scary and who was just plain old Neovian Weird, even for a youngster. Possibly I was the only one, for nobody else stopped on the cobblestone lane that lead in and out of our village. But I edged off to the side, my eyes glued to the creep peeking around the dusty, cobwebbed sign that said "Welcome To Neovia, the Village of the Alone". I peered at the peculiar Krawk at so many different angles, I bet I knew his entire body forwards and backwards. His beady eyes stared suspiciously out into the mob of people doing their everyday errands.

      Then he steadily locked his eyes on a young blue Gelert of an unusually small size for his age. His shrimpy body trudged sheepishly down the cobblestone road. I stared at the boy who I had known my entire life. He was my oldest brother and he was extraordinarily kind, but lacked in self confidence and was extremely wimpy and skinny for a boy his age. Bruno. He was on his way to the tailors. I remembered he had gotten his fancy coat ripped after going and playing too far in the woods before going to a party.

      The creep of a Krawk walked suspiciously into the village, his expression having a sinister smirk, and you could practically tell he was the man who would say "victim" by accident as opposed to "customer". His unhealthy posture and peculiar clothing made me edge behind the old well in the grasses.

      But rude people who were ambitious to wish in a well for their dreams tugged and pulled to get me out of their way, when a strong, young Kougra pushed me hard right into the hard, rock well. My stomach was squished down until it looked like I physically didn't have a gut.

      "Ouch! Hey!" I yelped as I struggled to get out of the tight grip somebody was pinning me at against the well. I pushed against the strong arm, tears streaming down my face.

      "Wait! Let me go! I'm only eight!" My cries were drowned by the crowd, chanting for whoever the man was to hurt me. I whined and begged and squirmed. I was desperate for freedom so I could race home into my mother's arms and sob to her about the crazy man and horrid crowd. But I never got to.

      The last thing I heard before it happened was a loud cry of, "Toss her in the well to rot for the rest of her life!" Then I remember a loud chant started of "Toss her in! Toss Her in!"

     And then he did.

     I woke up covered in wet sludge from sewer water. I struggled to get up from the dirty mess. Coins jangled on the wet cement floor when they were knocked off of my chest and lap. I wrung my purple dress as best as I could then peered up the hole I fell through. There was still one face left peering own, which meant two things:

     1.I hadn't been unconscious for too long

     2.Somebody CARED about me.

     I waved at him. The familiar orange face peered down and smiled. Reginald.

      He waved then said, "Soph, what are you doing in a well?" He asked. I shrugged.

      "Reggie, tell Mum I might be late for supper. Don't say anything about the well. I'll explain. Okay?" I replied anxiously, looking down the tunnel to see if there was an exit. "Soph, I can get you out. Come on. You'll get wet." He reached an arm down which barely made it's way down.

      "Reggie, I'll be fine. Just go."

      By then I was frustrated and wanted to get home. Reginald's face disappeared from the tube above and soon I regretted saying no. It was murky and scary in this tunnel. I heard the Spyders skittering and scuttling around me and I suddenly got nervous that there were Nurannas swarming the waters, but I told myself that it would never ever ever happen.

      Then I heard a menacing hiss. "Reggie!" I screeched, hollering up the well. "Reggie! Somebody! Help! Get Me Out!" Not a person in sight to pull me up. So I slowly crouched down and lured the hisser into sight. A Splyke was scuttling across the floor, hissing whenever the murky water rippled and not from himself. I picked up the Splyke and stroked the ruffled head.

      "You'll keep me safe and I'll feed you. Deal?" I muttered to it, expecting him to cuddle up to me when I offered him some stale crackers. Instead, he nipped my finger, letting it break the skin and bleed, then he scuttled off. "How friendly," I uttered under my breath as I stuck the bleeding finger in my mouth. I trudged forward, longing for another person to find me and help me.

      And then I saw her. Her little eyes were glowing faintly, and were the only things I could see. I could faintly see teeth, a little sharp. Then the happy little face was fully seen. A friendly Eizzil was perched right in front of me. I patted the soft head gently and picked her up.

      "I know the way out!" a charming little voice came from the teensy mouth as she jumped from my arms, "Follow, you little Ixi, to freedom! It's not like I come from out of nowhere! I came here from the secret passage! It's where I stay to hide from hunters. They are the scariest. Once, they even grabbed my neck. They ripped a little fur off, but at least I still have my pelt and life. That Splyke from before is a meanie. He works for hunters. He is always after me, but he is slow and stupid and I always get away!" The strange little petpet's talking was so loud and jumbled to listen to, I had to stop to figure out what she was saying. Her voice was so excited and fun to listen to, I had no idea we were at her special exit. There was a deep, deep hole in the bottom.

      "The trick is," The Eizzil explained, "You jump through, and end up right in Shenkuu!" Her excited smile made me feel bad. "Eizzil," I said embarrassedly, "I want to get home, in Neovia!" When the Eizzil heard me, she just turned and hopped away. "Great," I uttered, "Now I don't even know my way out of here. She lead me farther from where I was!" And then the water raised. It had started with my hooves, and this was the first time I realized now it was up to my dress. "Oh boy, I need to get home!" and that was when I gave up. I basically plopped down, neck-deep in the water, and cried.

      "MUM! DAD! PLEASE! REGINALD! BRUNO! HELP? PLEASE!" I wailed. Sobbing, I got up and wandered blindly from the tears to hopefully rediscover the well. I was scared, lost, and completely alone. My eyes were blurred from endless tears. My face burned and felt so hot I might explode. I heard the deep water swishing below me. I could barely walk at this point, and I could hardly swim!

      "Sophie?" I heard a soft cry for me. I turned to where I thought the call was from. "Sophie? Where are you?" I saw a small little light from a candlestick.

      "Is that her?" I heard a familiar voice, one that I had turn off very stupidly. "Reginald?" I answered, my heart filling with hope.

      "No, it's the Easter Cybunny," he answered sarcastically "'Course it's me!" Then the candle moved closer. "And Bruno. It's way past our bedtimes. Mum and Dad are worried sick about you so we snuck out in the middle of the night. We have to get back or else Mum'll think there's a kidnapper on the loose. C'mon, Soph." I took my brother's welcoming hand and snuggled real close.

      "I just want to get home. Please. But how'd you get in and keep the candle on?" I asked, then realized how cold I was.

      "Oh, we took the bar ladder. We were surprised you didn't discover it." Reginald said, patting my head. There was a ladder? I felt stupid as we climbed out.

      "Don't feel bad. You were stressed and stuff," Bruno cheered me up, as if he read my thoughts. We arrived at out cozy little cottage. I lugged myself inside and plopped onto my soft, welcoming bed. Morning came with what I'm sure you know. Bruno and Krawley's encounter. Thought so.

The End

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