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Trophies FAQ

by nicanorduarte


Trophies FAQ

I've seen a lot of people asking about the same thing in the games board so I decided to take note of the most frequently asked questions about trophies.

What's "reset"?

Reset is the time of month when high score tables (HST) are wiped to allow new high scores. It takes place on the 1st of month at 12:10 am NST. At that time the scores in the table will be deleted. It's easier to get a trophy at this point because before reset you have to beat the best scores that people achieved in the month.

When are trophies awarded?

Trophy time is every night at 11:50 pm NST or 10:50 pm NST (it depends on Daylight Saving Time). It doesn't happen exactly at 50'. It goes by order, game by game. So some trophies are given around 55'. It's the same with top 50 avatars.

I'm #67 on the HST since 3 days ago but I don't have a trophy?

You have to be at top 17 to get a trophy. There are some exceptions but top 17 applies for most of the games.

My high score is better than the people in the HST, but I don't have a trophy? How come?

It doesn't matter what your high score is if you didn't score it on the current month. Scores are deleted every month (for most of the games). You have to beat those scores playing again this month.

Example: Your score from 4 months ago doesn't count for now. You have to beat people on this month to get a trophy. So let's say there's some game where your previous high score is 2000, and when you check the current HST for that game everyone has less than 1800. Doesn't mean you should have a trophy. Probably, when you scored it, a lot of people got higher than you and that's why you don't have it. So just score above 1800 again NOW, this month.

Scores required for a trophy changes every month: Sometimes is easier because there's less competition, people are participating in some site event like the Altador Cup or anything like that, so scores are fairly easy since people are distracted doing something else. Sometimes it's harder because there are events like the Daily Dare or the GMC and a lot of people are playing games, maybe there was a Better Than You competition featuring that game or it was part of the World Challenge, so the scores would be a lot higher.

My score is the same as people from #13 to #21 in the HST. I'm #22. Why am I last?

They are posted in order of submission. If they scored first, they should be first in the HST.

When should I start playing games for reset?

You can start playing on the last day of the month! Not before. You also don't have to necessarily wait until the 1st.

If you open a game "today" (on the last day of month) you can hold your score and send "tomorrow" (after midnight, after reset at 12:10 am) but if you don't send before 12:40 am NST you'll get an "error processing your score" message.

So you have to wait until the tables reset and then you have like 30 minutes to send any score you have waiting.

Take it as if TNT don't want us to save a score and send whenever we want, so you can't keep a game open for more than 24 hours. After 12:40 am NST of every day you HAVE to refresh any flash game window to send scores again or it won't work.

Some people say your score won't send if you already played the 3 max times per day. I don't remember having this issue, but if you're going for a trophy you should consider not playing the 3 times on the last day of month if you're holding a score to send the next day. Just in case, save 1 of the 3 max scores to do this.

When should I submit my score?

Best time would be exactly after reset. BUT it depends on the game!

1) For some max score games like Neopian Battlefield Legends (NBL) and Splat a Sloth it can be helpful to submit later in the month because the trophy system for those games work differently. But sometimes it's better to submit earlier. It's kinda complicated so I'll try to explain:

The thing with those games is that you can only get max score posted in the HST once every month. You'll get to the bottom of the table and will start going up every time someone else enters the table (they will push you up).

Meaning: when you submit your score you are placed #100 on the HST. Every time someone else gets that score you'll get bumped 1 place (#99, then 98, then 97, etc.). Once you reach #1, when someone else scores you'll disappear from the table and you can't enter again until next month.

You need to be one of the top 17 at trophy time to get this trophy.

Some people say that considering this fact it's harder to get it on reset because the HST moves really fast. Once you are #1 you are out of HST.

BUT the HST is not always full of max scores. So considering this, you can get a gold trophy easily on reset. You have to be one of the first people to submit your score, around 12:10 am NST on reset day. Just remember that if the table gets filled of max scores you'll be out of HST until next month. With no trophy if you get bumped off before trophy time.

2) Some games are better around midmonth. Top 100 trophy games. They are also max score games:

  • Ugga Drop: 40,000
  • Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway: 5180
  • Dungeon Dash: 5000
  • Chia Bomber 2: 1687
  • Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest: 1520
  • Grand Theft Ummagine: 1250
  • Clockwork Codebreaker: 1000
  • Ruins Rampage: 850

Because the HST moves quickly earlier in the month, and you have to be top 100 to get this trophies it's better to try after the HST moves slowly. Around the middle of the month.

Other max score games are not top 100 trophy games.

3) For most of the games it's best to submit as fast as you can. Top 17 trophy games. Some people submit their score around the 31st of month if they know it'll get under review, so when TNT accepts it it will most likely be after reset and their score will get posted in the table. I did this a few months ago but it didn't work because they accepted the score before reset, so when reset happened my score got deleted. :(

Say I submitted on the 31st around 8:00 pm NST. They accepted it at exactly 12:08 am NST on the 1st. So no trophy from the previous trophy time (11:50 pm NST of 31st) and no score posted after reset (because they deleted my score at 12:10 am NST on the 1st).

So sending your review score before reset could work sometimes, but it's not 100%.

I got the max score in Neopian battle legends but I'm place #100. Do I still get a trophy?

Nope. You need to be at one of the top 17 at trophy time to get it. Even if you got max score. Even if everyone else got the same score as you! That's just how NBL is. It's a trophy of good timing and luck. (See #1 above)

I got a review message. What does it mean?

TNT has a review score for a lot of games, but sometimes it's just a random review.

They exist just to check you and everyone else are not cheating. It doesn't mean they actually think you're cheating. You didn't do anything wrong.

When they accept your score you'll get a neomail to let you know about it.

How long does a review take?

Reviews can take from hours to weeks. Usually 2-3 days. Very very rarely they can take minutes.

What happened with my trophy? I got a message from TNT saying they accepted my score but I don't have it.

After they accept your score you still have to wait until trophy time and be at top 17 to get it. (For most of the games that is. See #2).

While I wait for my review, if someone else submits a higher score than mine, would that mean there's a chance I'd get a different trophy or no trophy at all?

Yeah, there's a chance you get bronze or nothing!

The problem is that everyone who is waiting for a review in that game will get accepted around the same time. Review neomails go out in batches.

Maybe they submitted their score before you did, but you can't see theirs because they are still waiting like you. If someone else gets the exact same score as you it will get posted in the high score table in order. So if they submitted before, they get to be on top.

So considering all of this you could get no trophy, but it's not always the case.

Alright, I hope this could help everyone to clarify most things about trophies. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a neomail. Good luck and have fun!

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