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An Interview with the Oracle

by asparagation


On the 11th of February earlier this year, many earthquakes struck in Tyrannia, revealing the tip of an obelisk. After much digging, many factions appeared and fought for control of the obelisk in the aptly named War of the Obelisk.

After the original war, when The Sway was declared the initial winner, the Oracle was released from the obelisk to bestow rewards, or boons, on the victors. She's been there ever since, watching the subsequent skirmishes and rewarding each group of deserving winners with access to boons of their own. Many months have passed since the initial war, and whilst most have left the battlegrounds to return home, there are still a few tired souls fighting to gain those rewards.

After months of asking, the Oracle has finally agreed to divert some of her attention from the obelisk to give this interview today, as there are so few warriors to observe. Below is the transcript from my interview with the cryptic Oracle herself.

Welcome, Oracle. I'm grateful that you agreed to this interview. It has certainly been a struggle to get you to give up some of your time! How are you doing on this warm Tyrannian day?

It is not enough to be king in one's dreams. One must seek to be king while awake. Your time is coming, whether you are prepared or not.

Uh, okay. That sounds rather ominous. I suppose I'll take that as a 'good, thanks,' then, and continue with my other questions here.

After being trapped inside the obelisk for so long, it must be wonderful to be out in the open air with the sun beaming down on you. Have you enjoyed your time in Tyrannia so far?

She who waits for a sign must sit in the dark. She who puts a hand to the door and goes out will find herself in a well-lit place of friends.

Well, that seems to be a strange way to phrase it, but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself outside the darkness of the obelisk. It seems that you're saying that you weren't trapped inside the obelisk, but rather you were simply waiting for such a war to occur? I'm not quite sure if those battling below would consider you their friend but I enjoy the positive outlook.

It's been months since the initial battles have occurred, and yet we can see many warriors from the different factions still fighting. Did you expect the fighting to go on for this long?

I am an Oracle of the elder days. I have foreseen much that will yet come to pass. The time for revelation is not at hand; now is the time for boons.

I think that's a yes? It sounds as if you are hinting that these skirmishes will end in some sort of revelation, although I guess we all know that they can't continue forever.

Now since the initial battle we haven't seen all six factions in battle at once, in fact only three factions have been battling at a time, with others sitting out, some even for weeks in a row. Do you find it odd that factions sit out some weeks, giving others a chance to gain power?

The hardest part of a journey is to choose to make it. Dangers are greatest in the heart, where fear can magnify them.

So you're saying that each faction is sometimes too afraid or apprehensive about continuing in the battle, and so they choose to not make the journey to the battle zone directly at the obelisk? Finally, an answer that makes sense. Uh, I mean, thank you once again for your candour.

You have had many months to watch these warriors in action and to form opinions of them and their leaders. I've got a two-parter here for you, Oracle. My readers want to know which of the factions is your favourite, and which faction do you like the least?

The light is fading, but the shadows do not lengthen. It is a puzzle that has kept my mind occupied for thousands of years...

Okay, you've gone completely off the boil again. I know nobody ever likes answering the favourite question, but you could've just gone with the standard 'I like them all equally,' or simply 'I don't have any favourites,' although they way you've been throwing those boons around would make that hard to believe.

Since it's taking me so long to decipher what you've been saying, we have only got time for one more question, and this last question is one sent in from a fan! Our devoted reader wants to know: "so, Oracle, have you got any plans to do anything away from the Obelisk in the future?" Well, that is a good question, thanks! So Oracle, do tell, any plans to get away from the obelisk, and possibly even out of Tyrannia?

I have looked upon the face of the coming days, and she is beautiful, but the path that leads me toward her is dark with ignorance and distrust.

What a pessimistic way to look at things, I think. Actually, I have no idea what to think. I don't know whether you're planning a holiday or planning to stay here and observe all future skirmishes or even if you want to simply go back and curl up in your obelisk. Quite frankly I haven't been able to understand almost anything you've said today.

Well, that's all I've got time for, so I guess thank you for your time and allowing me to conduct this interview, Oracle.

I knew I should've agreed to interview the Yurble janitor instead, I know he's angry but at least you can understand what he's getting at.

Well, there you have it, faithful readers. If you were curious at all about the Oracle's thought process, I'm sure you're utterly confused, but at least we've received some insight into one of the most mysterious figures of our time. For now, who knows when these skirmishes will end? The boons will continue to draw warriors and the Oracle herself seems unfazed that there is no end in sight, so perhaps they may never end.

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