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I Like to Move It, Move It!: Top 10 Animated Items

by dragoonhunter682


Also by pacificana

The great thing about Neopets, which keeps a lot of us older veteran players on the site, is all the little quirks and funniness that you can find around the site when you're really looking. One of the things that we have found and really love on Neopets is animated items. There aren't a huge variety of them, but the ones that exist are generally very cute or humorous, and never fail to bring a smile to your face. We have dug up our top 10 favorite of these animated items, and listed them with our comments for you to enjoy!

1. Dancing Neocola Can

As long as you keep clapping, it will keep dancing.

Release Date: July 18, 2007

This is one of the most common animated items on Neopets. Although the animation isn't very elaborate, the idea is great. Since this is also arguably the most awesome neocola themed item out there, the fact that the neocola machine does not give out this item is a tragedy! It seems, however, that the neocola can needs some encouragement to keep dancing. If you keep it going, however, this can will dance the day away, its little glasses making it into a real hipster!

2. Robot Moehog Plushie

It may look shiny and hard, but this plushie is 100% huggable.

Release Date: May 13, 2005

TNT might qualify this plushie as huggable, but we're not sure we would agree. Certainly it could be tried, but the experience may not be entirely enjoyable. This little guy would make the greatest mini transformer: it's able to curl up into a little ball people could mistake for a toy, and when it comes back to its natural shape, it looks as dangerous as any robot moehog can look!

Although this item might not be 100% huggable, it is most definitely 100% pure awesome.

3. Vacuumfish

Suck your place spotless with this trendy green vacuum cleaner.

Release Date: Unknown

This is one of the various utility fish that exist on Neo, and is our favourite along with the Beanbagchairfish. Now we're not entirely sure where these items come from, or who had the crazy idea of making them, however, these are enormously cute and possibly the most useful fish you will ever find! (we recognise that this is not hard, fish not being very useful, in general) We'd love to collect them all and put them in an aquarium for storage.

4. Unstable Slime

Bubble... bubble... bubble... SPLAT

Release Date: June 22, 2007

Now this item is a delight. It is a perfect mix of toxic, dangerous, and pure excitement. This is the ideal item for anyone with an interested in sloth, laboratories, chemistry and world domination. Surprisingly these interests often go hand in hand, and they are hobbies that any sane individual would keep quiet from his or her friends. If you are going to expose this item in your gallery, people might find you out, so beware! The ultimate question that this item poses is: what happens after splat?

5. Pirate Cannon Mystery Capsule

Kaboom! Open this capsule and receive random items worth 150 NC (or more if you are lucky)! This capsule also has a chance of awarding a limited edition bonus item!

Release Date: November 6, 2010

As it happens, many of the animated items that do exist are neocash items and a large part of these are capsules. Now although many of these are quite lovely, for a great deal of them, the animation consists of a few sparkles. Now we have nothing against sparkles, but in our opinion, sparkling does not qualify an item into the list of the top 10 animated items. This particular capsule has a great animation! Who can say no to cannons going off and thick smoke? (and no glitter anywhere to be found) These capsules are a great gallery item, and can fit into a whole range of different categories: capsules, neocash special edition items and last but not least animated items!

6. Supersize!

Power up and grow 10 times your size, just for one round!

Release Date: Unknown

This is what we'd classify as 'an oldie but a goodie'. This classic Neopets item has been a staple for Battledomers for years, powering up your pet and providing extra attack and defense for one round. And for those who want an extra punch can upgrade to one of the three additional Supersize items, with the heaviest hitter being Supersize Gargantuplex. Although the animations are the same for all four items, it's still a fantastic, albeit simple, image to go along with a great item that most Neopians will instantly recognize. It's certainly a step up from the original animation!

7. Altador Cup Fanatic Bobblehead

Erm... who is this guy?!

Release Date: September 19, 2007

Who is this guy? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't recognize the crazy Altador Cup Fanatic! Easily one of our favourite people associated with the yearly Altador Cup, the fanatic's insanity is perfectly encapsulated in a wonderful bobblehead! And who doesn't like an awesome bobblehead? This toy makes a great addition to any gallery, be it toys, Altador Cup items or just your favourite items in general. This crazy guy will keep anyone entertained for hours!

8. Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy

Come on, send score!!! This final prize was awarded for participating in Daily Dare in Y15.

Release Date: August 19, 2013

The Success Pending Hasee needs no introduction to Neopians and we think anyone can relate to this toy's description. The anxiety of watching that happy bouncing hasee hop across the screen, biting your nails and hoping the highest score you've ever gotten actually sends! This was one of our favourite prizes ever given out for Daily Dare, and we know most people will agree. Although some may dismiss this prize as simply another toy, we know many people appreciate the humour and thought put into prizes, and this hopping hasee shows that perfectly!

9. Peanut and Chocolate Slushie


Release Date: Unknown

Slushies have always been great animated items. They shake, quiver and jump around, and they come in so many delicious flavours! We picked Peanut and Chocolate just to demonstrate (and because it's probably the best combination of flavours ever conceived), but with so many other animated flavours to choose from, there's certainly one for everyone! Slushies are also interesting items because of the different animations they have as well! From the jumping Peanut and Chocolate, to the hovering Berry Cola and the flashing Cherry Lemonade, slushies are having their own animated party!

10. Mega Meat Sandwich

MORE MEAT!!! This is a super food that will fill your Neopet up to a bloated state and make it happier!

Release Date: April 6, 2008

Rounding out our list is a final NC item for the meat lover. The Mega Meat Sandwich is packed full of every meat imaginable, including a large slab of steak and a juicy drumstick. This bouncing meat monstrosity is an example of some of the animated food items you can buy to customize your pet! These items may be overlooked for something easier to customize with, like wigs or staffs, but don't dismiss them so quickly! They can make excellent accessories for hungry pets, especially those pesky skeiths and grarrls!

Although compared to regular items, there are very few animated items, those that do exist are certainly fun and entertaining! The simple animations bring life to otherwise static images, and definitely standout in your inventory or gallery. Browsing the site, an animated item instantly grabs your attention and interest, making them great inventions. And these dancing, jumping and sparkling items are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

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