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The Top 10 "Forgotten" Links

by goobernoodle


Since the beginning of Neopia there have been revamps, redraws, and the dreaded meepit interferences. We're coming to the end of Y15 and there are some places you may have neglected this year for various reasons. Don't worry, it's not too late! I'm going to refresh your memory and encourage you to visit some of the places many of us don't think of that often. Read on to find out which places are mentioned!

1. Neopets Diary

First on the list, this feature hasn't been mentioned in much detail in the Times since an article published back in Week 45 by author epk! That's really a long time. The author mentioned some unique uses for the diary including recording 'when you removed excess toe lint' and of course other more practical suggestions. While there are many amusing things to do with the feature, some specific recommendations that didn't make it into the article are:

  • Using the diary as a Secret Laboratory lab results log rather than creating a dedicated pet page.
  • Clues to site events, plots, plevents *cough* that you may want to keep off the Neoboards just in case you're a bit paranoid like mmm... err, that.
  • Anything you would normally need a Neopets Notebook for can go in there (similar to what the article mentioned)

I highly recommend you look up the archived article mentioned for more information on the many uses of the Neopets Diary. It is really just fabulous. You can find the Diary link by visiting your Neomail and it's located at the top right of that section's options- where you see 'Inbox', 'Send', etc.

2. Neogreetings

Just to the right of the Diary link is the link to send out Neogreetings! Did you send one out for Halloween? It's ok if you forgot to this time, but you won't want to miss out on it anymore. There is a wonderfully somewhat large collection of greetings you can send to anyone with an email address! Some of them are even animated which is really cool. They can all have a custom message attached with up to 1,000 characters! That's a pretty nifty way to spiffy up an email!

3. Send Your Neopet

Similar to Neogreetings, you can also send a picture of any of your pets to someone. Do you have the best customization that just missed a few votes in the beauty contest you would like to share with your friends? No problem! You can send a picture of your pet to anyone with an email address and through Neomail! This would also be excellent for getting guild members to vote on a pet's customization as maybe a within-guild-contest. If you select the typical email address option you can receive a copy of the message. However, both email and Neomail options include a preset message text you can select from including "Check out my Neopet's Battledome gear". This feature can be found at the bottom of the main Pet Central page under the "Etc." box.

4. Neopets Pronunciations

Tired of mispronouncing 'Aisha' when you're telling your friends about Neopets? You won't have to worry anymore if you review this page. Located right beside the Send Your Pet page is the terrific pronunciation helper. Not only do you get a comprehensive list of names to pronounce, you get spelling and audio pronunciation help too! Never again will I say "A-eee-shah"! How embarrassing.

5. Weather

While it may have escaped you to check the weather before sending your Neopet out into -2 degree C weather, your pet will be much more comfortable if you tailored their outfit to be appropriate for the day's weather. Can you imagine all those times you've sent your pet dressed in a suit or gown into the Lost Desert? They must have been burning up! Aren't you thankful that your pets still love you after all the crazy weather you put them through, all because you didn't check the weather?! It's okay, though, so don't be so hard on yourselves. No matter which land your pet would like to visit, you can check the weather for every place in all of Neopia including Kreludor and the Virtupets Space Station!

6. Game Graveyard

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Try a visit to the Game Graveyard to relive those fondest memories of game days past. Just don't stay too long. That place is scary!

7. Kreludan Mining Corp.

The Kreludan Mining Corporation houses one of the biggest unsolved mysteries- what's in there?! If you're one of the millions of conspiracy theorists like myself, you've tried every possible combination of that dreadful authorization code to get pass that S750 Kreludan Defender Robot. Although we may never figure it out, it's still fun to try sometimes!

8. Faerie Personality Quiz

Don't let that cracked orb in the middle of Faerie City fool you into thinking it's broken. Once you take the personality quiz, you'll see just how accurate it can be! You may even like the results you receive so much that you decide to post it everywhere! The quiz will tell you which Faerie your personality is most like. Isn't that great? I think so because I'm one of the biggest Light Faerie fans ever! Can you guess what my personality quiz said? Yeah, it said I was like the Light Faeries! Yay! Which Faerie are you like?

9. Coloring Pages

The coloring pages are by far one of my most favorite features and they are all over Neopia! It doesn't matter if you have a favorite land or if you prefer specific characters, you are nearly guaranteed to love the gorgeous pictures you can color!

10. Visiting that grumpy seaslug living in the Maraquan Ruins

Maybe it could be considered taunting, but I prefer to think of my visits to the Maraquan Ruins to check on that little guy to simply be a friendly gesture. Just a neighborly visit while traveling to my favorite fishing hole seems to get him all distraught. Apparently he doesn't seem to like my company, since he's always telling me to go away. Maybe if you were to go visit him to it would lighten his mood. You know, just to say 'Hi' friendly.

So this is the end of the list, and unfortunately the end of this article. I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the memory refreshers and suggested site features to check out. Thanks for reading!

This list was compiled completely based on my opinion only, and I apologize if there were other great links left out.

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