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Which Petpet Is Best For You?

by ellienib


Hello and welcome to Solanza's School of Petpet Care and Training! I'm Solanza, manager and expert Petpet caretaker. I'm guessing you want a Petpet, am I right? Well, then you've come to the right place!

You see, Petpets require a lot of attention and devotion, some more than others. I know you wouldn't want your future darling to suffer because you're working all day, right? But you must know that a solitary or aggressive Petpet isn't going to want to be carried around and coddled all day. Your ideal Petpet should match your energy level and fulfill your companionship needs.

To find out which Petpet will suit your needs best, go ahead and answer the following quiz! The recommended Petpets are all on the cheap side of the price range, so you can save your neopoints for supplies!

1. How responsible are you? When do you finish your chores?

A. Very responsible! I do all of my chores as soon as I can.

B. Pretty responsible. I complete every chore, but I might put a few breaks in between.

C. Somewhat responsible. I might miss a chore now and then or procrastinate until the chore is obsolete.

D. Not responsible at all. I either procrastinate with everything or don't even have a list of chores.

2. How much time can you devote to a Petpet?

A. I'm at home pretty much all day, so as much time as is needed.

B. I can spend a couple of hours walking the Petpet or playing with it, but I can't carry one around with me all day.

C. I can spend about an hour feeding, cleaning, and playing.

D. I have virtually no time for a Petpet, maybe half an hour at most per day.

3. How active are you?

A. Very active! I'm an avid exerciser, and I usually work out every day for at least an hour.

B. Pretty active. I have about four workouts a week.

C. Somewhat active. Sometimes I'll take a stroll when the weather is nice, but I don't do a lot of major exercise.

D. I'm a couch potato! The most exercise I get is from laughing during a comedy show or walking to the kitchen for more popcorn.

4. How would you describe your temperament?

A. I'm very kind and caring. I need a companion who is affectionate and high-energy.

B. I'm dedicated, if a bit lazy. My preferred companion should be able to handle long jogs when I work up the energy to move.

C. I'm a hard worker. I'm not at home often, and sometimes I skimp on nonessentials like fancy dinners, a clean Neohome, or sleep. My Petpet needs to be adaptable and tough.

D. I'm very laid-back and forgetful. I might not remember a feeding or fall asleep when the Petpet needs a walk, so it has to be very self-sufficient. I'd also like a buddy who will watch movies with me.

5. How much space is in your Neohome?

A. Lots! There's plenty of room indoors and a large garden out back that my Petpet can play in.

B. Quite a bit. The rooms are spacious, and there's enough room in both yards for my Petpet to be able to run around in.

C. Enough for comfortable living. There's not a lot of space, but as I'm rarely home, it doesn't really affect me.

D. My house is filthy/ cramped/ not in the largest neighborhood. There isn't much room for a Petpet, so it needs to be small and not require hours of exercise.

6. How well off are you? Do you have any neopoints to spare for a Petpet?

A. I'm quite well off. The price of the Petpet doesn't really matter, and I can afford supplies of the highest caliber or even hire someone to take care of the Petpet when I can't.

B. I could be rich if I tried, but gaming and restocking take too much time. My bank account is at a comfortable level, and I have enough neopoints to spare for high- quality supplies and a nice napping spot for my Petpet.

C. I might have a large quantity of money in the bank, but that's all marked away for future purchases. I make a good salary, but I don't see much of it right now.

D. I don't have a job or any way to pay for a Petpet, or I don't make enough to keep my bank account from steadily dwindling because of the random purchases I make. Hopefully my Petpet is okay with omelette and soup for dinner!

7. How often do you need to socialize or get out of the house?

A. Every day! I thrive on company! I go stir- crazy if I miss my friends' daily shopping trip or morning coffee ritual. I try to stay out and about.

B. Several times a week. I don't really need much more, and, in fact, I get a little wound- up when I spend too much time out of the house.

C. I'm always out of the house, but I'm rarely with friends. I'd say we actually get together once a month or so.

D. Why would I want to leave the house? Pizza is delivered to my door, there's always a great show on Neovision... Is there any better way to live than that?

Now you can tally your points to find out what Petpet you should consider!

Each A is worth three (3) points.

Each B is worth two (2) points.

Each C is worth one (1) point.

Each D is worth zero (0) points.

(16- 21) – Your perfect Petpet is the sweet, graceful Beekadoodle! This gorgeous flying creature will be the talk of the town, and it's also very friendly and sociable!

(11- 15) – The best companion for you is the playful yet cuddly Puppyblew! It's always eager to play, but all it needs to stay amused is a bone and a comfy place for a nap.

(6- 10) – The Moink is your colorful, loyal friend! Its kind nature makes it forgiving of the long hours you'll be away, although it'll be ecstatic when you return!

(0- 5) – Your couch potato buddy is the Splyke! This shy little guy is easily startled, but it would be perfectly happy to munch on chips and sip NeoCola with you. It's also very self-sufficient and seems to know exactly where you just hid that bag of chocolate.

Now that you know which Petpet is right for you, go ahead and buy one! And make sure to check back for future installments that will cover topics such as supplies and training! This has been more Petpet help by Solanza.

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