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Finally Found

by kayixu


A tiny Blue Xweetok hatched from her egg and opened her eyes for the first time. She saw what appeared to be a very young Human female. The Xweetok was this girl's first Neopet. This was the first account of many that the girl would have. This Neopet was first of many that she would have. She was very young at the time you see, and this was her first time on the planet Neopia. Yes that's right. This girl was an alien in disguise.

     Now back on topic. This alien female had just been shown the world of Neopia and was very unfamiliar with the strange and mystical place. She had been shown how to take care of her Xweetok and its siblings, but must have forgotten. Either way, she adopted more Neopets and even abandoned maybe one or two. But she never left her Blue Xweetok in the pound. Oh how cute it was!

     Alas, the Xweetok's fun and happy life with her owner was short lived. With one last sad glance at her hungry but happy Blue Xweetok, the alien left without a word.

      --The Story Now Changes to the Xweetok's Point of View—

      Heh heh... I've almost found you.

     It's been so long my dear alien friend. We simply must catch up. But I do believe you won't remember me. How sad. We had such wonderful times together. But I doubt you remember them. You never did have a good memory. Heh....

     I'm going to find you. Oh yes, I'm going to find you. And when I do find you... I'm not sure. I haven't thought that far ahead. I've forgotten your name, yes. I'm sure you've forgotten mine too. It's been years since anyone's bothered to groom my fur, you know. It's so messy and dirty. I almost look crazy. Heh heh!

     I might have a strange laugh and look a bit different but that doesn't make me crazy! Mwa ha! Besides, Jelly World is totally real! Perhaps we can discuss that as we drink tea atop one the jelly buildings? That sounds like a good plan.

     Account after account you created... only to abandon the Neopets there like some kind of game you got bored of! But this is no game, my friend, oh no. Those who bothered to speak to me called me crazy because of my search. But I have no cause to listen to them. I'm not crazy. Really, I'm not! Heh... mwa ha ha!

     Mystery Island is the place you once stayed. But I have found out that you moved. You've built a new Classic Neohome somewhere else. You didn't think I knew about Classic Neohomes did you? Heh. Well, much has changed my alien friend. I've been searching all over for you and now I'm coming so close to finding you.

     What's wrong? Why did you move? Afraid I might find you? There's no escaping me! Mwa ha ha! I heard from the Meepits that you've got some new pets. And apparently you've discovered Paint Brushes. A Starry Shoyru, a Tyrannian Kougra, and Xweetok who is Faerie because of a Fountain Faerie Quest! The Meepits see quite a lot indeed. Oh and what's this? A rare Neopet! You also have a Striped Cybunny! Mwa ha....

     So where is this new Neohome I wonder. But I soon find out. It's Shenkuu! There's no time to waste; here I come! I'm drawing ever closer to you! Heh ha! The misty mountains are coming into view. So close, I can almost smell your alien-ocity! What? That's not a word? Oh be quiet, Fluffy! We're almost there.

     Oh, I must find you! I simply must find you! Heh heh ha! Mwa ha! Wandering through the streets of this place, I draw much attention. But I don't care! The Meepits have told me. I now know where the new Neohome is! My knotted fur getting several twigs and leaves stuck in it, I hide in the bushes and observe.

     But what's this? It seems these Neopets are rather happy. The Kougra is relaxing and reading a book, the Shoyru is enjoying the scents of some flowers, and the Cybunny is digging a suspiciously deep hole under the house. The Xweetok is enjoying some lemonade as she watches the Cybunny dig.

     The Cybunny covers the hole and shovel with as many leaves and twigs she can find before someone walks outside. This person... could it be you? Could someone's appearance really change so drastically even if it has been many years? This alien in disguise is a lot taller than you were and your hair is much darker.

     "Kayixu, Leala's digging a hole for her new secret underground lab!" the Xweetok whines as she points at the Cybunny.

     Kayixu? Is that what you're called now? Can it really, really be you though? Those eyes... they seem much more wise and much more mature. "I like candy," you proclaim as you eat some. Surely, I must be seeing things.

     Suddenly I find you staring directly at me. How? How ever did you see me? Never mind that. I've finally found you. After all this time, I've finally found you! MWA HA HA HA HA!

     "Who's there?" you question, and the others turn their attention this way.

     I come out from hiding. "It is I," I state plainly. "Remember me?"

     The other four look at you as you ponder my question. What a silly question! Of course you don't remember me! Why would you? You left so long ago, not caring about me! There's no way you'd remember. There's just no wa-

     "I think so... maybe."


     "But how?"

     "I... searched for you. I've been searching for you for so long...."

     She gives the bag of alien candy to the Xweetok, who starts eating it. She walks closer to me. Wait a minute. I'm not talking to her in my mind anymore. Maybe it's because I can finally actually talk to her? The four Neopets observe as she sits down in the grass in front of me and we are at eye level. At first, I don't know why I have come this far. Why have I searched for her for so long?

     Finally, I realize it was to ask a simple question. "Why did you leave?"

     She sighs and answers, "I'm not sure exactly. I remember you were hungry... I guess I just didn't know what to do and thought I should start over and try again to take care of a few Neopets. And this happened repeatedly. I was gone for a long while until I returned on an alien mission. I may not remember your name, but I remembered your were a Blue Xweetok. I tried to access my old account one day, but it apparently no longer exists." The Xweetok behind her starts floating around. She thinks, before continuing, "But anyway, maybe I wanted more Neopets than I could care for. As I said, I'm not exactly sure." The Faerie Xweetok continues floating around behind her and she has no clue. The other three just watch.

     I'm not sure what to do now. All this time, I thought she abandoned my siblings and me because she no longer wanted us. But maybe she really was sad to leave us behind? Maybe... Just maybe....

     "Even now," she interrupts my thoughts. "I'll leave Neopets on side accounts alone for many days. But I still try to keep everyone fed. I'm just incredibly busy sometimes. It is NOT easy having over one hundred alien enemies to fight."

     So even now she has trouble taking care of them... But at least she's not abandoning account after account.

     "Now uh, how about a bath?"

     A bath... That sounds good. When was the last time I was clean? I can't remember. We walk into the Classic Neohome as the three Neopets try to help their Xweetok sibling. She walks by as if it is normal, and I follow. I have looked for her so long... And now I have finally found her. And I am going to be clean after so long too!

     Aren't you glad this story has a happy ending? Mwa ha ha!

The End

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