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Your Sole Exceptions!

by indulgences


I was chatting with some close Neofriends one day when the topic of pet species came up. We all admitted that there are some Neopets species we dislike, but it's impossible to dislike them completely, since their painted forms can be quite magnificent and lovely. For instance, I'm not the biggest fan of Kacheeks, but I love, love, LOVE Christmas Kacheeks. Come December 1st, I'm going to create a brand new Kacheek and paint him Christmas. I'll even keep him my active pet, so that he shows up when I post on the Neoboards. How cute!

Our discussion made me wonder: what are some of the things we mainly dislike on Neopets, yet can't help making one or two exceptions for?

Since the Neoboards is always buzzing in the afternoon, I decided to canvass my fellow Neopians and ask them what their one exceptions are!

One interesting user admitted that although he's not a fan of girly pets, he does own one female Faerie Uni! He finds a lot of enjoyment in dressing her up in wigs and wings and jewelry, which I thought was fascinating! I love it when people go outside of their comfort zone and learn to accept new things!

Many people posted about their newfound love for Mutant pets! Most of the earlier Mutants were frightening affairs, complete with drool and deranged looks, but the later Mutants were majestic creatures, such as the Mutant Peophin, adorned with golden scales and aqua hair. People who usually swear off Mutant pets have to admit that the newer ones are amazing...even pretty!

I have a close Neofriend who is a Darigan devotee, with most of her pets being painted Darigan or some other similarly dark and ominous color. I thought it was pretty cool to check out her account one day and find a Royalgirl Bruce. She was so adorable and pretty! And yes, I almost choked when I saw her. I guess even the darkest and fiercest of us can still appreciate the glittering, turquoise beauty of a Royalgirl Bruce!

There are several people on Neopets who avoid playing games. I can commiserate with them, since I'm atrocious at games myself. However, we all agreed that when there's an avatar at stake, off we run to the Games Room! I only play games when they give out avatars. That's my exception, and it appears I'm not alone!

Of my seven closest Neofriends, six of them are fierce aficionados of the NC Mall. I chuckle whenever I remember how they used to insist that they'd never buy anything from the NC Mall, and how a year later, they were spending $20 a month on Superpacks and Backgrounds. Instead of disliking the NC Mall, now they give themselves a 2000 NC allowance every month! I guess every Neopian has his or her breaking point!

I met some interesting people who insisted that they don't fulfill any Faerie quests unless it's the Fountain Faerie. I disagreed with them, but that's only because I'm trying to bulk up my active pet with stats. I can see how fulfilling a Faerie quest can be an unnecessary expense if you're not a Battledomer...but at the same time, I'm trying to raise my pet's stats, so I think the Faerie quests are totally worth it!

One person admitted that he doesn't like Habitarium, but he does enjoy the Neopoints one can make from it. I feel the same way about my own bookmarked games! I'm not a fan of Bouncy Supreme, but I play it every day for the easy 3000 Neopoints I earn from it. It seems that we dislike certain games, earning Neopoints is the exception to the rule!

There are people who take hiatuses from Neopets all the time, such as skipping a few weeks in order to study for real life exams at school, or skipping months when it's been particularly busy at their workplaces. However, the one exception to their hiatuses is the Advent Calendar in December! Every year, thousands of people converge on the Advent Calendar for the cute animations, cool Neopoint presents, and awesome Neocash wearables that the Advent Calendar gives out. The Advent Calendar also gives out an avatar for those of us who didn't earn it previously. Though some people might skip Neopets throughout the year, very rarely do they skip the Advent Calendar!

As for myself, when work gets hectic, I usually cut out all of my daily distractions, such as video games, television shows, movies, and the like. I cut out lunches with my friends, and I stop reading newspapers. The only exception to my asceticism is the Neopets website! It takes around 10 minutes to do my dailies in the morning, and I unwind on the Neoboards in the evening. Neopets is a wonderful website where you are rewarded no matter how much or how little effort you put into it. You can either do just the bare minimum, such as dailies, or you can branch out and play the Stock Market, restock, or play games for hours on end. Either way, Neopets is a great hobby that I never need to regret or skip!

After chatting with people for a couple of hours, I realized that my threads were moving rather slowly. Wondering why, I bumped my threads with the plaintive post, "Is this board dead?" Suddenly a bunch of people answered my threads, letting me know that they were there, but had nothing to say. I thought that was remarkable, since it meant that people were reading my threads, but had nothing negative to post about the Neopets website! Instead of discussing our "one exception" to various things we dislike, most people embraced everything about the website! Isn't that terrific?

It's testament to TNT's creativity that it's impossible to totally dislike any aspect of the site. Dissatisfied with a game? Play another! Don't like your Quiggle? Paint it some other color! Feeling bored on your favorite Neoboard? Visit another! The possibilities for fun are endless!

Thank you TNT, for such a marvelous site! And thank you, my fellow Neopians, for your profuse and interesting insights! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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