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Making Neopoints With Little Effort

by rider_galbatorix


We all know that there are lots of ways to make neopoints by working hard, you know by restocking and playing games and all. But what if you don't want to put in so much, you know, effort into all of it?

Well, no problem, because right here I present to you the easiest and simplest ways of earning neopoints.

1. Battledome

Now, some of you may be surprised by this. After all, you may be thinking that Battledoming is only for Neopians who have highly trained pets and lots of neopoints to burn on high class weapons. And even if you had that, how could you possibly recuperate all the funds you invest into battling?

Don't worry, my strategy is pretty simple. It doesn't even need to involve a strong pet, or even one that's been trained at all.

This is all possible kudos to the Spooky Food Eating Contest, which gave out a whole lot of these weapons known as the Cursed Elixirs. They used to cost over 800k, but now you can get them for around 18k. What makes them so special is that they actually drain your opponents health. It's only 20 points, but that means that you get 20 health points and your opponent loses 20 which can't be blocked by a shield. Now, in the old times the strategy I'm about to give you would have been too expensive to implement, but it is pretty practical right now.

Equip the Cursed Elixir to any pet, even if your pet hasn't been trained at all. You can then go and fight any opponent that has 20 health or less. You can see the value when you click on the buttons next to the challenger's name. This includes Chia Clown and Mr. Chuckles at difficulty hard.

Since your opponent has less than 20 health, this means that you can win in one turn. And none of them will do more than 20 damage in one turn, so that means that you take no damage even if all you use is the Cursed Elixir and nothing else. Basically, it is impossible to lose to those two.

And, for just a few clicks you get some neopoints (up to 1,500 a day) and several prizes. What's important among the prizes you get are the codestones. If you don't train, you can go sell them and you'll make back your 18k in 3-4 days or less which you invested. And you can keep going on and on with it for practically forever.

Now, some of you may point out that the most codestones on average are provided by the Koi Warrior, and his health is 60 at minimum. That's true, but you can still make a decent profit battling the lower tier opponents alone. And if you're someone who wants to train further but needs codestones to train, this is also a pretty good strategy for beginner battlers.

I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to follow this sort of strategy, unless of course you have a strong pet so you don't need to do this.

I will repeat my strategy for emphasis: Take one Neopet. There's no need to train it, but give it a Cursed Elixir. Defeat the Chia Clown or any other easy opponent using the Cursed Elixir in one turn. Get codestones, sell them or use them, and just keep repeating for simple and easy profit.

2. Habitarium

This is the only game I'll list, and for good reason. There are tons of guides out there, so I won't bother giving out more advice. You can really do this with just a few minutes a day, unlike some other games. (Keyquest gives a lot of prizes, but it involves quite some time so I won't mention it.)

The only problem is the fact that Habitarium is hard to work with if other people use your computer or if you have a slow connection so not everyone can do it.

3. Stock Market

Once again, some of you may be surprised, but all that stocks really require nothing more than neopoints to invest. You can get that from step one or any other way, like playing games.

Some people say that the Stock Market is complex, but that's only if you want to really get into it. To keep it simple, here is my own winning strategy.

Buy 1000 shares of a stock, and only the ones selling at 15 NP. Then, only sell when your stock reaches 30, 40, 50 or whatever limit you've put on. You'll probably only sell a stock rarely, but the profits are good and there's not much risk. (A stock going broke hasn't happened in a long time, and your portfolio will probably be diversified as it is.) Initially you'll just be spending NP, but after a while once you start selling and getting it back you can make a nice profit. I'd recommend having around 1 million NP in total invested but you can continue beyond that.

The only thing is that this requires patience, but not much else. You don't need a speedy Internet connection or a fast computer or something else like that which I think is a major plus point. You probably shouldn't even worry about what you're investing in, as long as it is at 15 NP when you buy it, unless you get an Obelisk Boon and you can buy at 10 NP.

4. Investing in Items

This requires a bit more neopoints than stocks, but it can be pretty profitable. All you need to do is find something that will increase in value, buy lots of it and sell it later.

Of course, it's harder than it sounds because it is difficult determining what is going to increase in value. A general winning strategy would be books that are only given out in special events like the Advent Calendar or a plot, or stamps like that, because they'll always get used up and so prices will in turn always go up. Prizes you can only get in plots usually go up. A little bit of advice though, if you're buying them, don't buy them the day they're released. Wait a few days, the price will dip down and then you get a few, sit on them, and sell later.

Of course, it might take a long time for you to sell any of them. That's why you should keep looking to invest, so once you start selling you can keep doing it. This doesn't require that much work either.

5. The Forbidden Shore Map

It take very little NP to complete the map, and you get 10 thousand neopoints just for doing it. That's not much, but considering how much effort you put into it it is actually a lot.

Also, every day you can keep coming back to it. Some days you'll find nothing but you can find several thousand neopoints on some days, and all for a few clicks.

And that pretty much sums it up. I realize that I spent a lot of time on item one, but that was because I was sure that it would be great for beginners and lots of Neopians seem unaware of it and how much it can benefit them.

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