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The Basic Glossary of NeoQuest II Terms

by precious_katuch14


GAMES ROOM – You want a different kind of game. A game that will stimulate the mind and keep you from getting off your computer seat, even for a bathroom break. A game that will permanently glue your eyes to the computer screen and get your brain cells working like…workers.

So you want to know what’s what and who’s who in NeoQuest II. Sort of like an overview of the game’s ins and outs, right? Well, Kat, your resident NQII addict and master-in-training is ready to give you the list of commonly, rarely, and not-all-the-time used terms, names and other quirks related to NQII…

Acts – How the game is divided. There are 5 acts in all: Meridell, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods and Faerieland. The name of the game stays the same…survive each chapter and kill the bad guy. Also known as chapters.

Anubits – The last boss of Act 3 (Lost Desert).

AM – Short for Astral Maelstrom.

Armor – The stuff your characters wear for protection and/or defense. Comes in different forms, too, depending on the party members’ nature of offense, but the word itself pertains mostly to the hard metal stuff Rohane has to wear in order to sustain less damage. I bet it gets stuffy in there…

Astral Maelstrom – The highest level of Group Direct Damage, courtesy of your resident wizard Mipsy. Whenever she casts it, the spell takes 64 HP per monster faced and usually since you face a maximum of four fiends, this can add up to 256 damage in total (64 x 4 = 256).

Battle Taunt – What Rohane will do if you spend a few skill points in here and activate the ability in a fight. He will distract the monster or boss from the other characters so he takes the damage. Poor guy…

Bearog – A type of monster you usually face in the first two acts of NQII. They come in many colors, temperaments, difficulties and weirdness.

Boss – A major baddie in an act, like Ramtor and Terask.

Bow – Talinia’s weapon of choice. Wonder where she gets that many arrows?

Caves – Dark, smelly places you encounter often as you walk around NQII, each one scarier than the last.

Celestial Hammer – Velm’s only offensive spell. It can deal damage AND stun for a few seconds. Some enemies tend to resist it.

Chia Oscuro - A town of Chias that speak a foreign language. See also Leximp.

Coltzan’s Ghost – He’s the transparent boss who will speak to you if you defeat him.

Combat Focus – Once activated, it raises your defense and lowers your offense, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not worth sacrificing the damage for defense.

Critical Hit – Rohane’s average damage increased and taken to a new level. Handy when you want to finish the monster off quickly.

Damage – What happens to a character or monster when an opponent hits and DOES NOT MISS. Sustain too much and you die.

Damage potion - Hurl this at an opponent and watch them suffer. But be careful...some bosses resist this, so keep several more handy. Best if you use them against bosses instead of monsters.

Damage Shield – Invoke this, and when an enemy hits you, they take damage from this shield.

Devilpuss – A boss in Faerieland that can give you an avatar if you beat him.

Direct Damage – Magic damage aimed at just one fiend.

Esophagor – The last boss in Act 4, the Haunted Woods.

Evil mode – The NQII mode that comes between Normal and Insane and gives out “slightly” better prizes.

Experience points – If you gain enough of these, your character/s may be promoted to a new level and get a skill point apiece. You get experience points by battling different monsters, and the harder the monster, the more EP you get.

Faerie Thief – A boss in Faerieland who keeps fleeing from you till you catch her in the last battle and kill her.

Fallen Angel – The first and easiest boss in Faerieland.

Four Faeries – Four bosses that you fight all at once in the Haunted Woods. Apparently they bewitched Balthazar’s grove, so to get him and his beloved grove back to their horrible, twisted selves, you must beat these stupid, cursed faeries.

Gebarn II – The second boss of the Lost Desert. An undead pharaoh…yeah, that’s right…

Gold pieces – The official currency of NQII, which is usually obtained through selling stuff you don’t want or killing monsters. Die while fighting and you lose half of this on Normal and Evil modes.

Group Direct Damage – Magical damage dealt to more than just one enemy in one turn.

Group Shielding – Increases innate magical resistance and melee defense of a party to a certain extent.

Happy Valley - Not quite happy when you get there. Everyone's looking for a lost little boy...can you find him? Maybe there's a reward...

Haste – To move fast or quickly. You can haste your party by either taking haste potions or simply having Mipsy cast this (Group Haste).

Healing potion – What you take to keep healthy and to keep yourself from dying. Monsters sometimes drop these, and you can buy them from merchants as well.

Holy chain – What Velm’s armor is called. Ironically, when you see him attack, you see no chain around his neck. Perhaps it is hidden?

Hubrid Nox – Optional boss in the Haunted Woods. Known for healing too many times and having a tower full of evil, treacherous, abhorrent, violent, crazy CHIA MINIONS!!!

Hunting travel mode – It greatly increases your chance of getting attacked by monsters.

Individual Healing – Heals a single character for up to 150 HP. I suggest Group Healing over this, personally.

Increased Damage/Increased Bow Damage - Upgrade these so Rohane and Talinia can do lots of great damage against enemies. They NEED to do damage, you know!

Inn – Where you stay to rest and regain your party’s HP. If you die in a battle, you will be taken to the last inn you stayed in.

Innate Casting Haste – How fast Mipsy or Velm can invoke their spells. Get this to a high enough level so they don’t delay too much.

Innate Magical Resistance – Increases the amount of magical damage Rohane or Talinia can take at a time.

Insane mode – If you lose while playing in this mode, you start the whole thing all over again. It’s very frustrating especially when you’re so close to the end.

Kolvars – The second boss in Terror Mountain, and the first one you fight with Talinia at your side.

Leximp – A stupid mini-boss in Terror Mountain who wants the Wordstone to himself and resists magic. See also Wordstone.

Lupe – Has the same definition as Bearog, different appearance and difficulty.

Melee attack – Another name for “clicking the red ‘Attack’ button and not using your character’s special abilities”.

Melee defense – Decreases damage done to a party member if upgraded to a nice level.

Mesmerize – Stun for a long period of time. However, once the character mesmerized is hit or healed, the spell wears off.

Meuka – The first boss of the Haunted Woods. He’s optional too…

Miner Foreman – Optional boss in Meridell; the first boss Rohane will be fighting…ALONE…

Mipsy – She’s the wizard you meet after defeating Zombom and gaining access to the southern end of White River City. Also known as the weakest member of the team, and the only one who can deal out great damage spells. (Species: Blue Acara)

Mountainside Inn – Where you can find Talinia.

Multiple Targets – Get Talinia to hit more than just one enemy at once.

NeoQuest – NQ is the prequel to NQII, of course. You don’t get multiple characters and it’s easier, but not as addicting…at least in my point of view and experience. Not to be confused with faerie quests or kitchen quests.

Non-player characters – They are other characters aside from your own that you can interact with…you know, talk to or trade with.

Normal mode – It’s the easiest mode of NeoQuest II. However, it only seems easy when compared to Evil and Insane.

Normal travel mode – Your default traveling mode. You don’t encounter as many monsters, though…

Obliterate – What you call the highest level of Direct Damage. It can blast a SINGLE enemy for 100.

Overtrain or Overlevel – Training too much for a certain boss so the battle becomes easy for you.

Panacea – Is the highest level of Group Healing. Once you upgrade this all the way to level 15, the highest it can go, the ability can heal all characters for 90 HP (90 x 4 = 360 HP in total)

Pant Devil – A naughty creature that loves to hit you. It has a twin too…and you fight both in Faerieland.

Party – The fancy term for “group of characters you control in the game”. Does not pertain to merriment, food, or Pin the Tail on the Weewoo.

Party member – This pertains to Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia and Velm. They’re the members of your party. (DUH!)

Phorofor – The lost city in the desert in Meridell. There’s a desert in Meridell? [GASP]

Prizes – What you get after completing NQII in any of the three modes. They’re all weapons, and the harder the difficulty conquered, the better the prize. See also Trophies.

Ramtor – The last boss in the Meridell chapter. Also known as King Skarl’s evil advisor, who locked the king up in his dungeon and attempted to take control of the kingdom.

Ranged attack – If an enemy targets Talinia while she has this skill, it will take longer for him (or her) to attack…not very useful.

Revenant – An undead…thing…that comes with two possessed skeletons. I bet he’s too scared to fight by himself. He’s in the Lost Desert, and the first boss you fight with Velm in your party.

Robe – Mipsy’s preferred type of armor.

Rohane – The main character of the game. Also known as the brave young Blumaroo who left his home in search for adventure and to conquer evil. He’s the strongest of your characters, and the one who usually deals the most damage. During the last parts of the game, expect this little guy to deal damage that’s well over the 150 mark!

Sand Grundo – The first boss you fight with Mipsy by your side, also known as the third boss in Meridell. What he’s doing there I’ll never know.

Scuzzy – Takes the Snowager hostage in the Terror Mountain act. He is the last boss there.

Shockwave – Stunning multiple enemies, and a great skill for Talinia.

Siliclast – A huge rock golem with glowing red eyes. If we can dismantle him, we can build stuff with him. Also known as the first boss of the Lost Desert.

Skill points – What you get whenever a character gains a new level. One per character, and you can spend it in certain abilities for your hero(ine) to gain a new skill or capability.

Slowing – Decreasing a monster’s speed and number of turns, whether Mipsy casts it or by slowing potions.

Slowing Strike – For every hit, the fiend affected is slowed slightly.

Spider Grundo – A boss in the Haunted Woods who lives in a cave filled with slime puddles.

Staff – What Velm chooses as his weapon.

Stunning – Stopping an enemy for a shorter period than mesmerizing. However it doesn’t wear off with hits or healing. A very useful skill for Rohane…especially while Talinia isn’t around yet with her Shockwave.

Sword – It’s Rohane’s preferred weapon. Apparently he doesn’t have a spiffy shield to go with it.

Talinia – She is an archer located somewhere in Terror Mountain (see Mountainside Inn). Also known as the green Eyrie who can hit and stun multiple targets…and the tallest party member.

Terask – He is the last boss of Faerieland, who keeps calling himself king of the said land. Also known as a huge red dragon.

Terask II – Is a mutated version of Terask. You find him when you try to rescue Fyora, and is double the size, with two more arms, a few more tricks and is very hard to kill, especially in Insane mode.

Training – What you do to gain a level, mostly involves walking around and attacking anything that crosses your path.

Trestin – Rohane’s village, located in some remote part of Meridell that is crawling with Plains Lupes and such.

Trophy – What you get after you finish NQII (Normal = bronze, Evil = silver, Insane = gold) There’s another trophy, which you get for being among the top 10 people who have finished the game in the fastest time possible. This one has Terask II on it.

Tunic – Talinia’s preferred type of armor.

Undertrain – Not training enough; may result in losing.

Velm – He can be found in the Lost Desert, and the last addition to your team. Also known as the red Techo cleric. This guy can heal the whole party and cast mostly defensive spells. With him around, you can save on healing potions.

Waset Village – Where you can locate Velm.

Wand – This is Mipsy’s weapon of choice.

Weapon – What you deal damage with. Examples of this are wands, swords, staffs and bows.

White River – The town where you can find Mipsy, after you defeat Zombom.

Wordstone – Enables you to talk to Chias in Chia Oscuro, as they speak some kind of foreign language. The Leximp stole it, so if you want to be able to interact in the small town of Chias in Terror Mountain, you’ll need to battle him.

Zombom – A very annoying boss that, unfortunately, Rohane has to fight alone before he can find his first companion. This guy can take 31 HP off of you if you’re not careful.

WHEW! [dies from lack of rest]

That was one of the longest articles I’ve ever written. Anyway, that’s just about the basics you need to know about NeoQuest II. You’ll find out the rest as you go through the acts, the whole game, or through the NQ + NQII Neoboards.

So, good luck (And I hope you had the patience to read this.)!

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