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Halloween Safety Procedures

by riverthistle


Book Description: Frank the friendly ghost will guide you through a list of things to watch out for during Halloween.

Halloween is fast approaching, and Frank the ghost is here to help you have a fun and safe night this year. This can be a chaotic time of year and it's best to take some precautions. Follow these tips to guarantee that you have the best evening of trick or treating you can have!

Chapter One: Be Prepared

The first step is to get dressed up! There's nothing quite like picking out a costume for Halloween, but there are a few safety tips to consider. Try to plan for costumes that are bright and reflective, so that others can easily see you. You don't want to get lost or left behind, or even run over by a skittish Uni!

Look for costumes that are flame-resistant--there can be a lot of candles out on Halloween, and it's better to be safe than sorry! Your costume should also be short enough that you don't trip over it and hurt yourself. Finally, make sure to wear shoes that you can walk well in--nothing spoils the night quite like a bad trip on the sidewalk.

If you're going to wear makeup, take the time to test the product on a small patch of skin on your arm in order to check for an allergic reaction. You can also lower the risk of eye injury by avoiding decorate contacts.

Bring a flashlight to light your way in the dark. You never know what's lurking out there, and a flashlight will illuminate your path and help keep you safe. The Handheld Meowclops Torch is as cute as it is useful!

Young ones should always be accompanied by an owner, parent, or guardian! If you're old enough to go without one, make sure to get their permission and let them know where you'll be going. Tell them which direction you plan to head in and which streets you plan to visit so that they can find you if they need to.

Before you leave for trick or treating, make sure to have a good, healthy meal. This will give you energy for your trick or treating, and you won't be as hungry when you get back--which means you'll eat less candy and have even more leftover for the next day!

Chapter Two: Getting Your Neohome Ready for Halloween!

Check your lights and replaced burned-out bulbs! Others may not visit if your home is dark, or they may trip on the way up to your front door. Similarly, make sure to sweep those pesky autumn leaves out of the walkway and keep decorations clear of the main path so that no one slips or falls on them--Baby and Zombie Pets are especially vulnerable to tripping here.

Make sure that your Petpets are safely tucked away! They may run out the front door, or jump up on--and even bite--visitors, so make sure to keep them on a leash or in your room.

Remember to get candy to pass out! Halloween JubJub Candies, Sloth Halloween Cupcakes, Halloween Candy Necklaces are among Frank's favorites. Also consider buying some non-candy treats; Halloween Plushies and Gnomes are a great alternative!

If you're the last one leaving the house, make sure to lock up! Believe ol' Frank when he says that you don't want to have to come home to Sophie making a mess in your kitchen.

Chapter Three: The Buddy System

Never go trick or treating alone. Halloween can be a very spooky night, and it's always best to use the buddy system! Sticking with a friend will help to keep you both safe throughout the evening.

A whole group of your friends will be even more fun, but make sure that you pair up and that no one gets left behind! And on that note, make sure that you stay with your group, don't linger behind or lose sight of them.

Finally, remember to stay close to home. You may become lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, so stick to streets that you know!

Chapter Four: Where to Go

Lots of people love Halloween! But there are some that are not as festive. Only approach houses that have decorations out front--like a spooky skeleton or giant spider webs--or houses that have lights on inside. Try to avoid homes that are dark and without decoration, as they may not want to be disturbed.

Never enter a stranger's home. They might be secretly working for Sloth! Remain on the porch to receive your treat, and politely but firmly refuse any offers to go inside someone else's house.

Finally, make sure to stay on well-lit pathways and always stay on the sidewalk. Do not cut across yards, as Elderly Pets are prone to a good hollering when their flowers are trampled.

Chapter Five: Inspect the Goods

Most candy will be delicious and safe to eat, but you should keep an eye out for items that are not safe. Watch out for faded or torn wrappers, and never eat candy that has already been removed from its packaging! Discard any spoiled, unwrapped, or suspicious items.

Owners of Baby Pets should keep an eye out for choking hazards, such as peanuts, gum, and hard candy.

Finally, avoid eating homemade treats from strangers. It is safer to only consume factory sealed food.

Now that your candy has been inspected, it's time to enjoy it! Just make sure not to eat it all at once, otherwise you might make yourself sick. Plus, it's always nice to have leftover candy for the next few days!

Chapter Six: The Aftermath

Now that you've gotten your candy all sorted out, all that's left to do is settle down and eat it, right? WRONG. Ghosts and ghouls and possibly Sloth himself are all out tonight! Time to safety-proof your neohome.

Once you're ready for bed, clear up all empty wrappers so that you don't slip on them in the dark. Make sure to put uneaten candy away so that your Petpets don't get into your stash! Turn off the lights so that other trick or treaters know not to disturb you for the night.

Finally, make sure all of the doors are locked, and close easy-access windows to keep any spooky Petpets from wandering in and eating your hard-earned candy while you sleep.

Follow these six chapters on safety each year and you'll always have a great Halloween!

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