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Choosing Your Treats Wisely

by usukii


The summer is over and temperatures are beginning to drop as the Month of Collecting draws to a close. The older and wiser Neopians are all turning out their lights and locking their doors. Not because of the weather, but because of an even greater threat that appears for one night a year at the end of the month. And that threat? Swarms of miniature Neopians dressed up and hyper, looking for as much sugar as they can possibly carry.

Now you can follow the lead of your Elderly neighbours and lock the doors, turn out the lights and pretend your Neohome is empty, or you can be one of the brave few who opens their door to these little monsters. But it isn't just about working up the courage to open the door, oh no. You actually have to be ready with suitable treats for the little ones, unless you're ready to face whatever tricks they may have up their sleeves this year. But choosing these treats can be a time consuming process, so here are a few tips and suggestions for this year. There should be something here for everyone, no matter what your view on this terrifying night is.

Pirate Hook Candy Cane

If you don't want to spend money on the candy and yet aren't brave enough to refuse to open your door then this is the choice for you. These can be found for free but if you haven't go the time to go hunting for them you can pick them up at a rather reasonable 1 NP each. You'll fulfil your duty to provide the miniature horrors with sugar without having to spend any more NP than what you can find down the back of your sofa. Plus if you happen to have any leftovers you can hang them on your tree in a couple of months time, bonus!

Candy Fyora Face

In theory it's a night of spooky costumes with lots of black, but more than likely a lot of your visitors are going to be dressed up as Faeries. Illusen and Jhudora are always a popular choice and there will be plenty of standard faerie outfits thrown together at the last minute. You may even have the occasional child who has thought a little outside the box and is wearing an Aethia outfit. But more than likely half of these miniature faeries will be dressed as the Faerie Queen, and a Candy Fyora Face is going to go down a treat.

Milk Chocolate Hollow Kacheek

No one can resist a good bit of chocolate and this smiling Kacheek shaped goody is no exception. You'll have plenty of smiling faces if you give these out, just make sure no one is sneaking back for seconds! Unless they switch costumes in between visits, in which case I think they should be rewarded, because that kind of dedication to candy deserves some serious respect.

Candy Kiko Apple

Fruit hidden underneath sugar. An ingenious invention. Or at least it would be if most of the kids weren't wise to the trick and just licked off the sugary outside. But hey, you may manage to trick a child or two to take a bite of fruit this evening which is probably an achievement to be proud of. Feel free to keep a tally chart pinned to the back of the door and keep track. Maybe you can have a competition with your neighbour and see who can give away the most fruit.

Candy Making

A book on how to make candy. Not only does it get them reading and keep them quiet for a bit, maybe they'll discover such a talent of making candy that they'll leave you alone next year? Ok that's probably unlikely to happen but surely it's at least worth a try?

Chocolate Marrow Slice

After word gets around that you've giving out marrow to your trick or treaters (and trust me it will get around) only the most dedicated sugar hunters will be knocking on your door, and you can be sure no one will be coming back for seconds. A quiet evening in for you, success!

Glitter Moon Candy

Ooooh look how it sparkles. So shiny and glittery. With a bit of luck the glitter will distract them enough that they won't realise you've only given them one tiny piece of candy before shutting your door.

Melted Chocolate Heart

It's only half way through the night and you've already ran out of goodies to give the next time your door is knocked? Time to get a little creative. Still got a box of miniature hearts sat around from earlier this year? Just squash them back in to shape and put them in a new box, no one will realise they've been sat around for almost a year and it should be dark outside by now so they won't notice they're looking a little grubby.

Chocolate Flakes

By the time you reach these you really are getting desperate. A sprinkle of chocolate flakes on the top of their bags if candy probably isn't going to make your the most popular person around, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Tooth Faerie Toothbrush

Ahhh, the old classic and it never gets old to see their little faces when you hand them over a toothbrush. If you feel like a bit of variety you can always try a Gothic Toothbrush or an Invisible Toothbrush (guaranteed to confuse more than a couple of your trick or treaters) but whichever you decide to give out be ready for some surprisingly large tempers from those tiny little bodies.

And there you have it, ten different choices of things you can give out this year. Just remember that whatever you decide to give out, it won't be forgotten. So if you don't want your weekly copy of the Neopian Times ending up in a puddle each week you might want to make sure you're not too mean with your choices.

Either that or go back to the original plan of turning out all of the lights and eating the candy yourself.

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