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10 Fantastic Reads for Under 1 NP

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo


As owners, we want the best for our Neopets. We buy them food so that they are never hungry, toys to play with, grooming supplies and when they have proven themselves responsible enough, a petpet of their own to take care of. All of these items can become hard on one's bank account, and because of this we often neglect a very important aspect of a pet's life: reading. Reading is the number one way that a pet can become educated, and while a wide range of books have become available throughout Neopia, they too come with a price. That is why I feel it completely necessary to present ten fantastic reads that you can obtain for under 1 NP. That's right, UNDER 1 NP. The following books are those which frequently show up in donation piles at the Money Tree on a day to day basis!

10. Maraquan Bed Time Stories

These fun stories create so much excitement that it's no wonder they help in putting pets to sleep!

9. Yurble Tales

This book contains five different tales about Yurbles that focus on colour to express different moods. Delivered in a fun and easy to read tone, this book is great for all species and will leave your pet wanting more!

8. Light Speed Made Easy

You can judge this book by its cover because it speaks the absolute truth! The award winning author of this book explains the physics of light speed in an easy to understand tone. Your pet won't even know that it is learning complex theories!

7. The Life of a Double Crosser

This highly anticipated novel follows a double-agent Zafara as she tries to prove her loyalties as she tries to escape the double life that she has been living. This book is filled with questions that will keep your pet intensely following the plot and rooting for the heroine!

6. Maraquan Faerie Tales

This is a compilation of the many literary works of wonder that has come from the old city of Maraqua. This is a must-have for any pet interested in the history of Neopia or the deep oceans and treasures within. These tales are perfect for any time of the day and do not require any type of bathing suit to enjoy!

5. Realm of the Water Faeries

If your pet has ever been filled with questions after you complete a Water Faerie quest, this may be the perfect book for them to read. This book looks into the ways of the Water Faeries and explores how they differ from other Faeries. (Fire, Dark, Light etc.) It also examines the over-looked question of "why" she asks for the items that she asks for in random quests and how these items help her through the days in Faerieland. Included in the back of the book are a Water-Faerie make-up guide and a fashion guide, both of which will leave all of your pet's questions answered.

4. Counting Babaas

There is no denying that we come across numerous Babaas every day. They require herding in popular games, their wool is located in many of our pillows and they even present themselves in our dreams to help us focus on sleeping! The large amount of Babaas that we must face every day may be a little hard to handle at times, which is why this book is perfect. The book itself gives helpful tips and showcases colourful illustrations that can help one manage all the Babaas that life requires while at the same time improving math skills!

3. The Secret of Treasure Island

Who doesn't love a good adventure novel? This book follows the adventures of a brave and daring Tuskaninny as he follows a treasure map into uncharted territory! While I don't want to give away too much details of this thrilling read, I should mention that this is one read your pet will not be able to put down, and has a twist-ending that will leave your pets hanging onto the edge of their seats until the very last page!

2. Pirate Small Talk

Arrrr, yarrrrgh in garrrrr arr!

Didn't understand that? Well if you read this book you can! Krawk Island has a unique pirate dialect which can leave visitors a little lost when trying to think of something to talk about with the local shopkeepers and such. This book takes many different "small talk" conversations, and presents it in a way that can be translated from Neopian to the dialect of Krawk Island! Covered "small talk" includes:

  • "How about that weather?"
  • "Did you catch the Yooyuball game last night?"
  • "Your hair is lovely today!"
  • "Where did you get that blouse?"

And many more! Learning another language has never been easier!

1. Day in the Life of King Roo

Although they seem to be a little underrated, reading Autobiographies are a great way to improve one's knowledge of the people around the world. This particular Autobiography of King Roo will show your pet into the life of the great ruler. With never before seen photographs and written by Roo himself, your pet will certainly not lack in Roo knowledge the next time their friends are discussing their favourite Neopian Rulers!

You are limited to ten items from the Money Tree a day so there is no need to choose between these ten page-turners! But it should be mentioned that people donate these and many other books to the Money Tree daily, and you shouldn't be afraid to stop by every once in a while to see what other great books you may find! You will get the occasional book that your pet may have no interest in reading, but more often than not, if given the chance, these books will both entertain your pets and increase their intelligence. As dutiful owners of these pets, what more could you ask for?

There is no excuse for literary neglect. Hopefully this list will provide a great, and easy to afford list of books that will lead your pet into a great life with literature by their side. ♥

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