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Getting Ready for Halloween

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

Halloween is almost here and it is time for you to prepare your pets for the big night. So you better start saving up a few neopoints if you want to give them a brand new look for this occasion. This article was written to help you choose which color you could paint your pets since there are some new *evil* colors that you might not have noticed yet. Of course, the classic Darigan and Halloween are always good choices, but you might want to try something different. Keep in mind that we are sharing our own opinion and you have the right to not agree with us. There will be 10 colors along with our favorite species for each one (in case you are also thinking about morphing your pet). Here is our countdown:

10. Stealthy

Our very first choice is Stealthy! In spite of Stealthy pets not being the best definition of malevolence, their dark blue base color and the ninja clothes totally make them a great choice for Halloween. It is an incredible color and we can guarantee you that your pet will look *at least* mysterious. If you are good at customization then you should absolutely paint one of your pets Stealthy. A good combination of this color with some Halloween/Gothic themed clothes will make your pet look terrific and completely ready for Halloween! Our favorite pets that can be painted Stealthy: Blumaroo and Moehog.

9. Ghost

*BOO!* OMG! Is that a Ghost? Yes, that's right! Who isn't afraid of ghosts? They can be everywhere without being noticed, that's really scary. But, unfortunately, Ghost pets aren't the kind of ghosts that scare everyone. Actually almost every Ghost pet has a sweet look. Their color isn't wicked at all: their body is perfectly fine and the color isn't even a sinister one. The only creepy thing is their red eyes and the strange mist surrounding them. This gives 1 point for Ghost color! Anyways, Halloween must have ghosts, so you can always decide to paint your pet Ghost. What really matters is that you and your pet have fun! Even though Ghost pets are similar to each other, we still have our favorites: Aisha and Mynci.

8. Shadow

Doesn't it feel like there is always something behind you? Well, most of the time, this *thing* is your shadow! So now you are probably wondering if Shadow pets do have their own shadow. Hum... We have no idea about that, sorry. All we can tell you is that this color is a bit disturbing. Yes, just a bit, because it's not perfectly scary since these pets have a friendly expression. The main difference is their base color. Most Shadow pets have a base color of a black-grey tone, which we believe to be the real color of shadows. Not sure yet. Well, while this color might not be the greatest choice, it can look pretty good when customized with Creepy/Dark themed clothes. Favorite species: Aisha and Draik.

7. Swampgas

Ew! Take it away from us! - That is our very first thought every time we see this one. It might not appear to be an evil color but it certainly is a disgusting color. We can explain this color with just one word: stinky. The main color of Swampgas pets is a nauseated green with gas coming out from everywhere. No more words we can find to describe this. All we can say is that your pet won't probably look like a demon but no other pet will get close. And that is a good start for Halloween! It means your pet can steal some candies and no one will try to have them back ;) Even though, we don't have a favorite specie, our less hated: Kau and Techo.

6. Transparent

First of all, one thing you should know: Transparent color is way different than Invisible. Invisible is just... invisible. Transparent color allows you to see inside your pet's body - are you ready for such thing? You can see the lungs, the heart, the bones, the brain, all the things you can imagine! This color would be our top number one if it wasn't for the facial expression. Everything about this color is creepy and scary, but there seems to be a smile on their face, which ruins it all. We think evil pets are not allowed to smile! They can have the maniacal laugh, but not smile sweetly. Again, if you can customize your pet in a smart way in order to hide the smile, this color is the right one for you. Our favorites: Uni and Flotsam.

5. Halloween

Well, the 5th position goes to the Halloween color - woot! What color would be better for Halloween night than the Halloween one? None. So, about this color, we can tell you it's amazing but sadly not loved by everyone. Although many people paint Halloween pets only to get the Halloween clothes, there are some other good things about this color. One of them is the character it adds to your pet. If you paint your pet Halloween you won't need much customization because each specie will have its own personality and costume. All the species look really different from each other, so the best thing to do is to check all of them first because you might not like the way your pet will look after painted Halloween. Our favorite species are: Grundo and Hissi.

4. Darigan

Darigan is obviously a classic color and its evilness will never disappear. You can take a look at Darigan Citadel and certainly your legs will start shaking with all the creepiness around there. This means Darigan pets are still respected everywhere in Neopia. Even though this color has no specific clothes, all species have a natural obscure side that makes them look evil even if the pets are unclothed. We are mostly talking about spikes and horns, as well as a not friendly expression. *Time to hide now.* Our favorite pets this time: Draik and Tonu.

3. Mutant

Mutants might look scary, but this color is much more than that. It's not just the evil look, you can also see a funny side in this one. Actually, it's not *that* funny, it's more like a wicked side. Why? Well, they are mutant pets, so obviously they are not normal creatures. They might have some tentacles or even more than one head! So, if you like weird pets, Mutant is the right color for you. Also, there are a lot of species you can morph into mutants (yes, we meant morph and not paint, because there is no mutant paint brush!). Two new species you can now paint Mutant: Poogle and Acara. We advise everyone to check both because they look amazing and show a huge difference from the old mutants! For good laughs and old artwork: Xweetok and Gnorbu.

2. Zombie

Braaains... The word speaks for itself. You might not be afraid of ghosts, but when you see a zombie you will most likely run away really *really* fast. Consider yourself lucky, because we have heard that zombies can't run too much. Our advice is: try to avoid zombie pets if you get scared easily. But, if you're not one of those, then maybe you can think about buying a new paint brush for your pet - a Zombie Paint Brush, of course. The base color totally reminds you of undead things, some species even lack of some body parts - eek! The clothes are appropriated for the color because they look a bit shabby, but we think it could fit even better, that's why Zombie is not our winning color. Our favorite pets: Kacheek and Gelert.

1. Wraith

And our winner is... Wraith! Wraith all the way! This not-so-new color looks absolutely awesome in all the species that already can be painted with it. It somehow has a dark and a mysterious side, so it seems to be Darigan 2.0 mixed with Shadow. TNT absolutely did a great job by making this one! Like we said, Wraith has some mystery surrounding it and you will realize it when you look in the eyes of your pet. Well, actually you won't see any eyes, it's just a huge purple orbit full of obscurity. The same thing happens with the mouth, there are no teeth but you can see dark purple emerging from there - scary, huh? I guess they can't even smile... And what's scarier than a pet that can never smile? Think about it! Our favorite pets painted Wraith are Zafaras and JubJubs. But please note that if you want to sleep at night, you better not check these. ;)

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