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A Haunted Maze

by saudadesdagripe


Hello, fellow Neopian! Welcome to my brand new game guide – Mutant Graveyard of Doom II! In this game, your mission is to control Albert and get the items you are asked to. But it isn't that simple: the map you are in is a maze, and there are a lot of enemies trying to kill you! But, if you practice enough, you won't have any problems. If you have never played this game before, I highly recommend reading not only my instructions, but the instructions of the game itself.

- The basis -

Use your arrow keys to control Albert around your screen and use your space bar to kick down tombstones; but you can't kick down every tombstone of the game, so pay attention! You can only kick down the plain ones.

In each level, you are asked to collect some foods (each one is worth 10 points). If you collect all of them, you will go to the next level. Then, if you are planning of killing all the enemies before going to the next level, do that before collecting the foods – no need to worry, there isn't a time limit of completing the level.

Also, besides of the main foods, there are some foods that can help you, or not. The Apple will increase your candle's brightness by one grade - although the Negg will decrease it by one grade (even killing you if your candle's brightness is on the last grade!); the Gummy Rat will reduce your speed when you collect it, and the Popcorn will increase it. Remember: these items are worth 10 points each too.

There are different kinds of enemies in the level. The Ghostkerchief is one of the enemies you should pay more attention at. Why? Because it's a ghost, and it can walk by the tombstones! There's another enemy I would like to talk about too: Sentient Tombstones. They may look like a normal tombstone when they aren't moving; but once they start walking, you will notice it's an enemy, not a normal tombstone! Pay attention at all the tombstones around you; one of them can attack you out of nowhere...

But, of course, you should pay attention at the others enemies too. They are worth 50 points each (hurray!) and the only way to kill the enemies is to hit them with tombstones – kicking them down!

The brightness of your pumpkin candle shows you how many times you can be hit by an enemy – or eat a mummified negg – before you lose a life: once your screen goes too dark, you will lose one life. The candle on the upper left-side of your screen shows you how many lives you have left: the candle will melt every time you lose one.

- The levels -

The game has 3 different patterns of level, they are: Graveyard, Crypt and Cavern.

The Graveyard – Levels 1 to 5.

The first 5 levels are the easiest ones of the game; you should not have any problem while playing them. I highly recommend killing all the enemies, even if that means waiting for some time until one of them walk next to a plain tombstone. Why? Because the game will get harder from now, and you want the max of points you can get in the first levels. Eat all the power-ups here; I know they are worth 10 points, but it's better than nothing, right? Just don't eat the Negg if you think you will die, skip it. One of my strategies is to eat the Apple and then eat the Negg, so nothing bad happens. The same works for the Popcorn: Why would you eat another one, if you are already walking fast? Eat a Gummy Rat and then you can eat the Popcorn. Doing this you will get the points without being in any trouble. The max of points you can have after completing the 5 levels is 2420; if you have less than 2300, I recommend practicing more.

The Crypt – Levels 6 to 10.

The game starts getting harder from now. The enemies are smarter and you need to be more patient, otherwise it is more likely you will lose a life. I had big problems in the Crypt because I couldn't see where I can walk and where I can't. That happens because of the lamp: you may think it takes two squares, but it only takes one! Okay, it may sounds confusing now, but as soon as you start playing you will figure out what I am talking about. I recommend now to start killing the enemies first, and then collect the foods – If you haven't been doing this way, of course – so you won't be attacked by an enemy while walking around looking for the items. After completing each level, take a break for a minute or two, it can be very helpful. The max of points for now is 5290, if you have around 5000 points, you are on the way!

The Cavern – Levels 11 to 15.


Calm down, it is still possible to kill the enemies. The layout has changed completely, but it still works the same way. Do you see these spikes with their tip broken? They are now your plain tombstones, and you will use them to kill the enemies. The enemies are way too harder now, so take a deep breath and start killing them! With practice, you will learn how to complete the levels without losing all your lives. Save all your lives to the 15th level, since it's the hardest one. In this level there are only Ghostkerchief and they will go after you, and there aren't enough tip-broken spikes. So, don't try to kill the enemies first and then collect foods, because you will die. Collect the foods and, if you have any chance, kill an enemy, but keep in mind that they aren't your priority now. Whenever you are, you aren't safe. Collect the foods. You can do it. The max score here is 7790, which is pretty hard to reach because of 15th level, around 7500 is fine.

The Final Level – Level 16th.

Although the 15th level is the hardest in the game, it isn't the final. On this level, your mission is to kill the boss. It's very easy, so there isn't need to hurry in this final level. You need to hit the boss three times to kill it. After managing to kill it, you will be warned a bonus of 150 points for completing the whole game!

- Conclusion -

Thank you for reading my guide. After completing the game and sending your score, it's more likely you will be able to get a trophy and the avatar, if you didn't have them yet! Congratulations, you deserve it! If still have any questions, feel free to send me a neomail, I'd love to be helpful!

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