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Fearsome but Fun Foods

by mreilynne


It's that time of the year again: Halloween! On this haunting holiday, Neopians everywhere dress up in their best costumes, play pranks on each other, adorn their homes with spooky decorations and, of course, trick-or-treat! However, more and more Neopians have begun to host parties for their friends on this night of fright! And what's the most important part of any party? The food, of course! With the right food choices, you can make your soiree stand out from the rest! Here is a list of the thirteen best (and pretty inexpensive) spooky foods to serve your partygoers.

1. Bat Cookie – Everyone loves a good cookie, and these are the perfect shape and color for any Halloween-themed party. Your guests will enjoy munching on these and, at only 150 NP each, you'll have plenty of NP to spare for the other foods!

2. Candy Corn Classic – Candy Corn is an absolute must; Halloween just wouldn't be the same without this sweet treat. They cost 1.2k apiece, so they are a little pricier, but you won't regret buying this truly "classic" candy.

3. Chocolate Cone Witch Hat – All Halloween parties need SOMETHING shaped like a witch hat, so why not choose this adorable dessert? They're bite sized, good for snacking on, and super cheap to stock up on (only 5NP each)!

Psst! Here's a recipe you can use, with a parent's help, to make this dessert at home!

Materials needed: 1 ice cream cone, 1 graham cracker, meltable chocolate candies, chocolate icing, colored candies, wax paper

Step 1: Put the chocolate candies into a bowl, and melt them in the microwave. Stir every 10 seconds so the chocolate doesn't burn. When the chocolate is melted, take the bowl out of the microwave.

Step 2: Dip the ice cream cone and graham cracker in the melted chocolate. Set both on the wax paper, and let the chocolate harden.

Step 3: Once the chocolate is hard, use the chocolate icing to "glue" the wide part of the ice cream cone to the graham cracker base, forming a witch hat shape.

Step 4: Use the icing to "glue" the colored candies on the rim of the hat. Your treat should now closely resemble the Chocolate Cone Witch Hat!

4. Ghost Marshmallows – These are absolutely adorable, and will tie in perfectly with your Halloween theme! You can even use them to make Halloween s'mores! You can get these at 90 NP each, or upgrade to Magical Ghost Marshmallows at 4k each to make your Ghost friends EXTRA happy! ;)

5. Golden Apple – Sure, these don't really look like a SPOOKY food per se, but they sure are stunning! Put a bunch of these on a plate, and your guests will snap them up in no time. You would expect these pretties to be a bit pricey, but they're only 10 NP each! Very reasonable.

6. Haunted Pumpkin Bar – This candy is cute AND delicious! The orange colored chocolate will match your Halloween colors, without a doubt. Each bar even has a Jack-O-Lantern face on it! At 400 NP each, you can give these away as favors at the end of the night. Let's just hope they aren't actually haunted...

7. Pumpkin Pie – Halloween just doesn't feel right without a decadent pumpkin pie, fresh out of the oven. These are only 10 NP each, can be sliced up into smaller pieces, and are sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

8. Pumpkin Chip Surprise – This dessert doubles as a decoration too! Once your guests eat the cookie dough and icing out of this carved pumpkin, you can put candles inside! They'll glow AND smell good! Each one will set you back 75 NP, not bad at all for what you get!

9. Spooky Doughnut – This decadent doughnut is drizzled in pumpkin sauce and topped with green sprinkles – a festive favorite! At only 15 NP each, make sure you set a bunch of these out!

10. Cheese Ghostkersandwich – Even though it IS Halloween, you can't eat JUST sweets... you wouldn't want a bellyache. These cute sandwiches mesh well with your Halloween theme, and provide an alternative to all the sugary goodness. You can acquire them for 1.2k each.

It's recipe time, again! This one is fairly easy, but awesome to pack for a Halloween lunch! You'll still need a parent's help, though.

Materials: Bread, cheese, ghost-shaped cookie cutter, mini cucumber

Step 1: Place cheese in between two slices of bread, making a normal cheese sandwich.

Step 2: Using the ghost-shaped cookie cutter, cut the sandwich into a ghost shape.

Step 3: Cut the mini cucumber into slices. Place two full slices on the head to look like eyes, then cut a slice in half and place it below the eyes to make a smile. Now you can devour your delicious Cheese Ghostkersandwich!

11. Spooky Shake – You can't forget about drinks! This shake is made of pumpkin and licorice swirled together – the perfect Halloween flavors AND colors! Topped with whipped cream and a cute little pumpkin candy, this shake is a must. They're only 10 NP apiece!

12. Pumpkin Ghost Toast – This is one of the GOOD toasts in the set (Bloody? I don't think so). It has a light coat of honey with a creamy pumpkin face, and is oh so spectre-acular! That being said, it's a little bit more expensive (18k a pop), but no big deal if you want a fancier feast!

13. Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly – You need at least ONE ice cream treat at every party, so why not serve this one? Everything about it is perfect: the shape, the creamy chocolate, the price (25 NP each)...

Halloween is a time for fun with friends, and throwing a party is one of the best ways to celebrate! Since this holiday is mainly about the sweets, these items are a no-fail way to keep your guests happy without breaking the bank. Head over to the Haunted Woods, buy a couple of each, and your party is sure to be a scary success! You may even get the "Dark Lurker" avatar to sport in celebration! Happy Haunting!

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