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A Darigan Citadel Tea Time Adventure

by alt1981black


It was a beautiful morning on Mystery Island. Little typographic the pepper Chia, affectionately known as Poe, walked along the shore, hopping over shells as she went. Further down the beach, she could see a Plushie Poogle sitting on a striped towel under the shade of a palm tree. Poe smiled. She knew this Poogle. Gryaer was only her own brother, after all!

     As Poe approached, she suddenly paused. The bushes behind Grey were rustling! He seemed not to notice someone coming up behind him, but Poe did! Just as she opened her mouth to shout out a warning, a set of arms reached out and grabbed Grey! He was dragged into the bushes without a struggle! Someone was taking him away!

     "Grey! Grey! Come back with my brother, whoever you are!" Poe shouted, and hastened her steps. She ran into the bushes, but too late! A huge Eyrie, larger than the poor pepper Chia, was flying away, headed toward the Darigan Citadel, which was floating over the turquoise waters today.

     Poor Poe watched the Eyrie fly out of sight toward the Citadel, then she sat on a piece of driftwood and pondered over what she could do. What could she do? She couldn't just sit there and do nothing! Someone had Poogle-napped her brother, and she, Poe, must do something about it!

     Poe pondered. "It won't do any good to get Toxie to help me," she murmured aloud. "He went off to Virtupets and won't be back for a few hours! Ooh, I'm not keen on getting Anne to help me, but what choice is there? I must get SOMEONE to help!"

     In the end, it was to Anne that Poe went, after all. Ryannette was not friendly, never was at any time, but she was the only one who could help now. Poe found the stubborn, selfish, and vain JubJub at their Neohome, as usual, fanning herself with a palm fan and sipping a glass of Cheops juice. Her blue-violet fur shone in the sunlight. Anne kept it tidy at all times. She turned at the sound of small footsteps rushing toward her, a look of annoyance on her face.

     "What do you want, Poe?" Anne asked of the pepper Chia, rolling her eyes in annoyance that matched the tone of her voice. She seemed to say, "How dare you bother me!" Poe didn't hesitate at the squelching manner that her sister carried in her everyday attitude. Of course, Anne WOULD be rude in look, if not in words!

     "Someone took Grey away, Anne! I saw an Eyrie flying off toward the Citadel! We need to go and see what became of Grey! I think something has happened to him and he is in danger!"

     Anne's eyes widened, then narrowed again. "Oh well, that's not my problem, and it's not yours, either, you pest! Get out of my sight and don't let me see you again until dinner!"

     "But Anne, Grey's the only one of us who can actually make spinach soufflés just right, and you love spinach soufflés! If we don't go find out where he went, and who took him away, then no more spinach soufflés made just the way you like them!" Poe spoke as innocently as she could, appealing to Anne's particular preferences in the way of good food.

     Poe's methods seemed to work, because Anne now looked thoughtful. "You might be right," she finally admitted grudgingly. She sighed and hopped to her feet. "Fine, since nothing else will appease you, let's go to the Citadel." She pointed toward a path to the north. "Come on, there's an Eyrie who might take us to the Citadel. He might be at home, if we are lucky."

     Twenty minutes later, Anne and Poe, on the advice from a helpful Zafara, found themselves sneaking into the garden behind one rather imposing Neohome. They saw a pile of chopped logs and hid behind it, then Poe climbed onto the top of the pile and scanned the area.

     She saw a table, rather prettily set with a tea service, and she saw two chairs. One was empty, and the other was occupied by someone who wore a huge hat. Poe looked more closely. It was Grey! Poe hopped down and grinned at her sister, who had remained behind the pile.

     "I found him! He's sitting at a tea table, with a hat on. I think.... wait a moment, I thought I heard something. Let me check and see what's up!" Poe resumed her post, and what she saw struck her with surprise! Coming over to the table was another Chia, carrying a plate of biscuits in her hands. The shock of this sight was that the Chia was only a baby!

     "Here's the biscuits, Mrs. Wallace! I burnt them, though," this strange little Chia said as she put the plate onto the table. She moved a vase of flowers over a bit as she spoke. "I hope you'll like the cake, too. Uh oh, I forgot I left it in the oven after I took out the biscuits! I'll get them!" The mite ran off on her short little legs, and once she was out of sight, Anne and Poe went over to the table.

     Grey was in the chair, dressed in a silly sun hat and frilly apron. As soon as he noticed his sisters, he came out of an apparent daze and smiled sweetly. "Oh, you followed me! Want to join us for tea?"

     Anne gazed in astonishment at her brother. Her eyes rolled as she realized what was going on. Then, she swung around to glare at Poe, who was blushing in embarrassment. "So, Grey might be in danger, eh?" Anne said, her lips twitching in amusement. Poe was relieved from speaking, however.

     "Here's the cake, Mrs. Wallace! It's my favourite, and I think you'll like it, too! Oh, new guests! Hi there, want to sit down?" The little Chia set down her cake and held out a hand. "My name is Katy. Miss Kattan, really, but I'm called Katy by my siblings. This is Mrs. Wallace," she added, pointing at the silent Grey who sat flopped over in his chair. "She came by for tea. Sit down and join us, will you?" Katy smiled earnestly at her visitors.

     Half an hour later, Anne and Poe were headed back toward Mystery Island, and Grey was with them. He told them the rest of the story as they flew over the sea, thanks to their kind Eyrie neighbour. It was a rather funny story, as even Anne had to admit.

     "Katy saw me sitting by the beach over a week ago, and she took me to her garden for a tea party. She's really nice for a tea hostess, but her cookies taste more like rocks than cookies. Anyway, what you witnessed earlier today was just a bit of harmless fun. Katy's really sweet, you know." Grey smiled innocently, and Anne chuckled. Poor Poe looked ashamed, and apologized to both Anne and Grey, who waved it away as a misunderstanding.

     "No harm done, you know," Anne said to her sister. "You gave me something to giggle over, I must admit. We all got a nice tea out of it, after all. Shall we just forget this incident and enjoy a nice spinach soufflé for supper this evening?"

     "Indeed, you shall!" Grey grinned, and once they were at home, he proceeded to make his amazing soufflé. However, it can be said that "Mrs. Wallace" found "her" way back to a most generous tea time hostess for many days to come!

The End

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