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An Adventure Through Faerieland

by pizzanoodles2


In honour of the Festival of Faeries, one of Neopia's newer but most exciting holidays, I present you with a guide to the ins and outs of this most magical land.

Faerieland is one of the most exciting places to be in Neopia right now! There are so many neat shops to visit, sights to see, and fun adventures to have. In addition, it is downright beautiful! Try your luck in the Poogle Races, eat some delectable Faerie Foods in the city, or visit Jhudora's Bluff – if you dare.

This land is packed with activities... sometimes it can be a little overwhelming! But fear not: here is your ultimate guide to touring Faerieland!

We begin our travels in the outskirts of the city. Have a sick pet? Want to stock up on healing potions? Or just want to visit one of the most magical places in Neopia? Check out the Healing Springs! (But make sure your pets aren't in battle, first!) The beautiful and kind water faerie will be happy to show you around, as long as she doesn't have customers. And let me tell you – the springs really are a great sight to see. You can almost feel the magic in the air around you.

The next hotspot is the Wheel of Excitement. Hopefully you're having a lucky day! This beautiful wheel was handcrafted by the most talented faeries in the land... but be careful: not all of the prizes are good. The wheel can make your pet sick, summon the pant devil to steal one of your valuable items, and sometimes you'll just win nothing at all. If you *are* lucky, though, you could win 20,000 neopoints, an avatar, some faerie wisdom, or a cool item!

Had luck with the wheel? Let's see if your luck continues at the Faerie Caverns! Simply pay 400 neopoints and venture through the cave! If you're lucky, you'll find a neopoint prize or even a rare item like a Patamoose petpet, Beautiful Glowing Wings to dress up one of your pets, or a stamp for your album!

The Rainbow Fountain is a wondrous place, but only a lucky few are permitted to dip their pets in these magical waters. If you are really fortunate, the fountain faerie will present you with a quest, and in return allow you access to this fountain; you will then be able to choose almost *any* color to paint your neopet! This spot is one of the greatest in Neopia, as it allows the less wealthy Neopians to achieve truly wonderful paint jobs they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Next we venture over to Poogle Races! Now, I am not condoning betting, but these races are really quite exciting. Although Poogle One has the best odds of winning and Poogle Five the worst, you never know if one of the underdogs will swoop in to steal the show! You can win a great deal of neopoints from this, and even a shiny new avatar.

I have one last place to show you before we enter the magnificent city: Jhudora's Bluff. Tread lightly, here, as this faerie is not like the others. She does not joke around, and if you fail one of her quests, she will be VERY unhappy. If you are brave enough to visit Jhudora, and quick enough to finish her quest, she will reward you well. The more quests you do, the better the rewards will be. But do not fail, for if you do she will reset you back to the beginning! And be very quick! You only have about sixteen minutes to complete these quests...

If you safely made it out of Jhudora's grasp, congratulations! We will now begin our tour into Faerie City. It is truly a wonderful sight, with its gorgeous little cobblestone streets, the incredible castle floating overhead, and the quaint little shops selling only the finest faerie goods. Let's begin at the Faerieland Employment Agency: is your pet looking to snag a summer job or make a few extra points here and there? This is the place to do it! Basic jobs are available to anyone, and super jobs require a job coupon. Be careful, though! Some jobs will give you a profit and others will eat up your neopoints... try to be wary as to which will do which.

The Faerie Paint Brushes shop front will show you what all of the faerie pets look like. If you are interested in painting your pet faerie, check this place out – it will show you what your neopet will look like in this beautiful color. My personal favorites are the Xweetok, Draik, and Pteri! Then, now that you are in the faerie spirit, head on over to the Faerie Personality Quiz. This quiz is so much fun; it will tell you which type of faerie (earth, fire, air, light, water, or dark) matches your personality. My faerie personality is a dark faerie!

Now let's head into the shopping district! You can often spot air faeries here, as shopping is one of their favorite activities. The Faerieland Bookshop has novels, how-to books, cookbooks, and historical books – among others. There is something for everyone here: The Faerie Sticker Book and Faerie Sticker Album for the youngins', Neggery Notes for the collectors, Decorating Faerie Cakes for the bakers, and even the Faerie Guide to Interior Design for those of us who are neohome-obsessed. Pick up as many books as you like, but remember to leave room because we still have many more shops to visit!

Faerie Furniture can be a bit expensive, but they have extremely high quality items. I always trust the Faerieland merchants – they are the most honest and hard-working in Neopia! This little shop has some beautiful items, most of them themed for different faeries. It offers a great way to decorate your neohome; if you are a fan of the tooth faerie, you can buy a Tooth Faerie Bean Bag and a Tooth Faerie Oven, for example. This option is popular with many of Neopia's dentists. They also have other items, too... some are themed after Faerieland petpets. You can purchase whatever you like here, as they have a wonderful shipping service (to anywhere in Neopia!) so you don't have to worry about getting your new items back to your neohome.

Just walking by the Faerie Foods shop makes my mouth water! The smell of the airy pastries, the fresh produce, and the mouth-watering sandwiches is almost enough to satisfy you. Every single meal and dessert in their shop is worth tasting – and it is all very nice-looking too. I recommend you start off with the Celestial Salad and Cheese Flower Cracker, then grab some Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza for your main course (make sure to top it with some Fire Faerie Mushrooms), and then for dessert have the Taelia Sundae. I also suggest trying the Fyora Day Fizz if you're feeling particularly adventurous. This is one of my favorite food joints in Neopia... please do not miss out!

If your neopets have been feeling down lately, or just need a new friend, then Faerie Petpets will have just what they need. This store has the most cuddly and adorable little critters for miles – whether it be a harris or a faellie, a carmariller or a floud. They are guaranteed to have the perfect little buddy for each of your pets. You can even carry them home with you right away!

Finally, the last little store in the city is one that battlers are sure to be fond of: the Faerie Weapon Shop! You can find such rarities here as the Blade of the Battle Faerie or the Light Faerie Staff – these are the faeries' personal favorite weapons – or more common (yet still effective) weapons like Psellias Fighting Fan or the Grey Faerie Potion.

And now that you have your hands and vehicles full, let's take a break from all the shopping and visit the Coloring Pages in Faerieland! This little place offers a great way to express your creativity and just relax. Print off a few of the pages, and color them in any way you like – markers, pencils, crayons... You can make Fyora's gown lime green instead of purple, or Illusen's hair yellow instead of red! This little spot is great for the younger Neopians, but sometimes us old folks want to get in on the fun too.

Speaking of fun, Faerieland's most (in)famous game, Faerie Bubbles, is located in the heart of the city. Many Neopians get frustrated by this game, as the score you need to obtain its avatar is 2,000 points (which can be difficult to get), but it is one of my favorite games in all the lands! If you become really skilled, and get a bit of luck too, you can even win a trophy! You will be praised as an elite Neopian for this accomplishment.

Next, stop on by the Faerie Quests center in the palace. You can't get a quest just by visiting, but you can visit the faeries and say hello! It's a beautiful palace, as well – and maybe if you're lucky you'll be able to find the Hidden Tower. I cannot disclose its location, however I can say that I've bought some magnificent items from this shop. Look around the skies near the castle and you might find it! ;)

I hope I have helped you enjoy all the beauties and wonders that Faerieland and its majestic city have to offer! Look out for the upcoming Faerie Festival for gifts and daily faerie quests!

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