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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Nine

by downrightdude


Kira formed a fist with her hand as she growled. "There is absolutely NO way that I'm going to surrender my circlet to you, Hanso! And you better tell Rosia that right away!"

      "You do know that the only reason Rosia wants Kira's circlet is so she can turn it into stone right?" asked Illere.

      "So?" asked Hanso, not sounding convinced. "It's just a circlet. Why not just give Rosia the one she wants and buy another one at a local clothing store?"

      "Because it's not an ordinary circlet, you idiot!" Kira exclaimed angrily.

      "Shh!" Illere urged. "You don't want to wake up your mom!"

      Kira nodded. "You're right. But what should we do about Rosia wanting the Circlet of the Air Faerie? After all, we can't just give it to Hanso and expect him to bring it right back."

      "Do you also happen to have any sweaters?" Hanso wondered. "One of the other Dark faeries requested one."

      "How about we all go up to your bedroom, Kira?" Illere suggested. "Maybe there, we can think up a good plan to protect your circlet."

      Kira agreed and lead Illere and Hanso up the stairs and towards her bedroom. Once the three-some were inside, Kira sat down on her bed and asked, "Okay Illere, what do you think we should do?"

      Hanso piped up, "Well, how about you let me borrow your circlet thing for a while and then I can give it back?"

      Illere shook her head. "If we do give you the Circlet of the Air Faerie, then Kira would most likely receive it as a hunk of rock rather than a powerful weapon of Faerie magic. I suggest that we try to find a duplicate circlet instead; that way, Kira can keep the real one and Hanso can escape Rosia's wrath."

      "But where can we find a duplicate?" asked Hanso.

      Illere smiled and waved her fingers towards Kira's closet. Using her levitation powers, the Top Earth faerie lifted up a pink toy chest and brought it towards Kira's bed. "Let's look inside this toy chest and see if we can find anything."

      Kira opened the chest and began tossing dolls, plushies and dress up clothes out of the frilly trunk. After everything was tossed out, she held up a plastic tiara and asked Illere, "Will this do? I know it's pink and that it doesn't look like the real circlet, but perhaps you can cast a spell on it to fool Rosia?"

      "Sure!" said Illere. "Good idea, Kira! That's bound to solve our conundrum!" Picking up the plastic tiara with one hand, Illere used her other hand to sprinkle green dust over the pink toy, which slowly turned its appearance into the light blue circlet that Kira had retrieved during her final faerie quest. "How's this, Kira?"

      Kira's eyes grew wide as she stared at the now-transformed toy. "That is amazing, Illere!" she gasped.

      Illere beamed and handed the toy to Hanso. "Let's hope that Rosia gets fooled and that you get to keep your real circlet!"

      "Are you sure this will work?" asked Hanso. He poked the fake circlet curiously and carefully eyed the fake sapphires that adorned it.

      "Yep," said Illere. "This spell should trick Rosia into thinking that what you have is the real Circlet of the Air Faerie."

      Kira waved a finger towards her closet and pulled out a deep blue sweater. She landed it in front of Hanso and said, "Here's that sweater Rosia wanted. You can tell her that she can keep it since I outgrew it last winter."

      "Thanks," Hanso said as he picked up the sweater. "You guys have helped me a lot, tonight! Could one of you guys, um, possibly get me out of here? Please?" Kira nodded and created a hole in her barrier for Hanso. After thanking the faeries again, Hanso left the residence and headed towards a tall purple tower located at the outskirts of Faerieland.


      "There you are!" Rosia barked as Hanso climbed through the tower's only window. "Well, did you get me the circlet? Or did that Air faerie get the better of you?"

      Hanso grinned widely as he handed the fake circlet to Rosia. He also handed Daphne the sweater Kira gave him and said, "Here you go, ladies. Hope everything's to your liking."

      "What a cute sweater!" Daphne squealed as she poofed the sweater on top of her shirt. "And look: it's a perfect fit, too!"

      Rosia eyed the fake circlet carefully. "Are you sure this is the Circlet of the Air Faerie, Hanso?" she asked.

      "Yep," said Hanso, nodding eagerly. "That's the one! Doesn't it look... um, real?"

      Violet leaned closer to the circlet and smiled. "It sure looks really pretty! I especially like the jewels!"

      Still skeptical, Rosia handed the circlet over to Violet, who had already begun to hum loudly while she clenched the fake circlet with her hands. "There seems to be a limited amount of power in this particular circlet, Rosia," she reported as soon as she had stopped humming. "I believe that either our nemesis had already drained all of the circlet's magical energy prior to Hanso's mission, or the Circlet of the Air Faerie is the weakest faerie treasure that has ever existed." After finishing her report, Violet handed the circlet back to Rosia, who eyed it again.

      Hanso coughed nervously. "So... uh, what should we do now? Because what I suggest is that we return that thing back to its owner and-"

      "Oh, we'll return it, alright," Rosia interrupted. "Just let me cast a simple Dark faerie spell onto this weak excuse of a faerie treasure before we send it back to that air-head." With her sisters watching her, Rosia began to chant "Stonus!" as she clenched the circlet tighter with her long fingers. As the chant continued, everybody watched as the fake circlet began to glow a brilliant light blue. "You see, girls!" Rosia exclaimed. "It's working! All of the magic is being drained!"

      Daphne pointed to the circlet and asked, "But what's going on? Why is it disappearing?"

      Concerned, Rosia looked at the circlet and gasped as the circlet's appearance began to disintegrate. When a hint of pink began to show through Illere's illusion, Rosia immediately threw the impostor-circlet towards the tower's wall, which bounced back the plastic tiara towards Violet, who grabbed it and placed the toy on top of her head. "What is that?" Rosia shouted at Hanso. "That is not the Circlet of the Air Faerie!"

      "But you have to admit, that tiara did look exactly like the circlet," Daphne admitted.

      "I think it's cute!" Violet said as she admired her reflection in her hand mirror. "Oh, I look so pretty!"

      "Well," Rosia barked, furious, "where is the Circlet of the Air Faerie, Hanso? Did that Kira girl trick you? Or was it one of her annoying faerie friends?"

      Hanso gulped. "Well... you see, this 'Kira' that you speak up didn't want to give up the circlet, so her Earth faerie friend decided to cast this spell to, you know, trick you and your sisters. But I didn't agree to any of this! I swear that I'm innocent!" Now on his knees, Hanso began to give each Dark faerie a desperate look that he thought would convince them to let him go.

      Unfortunately Rosia wasn't falling for it. "Must I do everything by myself!?" she growled. "Why do I have to do everything while everybody that I've leaned towards continued to mess up my plan?"

      Daphne shook her head. "Not everybody messed up, Rosia," she insisted.

      Still, Rosia wasn't buying it. After pacing around the tower, she turned to Velma and said, "Can you tell me if the circlet is still in that Air faerie's care?"

      Velma nodded and closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes and reported, "I see that she has stored the circlet in her bedroom for safekeeping."

      "Good," said Rosia, now sounding pleased. "Because my newest plan involves doing something that would surely guarantee that 'Kira' to hand over the circlet without any problems-one that would truly force Kira to save something that she loves more than that Air faerie circlet. However in order to do so, we'll have to wait until she is not home."

      "And what would that be?" asked Velma.

      "You'll see," Rosia replied. "But first," she pointed a finger towards Hanso, "we must teach that traitor a lesson about messing with Dark faeries! Sisters, assemble!"

      Hanso watched nervously as Rosia and her three sisters surrounded him, each holding their hands out towards him. After fastening the Dark Faerie Token upon her dress, Rosia shouted "Stonus!" as she hurled two purple orbs towards Hanso. Though he had covered his eyes, Hanso was no match for the two orbs, as well as the purple smoke, that surrounded him and spun around him like a merry-go-round. By the time the spell was cast, Hanso was nothing more than a stone statue that depicted his fear and panic. Velma, Daphne and Violet smiled at their latest creation.

      "He may not be the circlet that we want," said Rosia, "but I guess he'll do... for now." She snapped her fingers at Violet. "Make sure you hide this traitor in the Faerie Woods, beside that Light faerie we took care of a while ago." She poofed up a piece of paper and pencil and handed it to Daphne. "You can write up a letter, and make sure that it looks like that Top Water faerie's handwriting."

      "Sure," said Daphne, "but why?"

      "Because I want to initiate my newest, and most brilliant, plan as soon as possible," Rosia explained, a sly smile spread across her face. "So instead of waiting for an opportunity, I've decided to make one so that I can strike and get what I want by tomorrow night. And don't worry about the outcome: because whether or not she would want to, Kira will surely be handing over her circlet to us. Consider it a promise from me."

To be continued....

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