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Evil Kim's Handy Dandy Guide to Keeping Track of NC

by kimchica


Since customisation was released in April of 2007, Neopets has come a long way in options for making your pet stand out. What was once a small, manageable closet of a few dozen items has exploded into literally thousands of both Neopoint and Neocash wearables for a multitude of body types. For fashionistas, collectors, and traders alike, this can be a huge nightmare. With the difficulties between not being able to load customisation due to overloaded closets and the lack of NP to upgrade a possibly already claimed gallery space, how is a user to keep track of all of the lovely items they own, without accidentally gifting or trading away their "one and only" of something?

Have no fear, Neopians. I am going to do my best to help you sort out all of those amazing wearables, as well as find ways to actually use them without crashing your closet!

This guide is specifically aimed towards Neocash users. A later guide will look more in-depth at handling Neopoint wearables, thanks to the difficulty in finding them in SDBs.

A closet only loads the customisation module well if you have a small number of items in it. If you choose to bypass the Closet Limit of 650 items (in site preferences), you are risking not being able to load your customisation module. Paint brush clothing also counts against your closet limit, so if you lab a lot or collect PB clothes for your pets, you will quickly run out of useful space.

First step: Remove everything that is not being worn or paint brush clothing item from your closet.

Step Two: Toss everything into your SDB.

Next, go to Dress to Impress (which is linked here: // Create an account, then go to Items and use their nifty import feature to import all of the NC items from your closet (you can also do this for NP wearables, but that will require going through your ENTIRE SDB as opposed to just starting on the page that NC wearables begins on).

Now when you want to dress your pets, you can use the "Items you Own" feature in their dressing hub, so you don't have to tempt yourself with items you don't own.

Now, if you have no issue with needing to buy or trade for items you don't own, you have a few options. There's the Dress to Impress modeling hub, the Sunnyneo modeling hub, or Jellyneo modeling hub. They are all awesome for putting together a look for your pet without having to deal with putting items into your closet and getting customisation to load. When you decide it's time for your pets to have a new look, utilise your favorite modeling hub, then just pull the items out of your SDB, put them in your closet, then open the customisation module to dress your pets and save them!

Now, to handle the duplicates and a way of keeping track of what you want...

By keeping all of your NC in your SDB, it's easy to know when you get down to your "one and only" of something... there's only one left of it in your SDB. Just remember to keep in mind what items your pets are currently wearing, so you have no heart attacks when your Fish Shield or Altadorian Wig is inexplicably missing.

One method of keeping your duplicates apart is to keep them in your gallery. If you have plenty of space in your gallery and no other use for it, go ahead and pull one of each NC duplicate from your SDB and toss it into your gallery. When you trade or gift something out of your gallery, just jump back into your SDB, grab another duplicate, and toss it in.

However, sometimes you need your gallery space for.. well.. a gallery. That, or you are a proud and loyal NC Maller, and you have a LOT of duplicates. Here's where you can use Jellyneo's item database and their wishlist service. Sign in (or sign up) for a Jellyneo account and activate the Wishlist service. Create two wishlists (at least two... you can do more if you like, but the more you fan out your lists, the more likely you are to not update them properly).

One is an NC item wishlist. Here is where you can add any NC items you WANT to own, for your own personal tracking or so you can put the list on a petpage so people know what you are looking for.

The second list, which I find more important, is an NC item Duplicates (or trade) list. Set the search for NC Mall, sort by Release, and set to view 100 at a time. Then open the NC portion of your SDB. Items are listed by release in your SDB, so it is easy to scroll through and then make a list of any items you have duplicates of using the Wishlist service. This will take time the first time through- a LOT of time, if you have hundreds of pages of NC items in your SDB. However, as long as you then work to keep the list up to date when you get something new or trade/gift an item away, it is a fantastic resource. You can either just list retired or LE/UB items, or list ALL duplicates you have... or you can make two different lists for duplicates. Use your imagination and do what works best for you. You can also put these lists onto a petpage. When you need to remove something from the list, it's easy to jump onto the petpage and remove it, then do a Jellyneo update later when you have more time.

Thanks to Neopets' creativity, and their awesomeness in listing certified and recommended fan sites, a NC hoarder (I mean... um... collector) has a lot of useful tools at their fingertips to keep track of all of their lovely wearables, as well as easy ways to utilize their closet and customisation without headaches. Hopefully this guide will make your customisation life a lot easier to handle, so you never have to fear the non-loading DOOM of the customisation module, or the terror of realizing you traded away your VERY LAST of something.

Happy dressing!

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