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Don't Judge a Neopet by its Color!

by x_mystichorse_x

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When Learning To Restock
Expectation VS. Reality...

Also by fia_tje

by roxanna203


In the Daily Dare Music Room...
Some people will hate me but... secretly I'm a massive Chadley fan!

by fudging


Very Berry: Mine Madness
Isn't the dubloon the other way?

by berryseed


Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Two
"No, see, that's the thing. I don't want that one. I want the one with the captain of the pirates. You know? The scary Lupe? Remember when he was messing around with Maraqua?"

"...Are you sure you don't mean the one with the attacking pirates? That stamp is quite popular."

by emblo93

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