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Anthology of Evil - Neopia's Rogues' Gallery

by mecha_fang


While Neopia is supposedly a peaceful, happy planet, there are many evil beings who seek to do unspeakable harm upon their fellow Neopians. Some are simply mad and delusional, others are seeking vengeance, and others are irredeemable monsters. Here they are, from the very first villains to the very latest.

Dr. Francis Q. Sloth is arguably the arch-villain of Neopia. An evil overlord from space, this mad doctor can be disarmingly charming – his evil grin is famous throughout Neopia, and this strangely charismatic villain has just as many fans as he does enemies. Even though he's been sealed away in Mira's pendant for quite some time, he somehow appears every now and then to bestow his lucky minions with vile Transmogrification potions, or letting them use his image and devilish grin as an avatar. Despite being Neopia's number one villain, Sloth is easily one of the most charming overlords in Neopia.

The Monoceraptor is more than just a towering brute – this gigantic monster is far more intelligent than most realize. A master planner who commands an army of foul beasts, this Grarrl-like creature waged war on Tyrannia shortly after it was discovered. Fortunately, he was eventually stopped, but he was proof that even giant monsters can be intelligent conquerors.

Lord Darigan is hardly evil at all. Unlike the other villains he (undeservedly) shares a position with in the Gallery of Evil, he waged war on Meridell not for fun, but to reclaim the Orb that the barbaric Meridell Knights brutally stole from him. A Korbat who puts his people first, he was sadly twisted by the Orb's vile magic and turned into a destructive madman courtesy of the Three. However, Darigan returned and saved Meridell from the vicious Lord Kass – I'd say Darigan deserves a spot in the Gallery of Heroes far more than that greedy slob Skarl. Darigan is ultimately an example of a leader who's willing to do whatever it takes for the good of his people, and is even willing to set aside old feuds to restore peace. He's not evil at all, and the fact that he's still not in the Gallery of Heroes is a travesty.

Lord Kass, on the other hand, is a complete monster. A cruel, vengeful tyrant, he broke a peace treaty and waged an unprovoked war on Meridell simply out of ambition. However, he was not just cruel to Meridell – he was an oppressive dictator who was willing to have his enemies executed, and even had his guards drag a young Blumaroo to the dungeons just for playing a game that slandered him. There is nothing redeeming about this wretched Eyrie – while his plans didn't succeed, he is among the most diabolical and cruel villains Neopia has seen. It's rather fortunate, then, that he was destroyed by the Three. However, if Darigan could return from their grasp, couldn't Kass?

Galem Darkhand showcases the banality of evil. To Galem, nothing matters except making a profit. He's willing to extort, bribe or destroy anyone who gets between him and his precious money. Before he was the master of the Thieves' Guild, there was an honor among thieves. Under him, greed and backstabbing prevailed. In his quest to steal the Heart of the Mountain, he aided and abetted the Bringer of Night, an ancient evil who sought to destroy all of the Bori. To Galem, the extinction of an entire species is merely business. Fortunately, he was slain at the hands of his lieutenant, Kanrik, who restored the Thieves' Guild to a slightly honorable position.

Captain Scarblade is the most feared warlord of the Five Seas. Some say he's a ghost; others say he was cursed by an ancient spirit to roam the seas forever. However, most Neopians agree that he's a vicious and cruel scoundrel who's willing to destroy an entire nation for some unknown vendetta. In addition, he claims he owns all the riches of the sea – it's likely that he, in fact, has a vendetta against Maraqua because they held back on giving him treasure. Even now, his location is unknown, and Maraqua must always be on guard for a potential war with this mad captain.

There are no words to describe Razul's evil other than monstrous. He sought immortality so much, he was willing to cast a horrible curse on his own people, and even his own son, so he could achieve it. Upon his return, this fiery monster immediately began rampaging through the city of Sakhmet with his undead army – when Nabile tried to stop him, he attacked her, nearly taking her life. Of course, this only angered his son, Jazan, who quickly banished his father back to whence he came.

The Darkest Faerie is one of the most infamous figures in Neopia's history. Once, she was one of the Twelve Heroes of Altador. Unfortunately, this wicked Faerie grew too ambitious, and betrayed the others. She even attempted a coup of Faerieland, where she was petrified by Fyora. A thousand years later, the necklace keeping her sealed away was broken, and she proceeded to take over Meridell and Faerieland. Her ultimate goal was to crash Faerieland into Neopia, just because she could. She was petrified thanks to two young heroes, but her statue mysteriously disappeared after Faerieland fell five years later...

Mr. Krawley is a mystery wrapped within an enigma. Nobody knows where he came from or what he wants. This shape-changing trickster engineered the curse on Neovia, and yet, strangely enough, he also was behind the curse being broken. Perhaps he's merely a being who seeks to teach others lessons through dark trickery. He may also simply be a psychopath who revels in spreading chaos for chaos' sake. Unfortunately, this madman is still at large. The best advice I can give to anyone is to avoid a Neopet with sinister golden eyes...

Xandra is, to put it lightly, delusional. While her goals may have been partly justifiable (after all, Faeries have done many horrible things to Neopia), the means to justify them were utterly insane. Her master plan to engineer the fall of Faerieland actually succeeded – it was only stopped when a plucky thief petrified her. However, there may be some good in her, as it's said Fyora is trying to redeem her star pupil. Perhaps, one day, she will make amends for the madness she spread.

The Duchess of the Sway, much like Xandra, thinks she has a noble goal. However, much like Xandra, she is delusional. As the leader of the Sway, she will stop at nothing to preserve order; ultimately, her goal is to repress the free will of every Neopet. Naturally, the Sway themselves would still be free, but that's how it always is with power-hungry hypocrites. The victories at the Obelisk may have helped her and her minions further their evil goals...

Not much is known about Lanie and Lillie, except for the fact that they're twins, they may or may not be undead, and they like cake. In fact, they love cake so much, they're willing to summon hordes of undead to get cake. We don't know if they're insane or merely revel in chaos, but just like the Duchess, these insane Wockies are at large.

And that concludes this article about Neopia's greatest villains. Wherever you go, go with caution – these wretched beings are much, much worse than the usual things that go bump in the night...

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