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Caves And Corridors: An Explorer's Guide

by magmadude18


Mystery Island is home to countless tribes, exotic petpets, and dangerous places for a budding treasure hunter to visit. You play as Jake, an explorer who has been through countless trials to reach his level of expertise of exploring. On this adventure you join him in his quest to discover a golden idol, seems easy enough, right? How hard can it be to avoid a few dart-throwing statues, boulders, spikes, and lava? Now this isn't going to be a full on guide to all the levels the game has, I'm just going to explain the harder levels and how to tackle them. Think of this guide as a very old map that doesn't have a clear path to the treasure, but it shows the important bits. Anyway let's jump into the confusing and scary jungle of Mystery Island. Also don't worry about the controls if you're reading this it's easy to get the hang of it.

The Basics

Now this game isn't that difficult and the basics are easy to understand. The game is timed with 99 seconds rushing you, but I'll give you a code to stop the timer. You start out with three lives, but I'll give you the code for an extra life after this article is done. On your path to find the golden idol that Jake is seeking you'll find some native fruits from Mystery Island and some lesser golden idols along with gold coins and gems. Now during some of the earlier levels you'll see water, avoid going for a swim in this water. And during the later levels you'll start to encounter huge falls and some lava. You will also see some boulders rolling down the hills, try not to get crushed. During some levels you will see spikes, now these ones are very sneaky and they will sneak up on you, trust me. Then we come to the final obstacle the statue, this one is ranged, but its eyes will glow red before it fires a dart they will also turn around when you are right behind them. Now before we move on remember to never lower your guard, even you're safe.

Level 2 Shipwreck Point

This level is kind of tricky and may even stop you in your tracks. This level is a big waste of time and I mean that. The boulder on top will sometimes be stuck between the spikes on top causing you to lose some time and I recommend that you use the code to stop the timer which is "freetime" just remember that you can't mess up as the code is one-use. Now the way to level three is by going up and going to the right vine. Don't forget those coins and statue while you're climbing up the vine .When the boulder is off the platform with the spikes get to the platform and start jumping to get those gold bars. After that it's just a walk in the park after that, just remember about those two spikes right below the vine.

Level 4 Shore Escape

This level is kind of awkward to work with, but it's really easy once you figure it out. This time you have to worry about statues and boulders. The boulders will go left and right and you have to watch for that statue that is right near you. Now sometimes when you're climbing up the vine boulders will go where you are and come crashing on poor Jake, but you can remedy this by either moving to the left or the right and sometimes right where the vine is rooted at. Once you reach that area that has the ladder be careful of the boulders because sometimes both boulders can reach that area and close you in. If you avoid this you can go up the vine and run to last vine where the fruit is located.

Level 7 Among The Treetops

Now this level is one of the harder ones this game has to offer and it's on this guide because you'll have to watch both your left and your right, but it gives a good amount of points if you complete it fast enough. In this level I recommend that you try your best not to set off the one that's on your right and to have the ones on the left turn. Try to reach the left as fast as you can and as a safely as you can. Now when you reach the left platform all you have to do is reach the upper gems on that's right above you, but be careful as the upper statue just might be the one that takes you out. If you managed to get those gems the rest is easy.

Level 8 The Edge of The Volcano

This level is a lot harder than you think it is. With a statue to the left where the vine is located it causes some complications and to make the situation tougher you have to watch for boulders that can go down the way where the vine is. But the path is actually very simple and it's very short. It's just the beginning of the path that causes some problems. This is also the only level that you actually may have to leave a golden idol behind. But if you're quick enough or lucky enough you may actually be able to pick this level clean. And trust me that last golden may be just the thing that can help boost you or be the one that takes out a life.

Level 9 Rocky Ascent

This level isn't quite that hard, but can pose a problem if you're not careful. There are two boulders coming at you, but you can be safe by being on the root of the vine. Once you reach the platform that has you equal to the vine you can jump on and reach those coins and gems. After that you there is a chance that you can reach the longest vine. After that the level is done and you can move on to a new series of challenges.

Level 11 Cliff Climbing

Welcome to the volcano readers! This level features lava, spikes, statues and that loveable boulder! With four obstacles you have to be careful. Remember when I told you guys to 'keep your guard up'? That was for this level and for the following two levels! Try to spread your attention to all four challenges that way you won't mess up on one challenge by focusing on another challenge. Anyway to solve this level you have to follow the vines and watch the spike that will occasionally pop up. Once you pass that just go up the vines and don't worry about the statue too much. Now that you climbed the ladder you have to watch for any boulders that come down there. Once it's safe enough jump to the vine that will allow you to get that gem, but don't get that fruit just yet there is more treasure to get. Once you have all the of the treasure just end the level by getting that fruit.

Level 13 The Heat Is On

This is it. The final level, the level that will allow Jake to discover the golden idol he has been searching for. He's climbed cliffs; he walked on the treetops, and had to travel the island after his ship was shipwrecked. In this final level you have to watch for lava, statues, spikes and boulders. The way is simple if not difficult to traverse through. Climb up the ladder and try to watch out for the statue that will prevent Jake from reaching that golden idol. Watch out for that spike when you jump down, go up the vine and get that gem that's right behind that statue. And get that last coin and watch out for the boulder that will come down if the previous boulder before it went into the lava. Finally get that golden idol that will end the game and end the adventure. Congrats you beat Caves and Corridors!!!


Here are the codes that will help you when you need it the most. gimmeabreak will give you another life, freetime will stop the timer and nomorerocks will prevent boulders from appearing on the current level.

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