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5 Reasons to Adopt a Mutant Neopet

by kitteh_love_forever


We've all seen them, right? Those pets with extra eyes or bones or spikes where spikes just aren't meant to be. The pets that you turn your nose up at it as you watch them ooze or drool over their friend's finest NeoCash attire; the pets that both gross you out and terrify you a little at the same time, not in the cool and dark way of the Halloween pets or the Robots, rather because they're just a little bit... different.

The Mutants.

Well, I'm here to tell you why you - yes, you, don't go turning away just yet! - why you should adopt one of the lovable little freaks of Neopian nature. All Neopets, great and small, two-eyed and many-eyed, deserve to be loved, no? I think we can all agree on that. So, before you ignore that Mutant pet sitting in the pound, hear me out. I'm not crazy (before you ask); I just want you to have a look through these five reasons that a Mutant may be the right pet for you.

#5 - Save Neopoints on clothing

Got your attention now, haven't I? You may be wondering how on Neopia is adopting a Mutant going to help your bank balance, but fear not, for you shall soon be enlightened. Saving Neopoints is a pretty much universal goal, so let's get the financially motivated reasons out of the way first.

Mutants don't wear clothing. It's simply too much for any fashion designer to accommodate all the various deformities of every species, with extra limbs and large growths being rampant among the mutant populace. Never mind the fact that a Mutant Tonu in a Faerie Dress would look utterly ridiculous, mind you.

What's more is the fact that every time Halloween rolls around, the Mutant pet is more than prepared! No need for cobwebs or bones to spruce up the look - for the Mutant, every eve is All Hallows' Eve.

#4 - They'll eat anything

Remember what I said about saving Neopoints? Yep, it gets better. While your Maraquan Draik might shrivel his nose in disgust unless presented with the finest gourmet meals and only ever dine at Kelp, you'll find your new Mutant companion to have much simpler tastes.

A Mutant will gulp down whatever you put on a plate without you needing to promise to buy them the latest Usuki doll. Remember that Mashed Eye Potato or Tongue with Veggies you threw into the safety deposit because none of your pets would touch it? Mutants aren't quite so picky and will happily take those hearty meals off your hands.

No need to spend thousands upon thousands of Neopoints on expensive foods, or hours on end waiting for that one specialty food that your pet just has to have to restock. Food is food to a Mutant pet - and that's more Neopoints in your pocket.

#3 - Get out of sticky situations

Ever find yourself in Tyrannia and curious to peek around in the Lair of the Beast? Ever walk into the cave only to scamper back out, chills running through your body, after hearing a low growl rumble through the walls? If you answered yes, then reason number three is for you.

Mutants aren't afraid of the dark, or of monsters, or strange noises coming from monsters in the dark. Mutants aren't even afraid of Count Von Roo. To be honest, they aren't much afraid of anything - if they were, it'd be a struggle to look at their own reflection!

Try trekking around Neopia with a Mutant by your side, and notice how people move out of your way or how that angry Grarrl by the Battledome isn't poking fun at you anymore. After all, you're with a Mutant - you should know how they feel, right? Grossed out and a little terrified, wasn't it?

#2 - Overcome your fears

Which brings me to my next point. No one likes to be afraid - that constricting, tight, frozen feeling of fear. Getting over our fears is like saving Neopoints - it's something all of us would like to do, despite the difficulty involved.

Just as an arachnophobe might hold a Spyder or a hydrophobe visit Maraqua, I implore you, the Mutant-phobe, to spend some time with a Mutant pet. After that, strolling through the Haunted Woods will be a walk in the park, and jumping into the deserted tomb at Geraptiku will be a breeze.

And who knows, after awhile, you may come to enjoy their company.

#1 - They'll never judge you

To me, this is the ultimate reason to adopt a Mutant pet. They've spent their lives subjected to the judgement of others; they've been told they're too ugly, too uncouth, too different. Living like that changes a pet - they don't live under the emotional shelter that many other pets do, and this makes them uniquely empathetic.

Maybe you're down to your last few Neopoints and can't even afford a stay at Cockroach Towers. Maybe you suffer a horrible accident when mixing potions, or come down with a disease that leaves you covered in pox. Maybe the Pant Devil comes and takes everything you own.

And maybe, your Neohome becomes a box that barely keeps you shelter from the rain and you're pinching your nose to eat your Mashed Eye Potato.

A Mutant would be right there in that box with you, and instead of complaining about that Usuki doll they didn't get, they'd be sharing your meal and giving you a hug.

A Mutant's experienced enough to know which things truly matter and will only ever have one need from you: your love.

So, there you have it, five reasons. If you stayed through til the end, then I applaud you for giving your mind the chance to be opened to the world of Mutants. Perhaps I've swayed you, just a little bit, and helped shed some light on a group of pets so often left in the dark. Perhaps next time you glance around the pound, you'll give that Mutant in a cage more than a cursory glance and a wrinkle of the nose. Or perhaps you won't - but at the very least, I hope I've made you think.

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