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Annual Chocolate Ball - Personality Quiz

by pizzanoodles2


The Annual Chocolate Ball is approaching quickly, and worried Neopians have been fretting over whether they will finally receive an elusive invitation to this evening of class, opulence, and of course... chocolate!

Kacheeks and Tonus have been dropping into the Chocolate Factory multiple times per day, buying extra chocolate in attempts to make *someone* notice they are deserving of an invite. Boris and Zafaras have been seen rubbing elbows with the topmost chocolate connoisseurs in Neopia, hoping to get on their good sides. While everyone will do all they can for an invitation, only a lucky and privileged few will receive one.

However, though some of us may not be attending this year's premiere party, we can still celebrate everyone's favorite treat in the very best way: eating!

As chocolate experts, we have invented a quiz to help you determine which type of delicious candy is best for you to celebrate with this year!

1.) What colors are your neopets painted?

A – Who paints their neopets? I don't care what they look like.

B – Cloud and starry... pretty but not budget-breaking.

C – I own every color of Lutari. They are neat and rare and can't be traded!

D – Eventide, water, and stealthy – I'm willing to pay up lots of neopoints for the most extravagant and beautiful items.

2.) Which is your favorite Neopian store to shop at?

A – I don't shop. I have better things to do with my time.

B – The food shop. I can buy the essentials I need cheaply and once in a while dig up a rare treat!

C – I am still waiting for shops to open on Lutari Island so I can shop there EXCLUSIVELY.

D – I like the magic shop... I find rare and expensive potions that I can sell to become even richer! MUHAHAHA!

3.) Which color is best?

A – Black.

B – Blue! It's nice and simple and reminds me of peace and happiness.

C – Green, because it makes me think of the land from which Lutaris came!

D – Gold, obviously... the color of wealth and riches!

4.) Which Neopian activity do you most enjoy?

A – The Battledome... I like fighting weak pets.

B – I love playing games just for fun and chatting with friends!

C – I like arranging my Lutari plushies and adding to my nearly full Lutari talisman!

D – MAKING MONEY! The stock market!!!

5.) In your opinion, what is the best type of chocolate?

A – Yuck! Chocolate?!

B – Any type of chocolate! Hopefully I won't have to spend too many neopoints, though...

C – White chocolate! Or Lutari chocolate... *shifty eyes*

D – Expensive, high quality chocolate from a foreign land... I only eat the finest.

6.) What is your favorite subject in school?

A – I don't like school.

B – I like language arts because I like to read and write!

C – Lutari! Er... I mean... I like history because we learn about Lutari Island!

D – I like math because it helps me understand finances. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

7.) Which faerie best represents your personality?

A – Jhudora

B – The light faerie. She's happy and kind and positive!

C – Is there a Lutari faerie...?

D – Fyora, The Faerie Queen! She is rich and powerful and important and rules over everybody else!

8.) Which Neopian land is your favorite?

A – The Haunted Woods. Nobody bothers me there.

B – Faerieland! It's pretty and bright and makes you feel joyous!

C – Do you really have to ask me for this one? Clearly it's Lutari Island! I just wish they would finally open... I walk by every day to see if I can find out something new :(

D – Altador! It is the land of the heroes of Neopia! It has the finest foods, the most amazing culture, and the richest history. Ah, Altador...

9.) Which neoboards do you visit the most?

A – I prefer to keep to myself.

B – I visit the newbie boards because there are many different kinds of people and topics!

C – I visit the customization boards for new ideas on how to dress up my wonderful Lutaris.

D – I mainly stay on the battledome boards where all the rich Neopians sell (and brag about) their multimillion-neopoint weapons.

10.) Finally, if you could choose only one neopet, which one would it be?

A – If I *had* to, I guess it would be the buzz. Insects are pretty neat, and they scare others away.

B – I like Quiggles. They're simple folk – just happy little frogs!

C – Honestly... at this point, I'm just not going to answer this question. *cough* Lutari *cough*

D – Draiks! They are expensive, and a symbol of wealth and high class. If you have a Draik, other Neopians will respect you immediately.

Now, tally up your answers!

For those who mostly answered 'A': We get the sense you don't care too much about the Annual Chocolate Ball... or chocolate... or anything really... What are you even doing here? If you're not going to get into the spirit of the holiday, then here: Just take a Negg Dispenser and move on, please. This holiday is for chocolate lovers and high-class Neopians only!

And for the 'B' types: You are the average Neopian! We understand you probably aren't willing to blow all your savings on one day of gourmet treats. For you, may we suggest the Oozing Chocolate Heart? Very delicious, tastes and looks like high-quality chocolate, but you can find it on the shop wizard for just around 700 neopoints. This is a bargain if I ever saw one!

Now, the crazy 'C' Lutari people: It seems that perhaps you like Lutaris. Did we read into this correctly? We find you will quite like the White Chocolate Lutari, as it represents your favorite pet of all time. Maybe you shouldn't eat it, though. This just seems somehow... wrong.

Lastly, for the rich and important 'D': Hazelnut Whirl is the most decadent, fine, taste bud-enriching chocolate in all of the Neopian lands. It is rare and expensive (these factors seem to be quite important to you), and others will be envious of your mouthwatering treat. Savor this chocolate, for it will put you out a few hundred thousand neopoints!

Now, to all, please go and enjoy the Annual Chocolate Ball with your perfect chocolates! We do hope you get onto the shortlist for an invite. If not, though, don't be discouraged; you may get there one day... it does happen every year, after all.

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