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Which Altador Cup Player Are You?

by goblinswag


Every year, eighteen lands come together to create the largest sporting event that Neopia has ever seen, with the goal to win the Altador Cup! From June 2006, when Altador Cup I was started, all the way to this year, 2013, Altador Cup VIII, it has been a tradition. Now that the cup is approaching, participants are getting excited for the games to begin. And to continue the hype, here is a quiz to determine, out of a select few, which Altador Cup player you are!

For this quiz, there will be six questions. Read the question, and determine which answer fits you the best. Then, write down the letter; A, B, C, D, or E. Do these for each question, and when you get to the end of the quiz, add up how many of each letter there are.

Q1 - Which yooyuball is your favorite?

A. Robot Yooyu – This yooyu is programmed to explode after a few sections, creating an interesting, quick paced round!

B. Fire Yooyu – This can be easily shot straight into the net, due to its speed.

C. Normal Yooyu – It's a classic to the Altador Cup!

D. Snow Yooyu – It slows before reaching the goal providing the ability to snatch it away and in your control.

E. Darigan Yooyu – This mischievously shoots the opposite direction intended; how evil of it.

Q2 – If a neopet you've never met is approaching you, what would you do?

A. Analyze him/her, and determine the best way to introduce yourself

B. Start talking to them right away and tell them all about your interests

C. Get overly excited!

D. Stand your ground, wait for them to say something first

E. Smile and say something humorous

Q3 – Which Neopian faerie is your favorite?

A. The Space Faerie; she can be found flying through space, maintaining order!

B. The Faerie Queen; she is the queen – one of the most powerful faeries in all of Neopia!

C. The Fountain Faerie; she grants dream neopet colors to people – so generous, and ultimately cool!

D. The Battle Faerie; this tough faerie is not afraid of anything coming her way.

E. The Darkest Faerie; everything about her is evil and sneaky!

Q4 – How would you convince others to join your team?

A. Show facts and statistics of your team, convincing them to join to win

B. Brag about the team, and your own, accomplishments

C. Show your enthusiasm and get them really pumped

D. Intimidate them- who could say no to someone bigger and stronger?

E. Charm them into liking your team

Q5 – How would you explain the game of yooyuball to someone who has never played?

A. Show them a diagram and explain the rules thoroughly

B. Explain how you would do it, since you know best

C. Gush about the techniques and players and how they make the game work!

D. Discuss the importance of physical talent and teamwork strategies within the game

E. Tell them something completely false, get them to believe you, then after you've had a good laugh, explain the actual rules

Q6 – Which of the following petpets would you prefer?

A. Robot Zomutt – This loyal petpet breed mixed with the hard robotic exterior is perfect!

B. Maraquan Rock – This undersea petpet will leave me alone, and won't hog any of the attention.

C. Blue Slorg – Slorgs are happy looking petpets, and in a pretty blue shade: exactly what I'm looking for!

D. Tyrannian Noil – This adorable, yet stern looking Tyrannian petpet would fit my look.

E. Darigan Trunkard – The Darigan color is so dark looking, but on a trunkard? The petpet's so evil and goofy all in one.

You have answered all six questions. Now, add up the amount of times you've selected each letter, and whichever has the highest amount, is your letter that corresponds with the below players! (Example, A, A, B, C, D, E. A is the highest amounted letter, therefore, A would be your letter.)

And the results are..

Mostly letter A – If you were to be an Altador Cup player, you would be: XL Striker 3.8, the robot Wocky, programmed to play as a forward for the Virtupets team! He is purposely made to make goals, analyze situations and be the advanced neopet on the field.

Mostly letter B - If you were to be an Altador Cup player, you would be: Elon Hughlis, the Maraquan Acara playing for Maraqua! Hughlis is a forward, but more importantly: the team captain. It is said that he is an insatiable ball hog. He may not have the best leadership skills, but he scores the majority of the points for his team.

Mostly letter C - If you were to be an Altador Cup player, you would be: The Techo Super-Fan! Rather than a yooyuball player, you are the game's biggest, most excited fan. The Super-fan screams and cheers so loud his eyes are constantly blood shot. His love for the game of yooyuball even landed him his own game in the cup!

Mostly letter D - If you were to be an Altador Cup player, you would be: Mor Gollog, the Moltara hailing goalie who plays for Tyrannia as of 2013! This colossal sized relic Moehog is said to have strong instincts and stamina. He is a sturdy, solid player, as a relic neopet goalie should be!

Mostly letter E - If you were to be an Altador Cup player, you would be: Tormo "The Terror" Frein! This Darigan Bruce, who hails from the Darigan Citadel, is a right defender. He is good at what he does, but loves to play practical jokes on his team members. They're not very good, but at least he has a sense of humor, right?

Note: This was just for fun; None of the questions or character bios reflect how I feel about the players, the teams, or the people supporting those teams! All information was gathered from and fan sites that archive information about all things Neopia! Hopefully you enjoyed the quiz and has a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading. Go Tyrannia for the cup! ;) – Sarah, goblinswag

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