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9 Tips for a Rewarding Altador Cup

by madidogs88


The Altador Cup VIII approaches, and I again find myself a member of the team known as the "joke" of the Altador Cup. Despite being the hosts of this annual competition, Team Altador embarrasses itself every year by placing last or close to last. Though the odds are against us, I still can't help hoping that this year will be different...

But you didn't choose to read this article to listen to me discuss my team's standings. So let me get down to business. Below I have listed nine simple tips for anyone new to the Altador Cup. As a more experienced player, I have learned these tips the hard way and wish to help any new players who wish to participate in the Altador Cup.

Tip #1: Choose your team wisely! If you play the AC late into the night and disregard any regular eating/sleeping patterns, then don't worry about joining a smaller team. Your efforts will help a lot and maybe even lead your team to victory! However, if you juggle eating, sleeping, shop keeping, Neopian domination, etc. with participating in the AC, then a bigger team may be best for you. It won't make too much of an impact on your team's score if you only have time for a couple of games a day. Other players will just pick up the slack for you.

Tip #2: Accessorize! Yes, you heard me. It's time to bust out the pom-poms and sport your favorite team's colors. If your wardrobe is lacking in spirit clothes, check out Jellyneo's item database and type in your team name. There are so many items, both NP and NC, you'll have difficulty choosing which things you want to wear! Whether you keep it simple with a background and frame, or go all out and deck yourself in color from head to toe, your team will appreciate the support!

Tip #3: Promote your team! Try your hand at creating AC-inspired graphics for your user lookup, or check out some premades from sites such as Sunnyneo. Adopt a supportive font for the Neoboards, or draw your favorite characters and submit your masterpiece to the Art Gallery. You can even create a petpage to support your favorite team! The possibilities are endless, so get those creative juices flowing and let everyone know which team is the greatest!

Tip #4: Take advantage of the practice rounds! TNT implemented these just for you, so why not use them? Those Jelly Chias are always up for a good match. Although I'm still can't figure out how they can kick the Yooyu without it being submerged in their jelly... Anyways, if you're feeling a little rusty after a year's absence, then practice rounds are the perfect way to get back into shape and prepare for the games to come. Not to mention you can earn some hefty neopoints on the side!

Tip #5: Develop a strategy! While you're playing practice games until the Kaus come home, why not figure out a way to get to the goal as fast and efficiently as you can? Or how to defend your goal so that not even the best forward can score? Getting to know your team and figuring out how they play is one of the most important aspects of Yooyuball. If you don't know your team, then you don't know how to motivate them to play the best they can. There's no better time than the present to get to work on your strategy and ensure yourself a fair run for the lead!

Tip #6: Get to know the opposing team! Knowing the way your opposition thinks and works is almost as important as knowing your own team. For instance, if one of the other team's defenders has a weakness in stealing, then you know that you can waltz right past them to confront the goalie. And if you know that one of the forwards is overly aggressive, then you know to kick the Yooyu as hard as you can and run for your life!

Tip #7: Cheer from the sidelines, serve those slushies, and show that Jelly Chia how to shoot! You don't have to be an All-Star Yooyuball player to help your team. There are three other events to participate in: Make Some Noise, Slushie Slinger, and Shootout Showdown. These games are generally quicker and easier than Yooyuball, perfect for those of you who have a life outside of the AC.

Tip #8: Play until you never want to see a Yooyu again! You can never play too many games to help your team. Every game counts, no matter if you win or lose. And each game earns you those AC points for the Prize Shop. Who wouldn't want to earn enough points to swipe the shop shelves clean? So if you have the determination to play until you've maxed out, then do so! Eating and sleeping is overrated anyways...

Tip #9: Finally, Have fun! If you find yourself getting bored, frustrated, or exhausted, step back and take a break. The whole point of the Altador Cup is for Neopians from all over to gather and enjoy a little friendly competition. If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right! Find a way to make your Altador Cup experience exciting, whether it's by joining a support group on the Neoboards, dressing up all your pets in spirited garb, or only playing your favorite games. Each person's season is unique; find what makes you happiest!

Well, there you have it: nine tips for the Altador Cup. Hopefully they help advance you to the championship (or at least prevent you from placing dead last). And always remember: It's doesn't matter if you win or lose. It's how you play the game... Oh who am I kidding? Get out there and show the other teams who's boss!

Oh, and one more thing before I let you go. If you decide to root for the underdogs, like me, make sure to drag some friends along with you. Because at least if you lose, you have a shoulder to cry on and someone to rant with about how all the other teams cheat. I mean, it's not even possible that it was your fault they lost...

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