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Do YOU Want Retired Avatars To Come Back?

by indulgences


I have to admit, I was surprised to find that the one week I wasn't able to access Neopets, a brand new avatar was distributed to users who visited the New Features page on March 1, after the Great Neoboard Famine of Y14. The Famine happened when people couldn't access the Neoboards on February 28, and it was a relief when the problem was finally resolved and people were rewarded with a cool new avatar to reward their patience!

Problem is, I was busy with real life events at that time and wasn't able to log into Neopets that week. I was kind of sore that, as an avid avatar collector, I was forever banned from earning that particular avatar. Yet it was kind of fun to see the happiness everyone else felt upon earning that humorous-looking avatar! In case you haven't seen it, it's an image of Neopia Central being deluged by Pink Meepits, followed by the Red Pteri of Doom, a character that pops up when the Neopets site is temporarily down.

That made me wonder -- are there other users on this site who wish retired avatars could be brought back? By retired avatars, I don't mean plot or war avatars that were clearly meant to be earned once and never again, like the Darigan Darkling avatar. I mean avatars like the Plushie Nova or Coco Roller avatars, which were part of the games and giveaways on this site, but then disappeared and never came back.

I was pleasantly intrigued by this subject, and decided to research the avatars I wish could be brought back, even though the chances of that happening are quite rare. But a person can dream, can't she? So, here goes my wishlist! Enjoy reading!

1. Plushie Nova

This avatar is such a CUTIE! A glowing, wide-eyed Nova gazes adoring upwards while the letters "PLUSHIE" blink on and off to its left. One of my close Neofriends uses this avatar often, and I have to admit I'm rather covetous of it whenever she has it active and I spot it in the Neofriends sidebar. Who wouldn't? This avatar was given out when you visited the McDonald's Daily Giveaway on May 31, 2004 or September 29, 2005. Why was it given out for those two days, but never again? I would love to own this avatar! It seems rather sad that only older users had the opportunity to earn this avatar, and no one since. It's not a plot or war avatar, so why not bring it back, TNT? And even if you don't, that's okay! I'll content myself with gazing adoringly at my Neofriend in the sidebar.

2. Coco Roller

This is my favorite retired avatar! I have an huge fondness for Shoyrus, and seeing a button-nosed Shoyru peering down at a brown coconut is ADORABLE! You have to agree, the Coco Roller is designed beautifully, has a lovely color scheme, and features a curious Shoyru whose fascination with a fallen coconut is absolutely charming! This avatar was earned by entering a Coco Roll game code at the Neopets Mobile page. Your username must have been entered while playing the mobile phone game, with level 5 reached, to receive the code. As of March 13, 2007, codes were unable to be redeemed. I finally have a cell phone, TNT! Would you consider bringing this avatar back?

3. I survived the Neopocalypse!

This is the one avatar I truly kick myself for not getting! As I explained earlier, it was given out for visiting the New Features page on March 1, after the Great Neoboard Famine of Y14 occurred on February 28. Though I can't be bitter about it -- everyone else was so thrilled to get a new avatar for free -- I have to admit that I would welcome another Neoboard Famine if it meant I'd have a chance to get the Neopocalypse avatar! I'm guessing that there are a lot of users (especially avatar collectors) on this website who agree with me!

4. Gamesmaster AAA

This avatar was given out in the past, where you had to complete 15 (or more) Daily Dares and collect your prize. I got this avatar on an ancient, self-iced account of mine, but was disappointed to find that it was no longer available to get on my new account. As I confessed earlier, I'm an avid avatar collector and it's always sad to learn that certain avatars are out of my reach!

5. 10th Birthday

I was super enthused to get this avatar! It's shiny, sparkling, and features a fun and wacky Meerca in a party hat being drenched by colorful streamers. What's not to love? You received this avatar when you visited the 10th Birthday Celebration page and collected the prize on November 15, 2009. And while I was ecstatic about getting a brand new avatar, I was admittedly a little disappointed when I found that that, as with the Neopocalypse avatar, it was only available on one day. I'm sure there were a lot of avatar collectors who were sad to log in a few days later and discovered that they missed out. I feel for you all! My personal opinion is that the avatar should be available to be gotten on ANY day, as long as you visit the news on November 15, 2009. What do you think?

These were just random avatars that I love and that I hope will come back! And even if they don't, thank you TNT for making avatar collecting such a cool and entertaining hobby! I'm joyful every day when I look at my avatar count, and I feel truly proud of my dedication. Avatar collecting is my obsession, and it rivals any obsession I've ever had in real life. It's fun, it's free, and whatever time I do spend getting avatars is something I never regret! (Unlike my latest pair of shoes, which I returned to the store!) Neopets is my passion, and I never rue the hours and hours I spend on this site every day. I love customizing my avatars and Neosignatures, and I switch off active pets just so they match my avatar of the day!

What avatars are you envisioning for the future, TNT? Will they be dark and spooky, or bright and sparkly? Will you cave in to our desire to finally have a Jelly avatar? Are you already planning plots to be released 2 years from now, which will come with their own plot avatars? HOW DO YOU THINK?

Thanks again, TNT! And thanks for publishing this article. You rock!

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