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Achievements for The New Battledome

by _mariokart_


Why Battle?

The introduction of the new Battledome allowed the battling community to grow excessively. Many users that never thought about battling suddenly cannot get enough of it. It allows for a new generation to join the already experienced into battle. While many Neopians start learning and understanding the important aspects of battling, it is also crucial to know just what you can accomplish. Many users may not realize it but the Battledome has more to offer than just a "fight."

Battling is what makes us train our pets and obtain & upgrade to strong weapons but what if you were told you could be rewarded in numerous ways for doing so? There are numerous aspects of the new Battledome which should not be forgotten about or ignored. One of the first and most obvious achievements is your battling reputation. If you learn the technical aspects and become a strategic fighter, it will be noticed by many. If you enjoy 1-Player battling then you can focus on wins, total score & defeating tougher opponents. 2-Player allows you to really be strategic and learn how battlers around your stats fight and with what weapons/abilities. As you improve your battling skills, others will notice and you may start to become known in the battling community.

Those who train & battle know just how expensive and time consuming this hobby can be. It is unfortunate (but true) that a majority of the Battledome community always has their eye on a bigger & better weapon. Even with a well rounded set, there is usually another item you begin saving for immediately. With the issue of weapons being so expensive, it could sometimes benefit you in the long run. As with any item in Neopia, holding onto certain ones for a while could prove to be a smart investment. There are many times throughout the year when weapons increase and decrease in price. It usually depends on if a Neopian Plot/War is occurring or if there are guild events happening within the Battledome community. When such activities occur, weapon prices peak due to simple supply & demand rules. This gives users an opportunity to sell a weapon or two for profit and purchase later on after things settle. In addition to this, certain items randomly increase with time (Smugglers Cove & Plot/War Prizes) due to inflation. Hidden Tower items also retire at least once per year the last few years (on Fyora Day). Who thought battling could be so profitable?!

With the new Battledome came many new changes - One of them being the NP/Item rewards. This caused mixed, opinionated emotions from all battlers; however, it is here to stay! Once a day, you are able to battle opponents to receive up to fifteen items and a small amount of NP. Some of the items are worth 1 NP while others can allow you decent profits. The Neopets Team currently has maintained the same items as rewards so nothing extremely expensive will be obtained. Certain arenas reward different prizes (and even certain opponents give out their own prizes). All of the arenas do reward regular codestones, red codestones & bottled faeries. One of the most common arenas to battle in is The Dome of the Deep. These underwater opponents have very few unique arena prizes which results in higher chances of winning codestones & faeries. Here are a few other popular battling arenas with their prizes:

Cosmic Dome (Premium Users Only): The best prizes to obtain here are Nerkmids.

Pango Palladium: Although they are rare, you have the chance of winning four different paint brushes - The best two being Mystery Island & Stealth.

Neocola Centre: For those who need defense stat (or just profit), you may want to battle here to possibly win Armoured Neggs - They give a nice profit and +1 Defense stat.

There are a few other challenger specific prizes that reward a fair profit; however, they are rarer to obtain.

The Old Battledome may have not been a top priority before this transformation occurred; however, it was usually involved in plots. In the early 2000's, users had wars involving the Rock Beast, the Monoceraptor and even Lord Kass! While some may argue the recent years have not provided the same war dynamic, battling was still incorporated in most plots. We are introduced to a plot or war around every two years; however, there is no statement from Neopets Team saying that is their guideline - That is just what has happened historically. While a plot/war occurs, users attempt to obtain as many points as possible. As most of us know, the more points achieved means the more chance of rewards & prizes. While a plot does not strictly involve battling, it is usually incorporated at some point for additional points. When a war occurs, it means most of the event will be battling related. Having a well trained pet with decent weapons will allow you to obtain additional points to your total score for a plot. For the duration of a war, it is critical to have the strongest weapons and pet possible to achieve all you can. Once the event is completed and rewards are given out, you will be able to cash in your hard work. You are able to obtain NP prizes/weapons, a trophy and possible an avatar/site theme! There is no better feeling than battling as best to your ability and being nicely rewarded for a job well done!

While this achievement may not be important to the majority of the battlers, it is one of the most vital aspects for veterans - the High Score Table! The tables are still under construction at this time; however, it is vital to the battledome community. Battlers continue to fight, adjust their set when needed and learn strategies & skills in order to achieve the high score table. Neopians that appear on these tables have shown extreme dedication and power against each specific challenger. Since the tables are still down in the BetaDome, it will be interesting to see how they appear with the new battling system.

Whether you are looking to be a well known battler, increase your wealth or simply enjoy some fun battles, the new Battledome has plenty to offer! The final advantage battling has that I want to mention is simple - It allows you to become a seasoned Neopian! It may not seem like an importance now, but I constantly see users wishing they participated more in previous battles. Whether they wanted to build their battling score, increase their battling opponents, obtain avatars/trophies, etc., it is unfortunate to think back and say "I wish I did this..." Avoid being one of those users and prepare yourself today for all the wonderful aspects the new Battledome has to offer to Neopians!

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