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The Pointy Hat

by kate_d


You've seen it all over Neopia. You see it on Order members (generally on their heads), you see it in neoboard titles, you even see it on neopets ever since the prize shop. But what is that thing and why is it there

So where does that mysterious pointy hat come from? It's red (generally, I mean we are the Order of the RED Erisim), it's pointy, and... ummm, it's a hat. All of the order members can go by the term pointy hat. There are even (gasp) undercover pointy hats everywhere. The pointy hat wearers just won a skirmish for the first time, so you should be in fashion and get a pointy hat.

Traditional Pointy Hats

So the pointy hat isn't totally new. Neopia's had wizards and witches and various miscellaneous magical whatevers for a while. If you like to be traditional with your Neopian style, you can choose an older pointy hat. The good thing about these pointy hats is that there are pointy hats of all (well, nearly all) shapes and sizes, and for (nearly) all budgets.

Some great any-species pointy hats are:

Fabulous Paper Cone Hat (Estimated 400 NP)

It's pointy!!!! It's paper!!!! It's shaped like... a cone... which is pointy.

This pointy hat is a way for you to have every single one of your pets showing loyalty to the Order for... less than 2,000 NP!!!

Eerie Gnome Hat (Estimated 750 NP)

Easy for any budget, and a nice red color for the Order of the Red Erisim. This simple pointy hat is a must for any Order member's closet.

Sorcerers Skirmish Fire Wizard Hat (Estimated 24,000 NP)

With this stylish fiery hat, you can boldly show where your loyalties lie. The hat may also be useful in battle due to the flames sprouting off the top. Just take care not to light yourself on fire.

Edna Costume Hat (Estimated 30,000 NP)

Not too bad on cost, and this hat is perfect for the order. It will complete any witch outfit, and even has some magical tentacles sprouting off the side.

Conundrum Wizard Hat (Estimated 10,000,000 NP)

Well, yes, at 10 million, it's a bit pricey. But for those who can afford it, this traditional wizard hat is a perfect way to complete a wizard outfit. It's very pointy, and is speckled with golden stars.

For some people, species tailored clothing is in. There are many pointy hats available for many different neopets. While generally more costly, they are (so I think) also generally more stylish. However, these are harder to find.

Xweetok Wizard Hat (Estimated 99,000 NP)

A stylish gold and azure hat, it is certainly very wizardly. If you buy it, you will also receive a free load of authority.

Poogle Wizard Hat (Estimated 600,000 NP)

This VERY stylish, in fashion hat has sold out quickly. It is now a very rare find, getting rarer by the minute. It's fashionable, cute, and mysterious, all in one.

Lenny Wizard Hat (Estimated 6,500 NP)

If you have a Lenny, you need this hat! It is the epitome of wizardliness. It's like the Conundrum Wizard Hat, but red (to show order support) AND about 1/1000 of the price. If that's not a deal, then I'm a larnikin.

Kiko Wizard Hat (Estimated 30,000 NP)

It's pretty, it's blue, and it has shiny ribbons on it. Is there really more needed to say?

Aisha Wizard Hat and Wig (Estimated 7,000 NP)

It's a hat! No, it's a wig! Wait, it's a hatwig! This cute hat looks nice on your Aisha while giving them some nice hair. It's a nice price for anyone, and its fairly common. For Aisha owners, this hat is a must.

The Newest, Cool, Technologically Advanced, Ultra Pointy Hat!!!

The Hat

This is the hat you've started to see all around Neopia. It's not too cheap, you'll have to use up some savings to get it, but it's epic. It's red, purple... and red. It's the very hat the best sorcerer in Neopia wears (fine, it's just a copy, but it's a very good one) Ladies and gentlemen... the Bewitching Sorcerers Bonnet.

The Bonnet was a prize in the prize shop for the War of the Obelisk. It was priced a 25,000 prize points. Now the neopoint price has settled at about 84,000.

While many Neopians own this hat, few are selling, choosing instead to adorn their pet with it. It is used to declare loyalty to the order (a siggy, neoHTML, an avatar, and a custom lookup aren't enough).It is also a way to show your fandom of Rasala the Bright. She is the leader of the Order, the one who pushed for them to claim the obelisk. The Bonnet is actually a cloned version of her hat (giant clone spells are wonderful).

Hat Features

The Bonnet comes with several very useful features. It has a wide brim, which is very useful in case of a sudden rain shower. It also has an extra-pointy-curved-crooked tip which... makes it look cool. The hat has a hatband, made out of a simple red cloth. The hatband was specially designed to be useful for holding wands.

The hat also has several hidden features. Inside the hat, there is a lining of tinfoil for extra protection. Tucked in the hatband, there is a magically expanding book of spells for emergency use. The hat has a magical tracking device so Rasala can keep track of all (or most) of her troops on the battlefield.

Hat Battle Benefits

In battle, every once in awhile, your spells fail. Every great (or not-so-great) mage has experienced this. But when this happens, you need a back up plan. You can't go running around like a scared snowbunny, you have to get calm and find a solution. Most mages look to the physical benefits of wands and staffs. While not as good as swords, axes, and... socks; staffs and wands are magically charmed to be hard to break. However, when they break, you might need a backup.

The Bonnet (or any pointy hat) has a great feature....

It has a pointy end. :o No way!!!!

In battle, when all is lost, the pointy hat will save you. That is why the Order can also be called the pointy hats. Hit them with the pointy end, and you will have created the necessary distraction needed to find a wand/axe/sock to continue the fight.

The pointy hat is a fashion accessory, a title, and a weapon. How could you do without one?

"Now you too can set the wizard fashion trend with this extra-crooked hat!"

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