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Five Reasons to Respect the Water Faerie

by sky_lady


Now that the Daily Faerie Quests are over you, dear reader, might be sad that you didn't get the Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) that you wanted so much... But there is a faerie that is much sadder than you: our sweet Water Faerie. A lot of players hate the Water Faerie because she looks a lot like the Fountain Faerie (in my opinion she looks more classic and cute), but it's actually not her fault that they look alike and she is just looking for help like all the other faeries do. After seeing so many hate on her I decided to write a few reasons for you to see the Water Faerie in a different way. Here they are:

1. The Name. Did you ever wonder if the faeries had names? Or perhaps did you just think the Water Faerie was called Water Faerie? Well, let me tell you something: all the faeries have names! And some of them have more beautiful names than the others. Our kind Water Faerie is actually called Nereid. Isn't that such an amazing name? Also, her name has a meaning and it is related to greek mythology, more specifically related to the sea creatures. It all makes sense when you think she is the WATER Faerie: her name is related to the symbol she represents. I bet you were not expecting this! And not trying to compare Nereid with the Fountain Faerie, but when you think about her name, which is Naia, there isn't much you can see about it. Although, it is a short name with a nice sounding, that's just it, there is nothing more I can tell you.

2. Defense Boost. There are a lot of things you can do around the site, but some people like to battle and train their pets – this is where the Water Faerie comes in. Nereid must be really generous or maybe she is just trying to help your pet defending himself because when you help her she will reward your pet, not only 1, but TWO defense points. She could have given your pet only 1 defense point but as you can see she really is a nice faerie. Also, Nereid is trying to show you that there are other stats and not only hit points and strength. It's not all about the strength, defense is also important so your pet doesn't take much damage in the Battledome. Besides Nereid there is only another faerie who gives your pet defense points and she is the Battle Faerie. The amount of defense points she gives is random, though. She is not as generous with the defense points as the Water Faerie and she might only give you 1 defense point (defense points vary from 1-2). But this article isn't related to the Battle Faerie nor the Battledome so I'm not going to write much about it, but keep in mind that training defense is also crucial for more winning battles.

3. Cheap Quests. Who doesn't like a cheap quest once in a while? I do! ^_^ And so Nereid seems to like. Besides that, she isn't a lot picky with her quests, do you know why I'm saying this? Well it's just because she is always looking for books and books only. Usually the books she asks for are not very expensive. I have been getting a lot of Water Faerie quests lately and Nereid asks for books worth around 1,000 Neopoints. So why would people be so mean about her? I understand she might not be the faerie you were looking for, but it is always worth to do the Water Faerie quests! You can think about the other faerie quests and it is way different with the Air Faerie (Psellia is her name): sometimes she asks for grooming items worth around 20,000 Neopoints and she will only reward you with two agility points, which are almost useless at the Battledome. I am not saying you should hate Psellia instead!! But you should try to find some space in your heart for Nereid, as she is so kind helping your pet and she will not let you go broke with insanely expensive quests.

4. The Pet Value. I can see why the Fountain Faerie would make some people sad and some other people happy. Lets face it: it's pretty nice to get a Fountain Faerie quest and paint a pet or use it as a custom to trade for your dream pet, but for people who can't get that quest it doesn't seem that nice, specially if someone is trying to trade a pet for a long while. After the event of daily faerie quests there will be a lot of FFQ for trade, which will make trading pets a lot harder. People trading FFQ are usually picky with which pet they want, leaving the hard to trade part for everyone else. Obviously the Water Faerie can't grant you the possibility to paint your pet with an incredible color but she also doesn't cause this massive trading and consequently decrease of pet values.

5. Do you need any other reason?! She is the Water Faerie! Actually I thought you wouldn't be reading this article until here, because I'm pretty much convinced with the first reason myself :P Alright, if you need one more reason to admire the Water Faerie, here is the last one: she is the wisest faerie among all the others. (You thought that I was going to start with the sea creatures speech again, didn't you? Even though, it means a lot to people who really adore the sea, I'm actually going to write a little more about Nereid herself). Why do you think she asks for books? It's obvious, right? The Water Faerie doesn't make you go look for books because she has nothing better to do. Actually Nereid is an excellent reader and she is always trying to improve her knowledge, so it's really important for her that you find her books quickly.

There are probably other reasons for Nereid, the Water Faerie, to be respected but I think these five reasons will be enough to make you think about her in kind way, differently than you have been doing until now. Next time she shows up, smile at her instead of getting upset, you will make Nereid happy and perhaps that might lead you to other faerie quests from random faeries. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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