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Quests Board Etiquette

by faith502


With the recent daily faerie quests event and the growing popularity of the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, the Quests board has been increasingly crowded. The kind Neopians on the Quests board are more than willing to help you on your quest. We have all been there: our Shop Wizard or Super Shop Wizard is not working and we want to finish the quest quickly so we can get on with other things. The following are five etiquette tips to keep in mind while posting on the Quests board.

1. Make sure you type the name of the requested item correctly.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough! If you do not type the name of an item correctly, the people on the Quests board are going to have a difficult time helping you. The best idea would be to copy and paste the name of the item when the faerie appears and gives you the quest. If you do not get it then, you can go visit the Faerie Quests page in Faerieland. Once there, your faerie would be more than happy to tell you what item she requested – and how slowly you are getting it for her! Then you can hop on over to the Quests board and paste the name of the item without worrying that you spelled it correctly. Some of those names can be pretty long!

2. Say "Please" and "Thank you."

You can say them in advance or you can wait until after you have been helped, but just because we cannot see people face to face does not mean that we do not need to use manners. If you are in a hurry to get your item and leave, or do not think you will post after they do, just post something along the lines of, "Please and thank you in advance for your help" in your initial post. In fact, the person helping you may be more likely to see it if you post then instead of after they help you anyways. Saying "please" and "thank you" in the initial post will also keep your board from being bumped to the top of the forum after you have been helped. However, do not let that keep you from being polite if you think there is any chance the person might see it!

3. Do not bump your board asking for help.

For those of us who give quest help, the easiest way to see who has been helped and who has not been helped is to see which boards have zero replies and which ones do not. If you bump your board, we may assume you have been helped and you may not receive help for a while. One of the only exceptions to this guideline would be if you have been helped and the item was sold out of the store. Often if we see that there are four or five posts, we might check to make sure everything is alright. The only other exception to this guideline is when your board falls off the first page of board listings. If you do not bump it then, it may never be spotted.

4. If you create your own board, do not post in a help board (right away, at least).

Sometimes the people who are running the help boards are also responding to the individual boards that you create. If you create your own board and then post in the help board of another person, it can be upsetting to both the person helping and the other people needing help. However, if you have not been helped within ten or fifteen minutes on your board or it has fallen off the first page of posts, feel free to post in a help board. The main problem is people who create their own boards, get a reply, and then post in another board without realizing they have already received help. Especially during times of higher traffic, this can create a real problem. Please, just be patient and choose to either create your own topic or post in a help board.

5. Please, please, please do not get angry at the helper! We did not price the items, we just searched for them!

Too many times, I have seen people whine that the price is too high, begging the helping to search again. Unfortunately, there is not much the person helping can do about it. A lot of us have the Super Shop Wizard, so we really are finding the lowest price in the user shops. Posting comments like, "Is that really the cheapest you can find?" when it is only about 3,000-10,000 NP can be taken very offensively. As a side note, though, some of the items the fire faerie asks for are very expensive, ranging from 40,000-60,000 NP each. All of us would agree that you can complain about these. But complaining about the Rose Scented Soap that the air faerie asked for that costs 3,000 NP is mostly just annoying, especially when you consider that 3,000 NP is less expensive than any of the Codestones, especially the more expensive ones like the Lu Codestone or Eo Codestone. When complaining about the prices, make sure that you are complaining about the prices of the items and not the help. Try not to have an accusing tone. Something like, "Oi! Looks like I will not be completing that quest!" or "Wow, the fire faerie has expensive taste!" instead of "Are you sure that is the lowest you could find?" will make sure the blame is in the proper place and no feelings are hurt.

Faerie quests are really great because they are a great way to train your pet without breaking your bank, but the inconvenience of not being able to use the Shop Wizard or Super Shop Wizard can make most of us stressed. Sometimes etiquette is one of the last things on our minds, but it is important that we remember to be polite to each other, especially those that are helping us on our quests.

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