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10 Alternative Ways To Support Your AC Team

by marzipan


With the 8th Altador Cup fast approaching, all of Neopia becomes ecstatic for this annual event. It's hard to believe that in the first year of the AC, we didn't even know how to throw a slushie.

*insert nostalgic eye roll here*

In an ideal world, all of us would spend our summers furiously playing Yooyuball in order to score as many points as possible for our teams. However, Yooyuball is going to take up a lot of energy, and while a good night's sleep usually replenishes that energy, it's still rather taxing to play it constantly.

In taking a break from Yooyuball, there are plenty of great alternatives to support your team during this year's and future Altador Cups, none of which expect any skill at handling a Yooyu.

10. Wear your team colours

Very simple, very easy; go out there and get some items that represent your team. More often than not, you'll already have some team gear by signing up to a team in the AC. Sporting your team colours shows solidarity, because even if you can't spare the time do anything else, it shows that you're at least there in spirit.

9. Play some side games

We've been provided with three side games for many of the past years: Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown, all of each are relatively easy to play (especially when compared with the physical exertion Yooyuball requires), and will give your team some much needed team points.

8. Know your strengths

This links into to playing some side games; when a new day begins, a match will be assigned to a new team. Knowing what your opposing team is least good at means that you can secure an easy win in one of the games your team is good at, or you can put all your effort into opposing them in a side game where both teams are evenly matched.

Also, note that Moltarans are weak to water, the Terror Mountain team doesn't do well in bright sunlight, and the Mystery Island team gets distracted by tropical fruit.

7. Go to the matches

Because your team players need your support! Imagine playing to a crowd of 100 people in a stadium that seats 10,000. Not good. Going to your team's matches will help beef up the number of the crowd, boost morale, and also give you a good day out with some valuable memories.

Watch out for spilt slushies, though. :(

6. Participate in the NC events

If you have the extra cash, why not help support the AC this way? The money from the NC tickets doesn't just pay for the prizes you win from the event, it also goes to maintaining the AC Cup in general, such as paying for staff salaries, medical fees for Jelly Chias, slushie ingredients and Kikoughela Syrup.

For example, you know the Pink Kyrii at the prize shop every year? His toga is subsidised by the money paid during NC events.

5. Send gifts/ letters of encouragement your team players

Cheering at the matches is all very well, but how about some personal encouragement from a fan? No flower/ letter/ Yooyuball glove goes ignored from a dedicated fan, as the team players will definitely receive all your gifts. (guaranteed by the Altador Cup Association)

Please note: team players are busy playing the matches! They're Neopets too, albeit ones with extreme dexterity and substance, and they only have so much time in the day to do things. Therefore, replying to dozens of fan letters might possible in light of all that training that needs to be done. Rest assured that they won't let you down and will be training hard every day.

4. Visit your team thread on the AC board

There is also a thread on the AC board every year for every team, and visiting this board will allow you to see what your fellow team supporters are doing, and therefore what your team is best/ lacking in. Filling the gap for your team in one of the side games can determine a win or lose.

Visiting these boards also whips up collective pride for your team, and more often than not spurs you on to play a few more games as a result. It makes hours of mundane and tedious game play more bearable, as you know for sure that you're not alone in this tedium.

3. Go sightseeing in Altador

This is a really understated way of supporting, not just your team, but the entire AC cup. Altador spends a lot of revenue each year hosting this fabulous event, and almost all of it is made back from tourist activity, such shopping for souvenirs, going on one of the tour rides at the harbour, or visiting an Orange Yurble at the Hall of Heroes.

The last one doesn't sound like it'll give much profit to Altador, but you do need to pay a fee before going into the Hall. Best watch where you hands are going, though. Don't leave dirty fingerprints over those clean and well-polished statues.

2. Volunteer to help clean up after the event

The Altador Cup is huge event, with all lands from far flung corners of our globe joining in (and also lands not even on our globe, that's how big this event is). There's plenty of flyers, ticker tape and hot dog cartons left at the arena, not to mention the amount of rubbish and refuse inconsiderate sightseers leave behind. So all this is going to require some serious clean up, and more often than not the paid staff aren't enough to handle the sheer mass of rubbish - that's where volunteers come in.

Of course, being a volunteer, you're not going to get paid, but at least you get a hand shake with King Altador as a recognition for your efforts.

1. Shout "HALALALU" at the top of your voice

Because what more does a team need apart from a war cry to spur it on during a tough match?!

Method recommended by: Techo Fanatic.


Ultimately, Yooyuball is the main way of supporting your team, as it earns them the most team points in your matches. However, these 10 alternatives are sure ways to get your strong sentiments about your team across, even if you can spend hours throwing a Yooyu around until your fingers fall off.

Good luck in this year's AC Cup too all!

(But especially Haunted Woods)

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