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A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Excitement

by hydro_thunder001


Special thanks for queenofxtreme for the question mark icon total help and liopus777 for the ability help!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Like in my last article, all of the results that are from this article explaining how rare of you land on them and other information about the effects from the icons are only from MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. They are all explained by estimated guesses and history from me spinning the wheel multiple times to prepare to create this article. So to sum it up, all of your opinions may very.

Hello again! You might have heard of the Wheels, right? Of course you have. And do you remember all of the Wheels? Well, it varies. There are a few Wheels hiding all around Neopia, and they are in very random locations. In my last article, we have discussed the story behind the Wheel of Misfortune and what the icons mean on the Wheel. For this article, we are discussing the Wheel of Excitement in sunny Faerieland! And from last time, we will be discussing what the Neopedia article says about this wheel and then what you can win (and lose) about this Wheel.

What We Know From The Neopedia Article

Before we go in-depth with the Wheel itself, he must learn what the Neopedia can give us about it. The article begins:

"Step right up and give the Wheel of Excitement a spin! Round and round it goes... Where it stops, only the Faeries know."

This means that "only the Faeries know" where the Wheel will land? Well... no. It means that you may never know wherever you'll land. And if you get to Faerieland, it says to remember to bring 500 NP and a fake lucky rabbit's foot* to win or lose NP or items! There are also spoilers of events that happen on the Wheel, which will be discussed later in this article. Oh, and also the person who operates the Wheel is a Light Faerie!

*No, this isn't required to spin the Wheel of Excitement. Just 500 NP will do.

What You Can Get From The Wheel

There are a few things I wanna to talk about the Wheel that are from the Neopedia article I forgot to mention. The wheel is cost 500 NP to spin, it takes two hours to spin it again. So, I'll get wave a magic wand, and make an image of the wheel appear! Here we go... *waves the magic wand*

Great! It worked! Now we can go on with discussing the 16 icons that are on the Wheel. Instead of going to discuss each icon one by one however, we are going to discuss the icons in different categories, since some icons are kind of easy to guess what they are...

Icon Category #1: NP Spaces

Icons in this category: The question mark icon, and all the icons with numbers with them

Win or lose: Win NP

How often you will land on these spaces: Between Common and Very Rare (Depending on what you land on)

Highest amount of NP to win: 101-20,000 NP (also an avatar; see "About the icons" for this icon category)

Description: If you landed on any of these spaces, congrats! You have won NP on whatever space you have landed on.

About the icons: The question mark space earns a NP total that is under 500 NP, and is probably the most common space to land on. The spaces with numbers describe how much NP you win, in the range of 400 to 20,000 NP (and the avatar if you land on the 20,000 space for your first time), if you get lucky enough, that is!

Icon Category #2: Items

Icons in this category: The pink potion icon and the Pant Devil icon

Win or lose: Win items and lose items in Inventory

How often you will land in these spaces: Uncommon (but both are very close to being Rare)

Highest worth of an item earned on the pink potion space: Possibly hundreds of thousands of NP (Due to Morphing Potions being handed out landing on this space)

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: The pink potion icons can give you a item that is related to potions. It can either be healing potions and elixirs, and if you are really lucky, you can get morphing potions! The Pant Devil space gets an item stolen from your inventory. If there are no items, this space does nothing.

Item Category #3: Health-related

Icons in this category: The blue potion icon, lightning bolt icon, "THE SKULL!!!" icon and the Lava Ghoul icon

Win or lose: Win or lose hit points

How often you will land on these spaces: Uncommon

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: The blue potion icon can heal all of your pets of missing hit points. But the lighting bolt and Lava Ghoul spaces make your pet's hit point amount go down, and the skull makes your active pet come down with a disease**. That's where Healing Springs comes in! :)

**The disease as of right now (in the development of this article) is Chickaroo.

Icon Category #4: Miscellaneous

Icons in this category: The Light Faerie icon, the Dark Faerie icon, and the icon with the small lock on it.

Win or lose: Level up or level down abilities (See "About the icons" in this icon category)

How often you will land on these spaces: Uncommon

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: Since the Light Faerie and Dark Faerie icons would level up (or down) pet abilities that were used in the old Battledome, (Whenever the fading bottle faeries were the actual bottled faeries) it cannot effect the new abilities (Lens Flare, Static Cling, etc.) in which they cannot level up/down. Oh, and that mystery one? We don't know what happens. Trust us. What really happens is-*dragged away by Meepits*

Anyways, thanks for reading this article, and I hope everyone is aiming for a goal on this Wheel, like your first time landing on the 20,000 space and getting the avatar! ;)

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