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4 Goals to Stop Putting Off – and Start TODAY!

by saiphami


Let's face it – we all have goals that we've put off in favor of playing another game of Hasee Bounce or chatting with a friend on the Neoboards. Years go by and you're no closer to that avatar because you... haven't started. Why? What's holding you back? The only way to achieve any of your goals is to actually try for them. But where to begin? Here's four things you've probably been putting off that you should start today:

1. The Kadoatery Avatar

If this avatar seems daunting to you, you're not alone. The pretty pastels and adorable Kadoatie face makes it a popular goal among avatar collectors, not to mention the fact that it's a representation of true commitment and achievement. The fact that you have to feed a whopping 75 Kadoaties to earn it can seem too time-consuming and expensive. Which, of course, it can be.

However, if you start trying to get in a feed or two per day, it won't seem as hard. This is a great goal to stretch out because it can get quite frustrating, so if you break it up into smaller chunks the pressure will be lessened. Focus on getting your first feed in (the first one's always the hardest, I promise). If you're worried about the expense, set a budget of how many NP you are willing to spend per feed.

Personally, I found the easiest way to attack this goal was to stay up a little later occasionally and get a few feeds in at night when there were less people on the site. Regardless, if you try to get one or two Kads fed per day, it will become easier over time and you'll gradually chip away at that 75 mark. Who knows, you could even have some fun!

2. Trophy Collecting

This can be a much loftier goal, varying from person to person. Some people may only want to get a few specific trophies on their user lookup, while others may want to have as many as possible. No matter what your particular "goal" is, if you want to start trophy collecting – it's time to start now.

If you start practicing a few games that you'd like to get trophies for, constant repetition will improve your scores dramatically over time. Even if it's not close to the monthly reset, there is no harm in trying your hand at a few trophies. Some of the more unpopular trophies or games (especially ones that require shockwave) may have low scores that you can beat easily enough to earn a bronze or better. At the least, you'll be prepared when the reset occurs to try and get a high score in the first night. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start bulking up your trophy cabinet!

3. Training Your Neopet

Having a strong battle pet may not be a priority for you at all; you may not have ever thought about it in the slightest. However, training your Neopet should be a priority, and it's a goal that you should start working towards now, for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost, it is obvious that battle can break out unexpectedly in Neopia. Unhappy with your score in the Obelisk War? If you start training your pet today, you might be better prepared for the next war, whenever that is. Secondly, the sooner your pet gets bulked up, the sooner you'll be ready to tackle that hardy Space Faerie for the avatar! Ultimately, training your Neopet can be the gateway to other goals, such as Defenders of Neopia trophies when they become available again, or other avatars. Furthermore, if you are looking to break into the UC world and achieve that dream pet of yours, it's only getting harder and harder. Having a really strong battle pet can be key when trying to trade for your dream, and the quicker you can get to the high stats, the better. While training can be costly, it is a worthwhile goal to start working on – today.

4. Saving Up for That Too-High Goal

Most of us have that item that we long for beyond reason. We stare at it, only to sigh and think of how expensive it is. It's beyond reach. The price climbs by the minute, it seems. Perhaps it's a retired plot prize, or an old TCG code item, or maybe a strong weapon from years past. No matter how expensive it is, there is always some way to achieve it – hard work. With the prices of such items only getting steeper and steeper, it is time to start saving now. If you don't even know a price for the item, ask around on the boards to try and get a quote. After this, it is time to get saving – a combination of investments, Key Quest, Habitarium, games, and restocking can be the best bet to help push you closer and closer to your goal.

I know for me, I have been dreaming of owning a Marafin (an old war prize) for years, and I've always thought it to be too expensive to ever actually achieve. And to be honest, it probably is. Still, if I had started working towards it years ago, I would probably be a lot closer than I am today. A few months ago I made the commitment to give saving for it a legitimate shot. While I am probably years away from ever being able to think about having enough to purchase it, the only way to actually achieve anything is to try.

While there are many goals one could aspire to achieve, these four are some of the most common I have found that people put off. Working towards these goals can feel incredibly rewarding, as you are finally putting the time into those achievements you have wanted for so long. Yes, many of them are time consuming, but that makes them easy goals to accomplish little by little. Starting is the first step in making them manageable.

So today, I implore you to work towards your goals. Stop dreaming; start achieving! So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

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