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The Moltaran Strike on Terror Mountain

by sammcason




"Welcome to the Evening Neopian News. I am your host, Aife Featherly. Today's news report begins with a startling story."

"It seems SRH888, leader of the magma forces in Moltara, will no longer stand for living in subterranean style. On Monday night, while most good Neopians were fast asleep in their beds, he ordered an immediate, well-planned strike on Astereas, the Snow Queen of Terror Mountain."

"Queen Astereas's Head Sorceress, Sammathi, immediately swung into action, leading the counteroffensive against SRH888's troops. She called upon the forces of the clouds, wind, rain and ice in an attempt to drive the fierce flames and heat back underground. She was unable to force a full Moltaran retreat, instead holding them off at the base of the mountain. It is unclear how long she can keep the Moltaran forces at bay. She called upon the snow faerie, Talia, to assist her in her efforts. Talia brings to the position many years of experience with the weather, conditions, terrain and magic of Terror Mountain. Talia and Sammathi were still holding the line at the time of this report."

"It is unclear at this time whether the Moltaran forces have struck from below the mountain or just in the fields around it. We are standing by to bring you further information as it is confirmed."

"Terror Mountain Officials stated Tuesday morning that the attack was entirely unprovoked and unexpected. They further stated that their residents are very peaceful, fun-loving creatures who would never dream of instigating any sort of confrontation with the Moltaran people."

"Queen Astereas released a prepared statement Tuesday evening saying, 'We are surprised and saddened by the events taking place in our kingdom. We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our citizens and to pursue a peaceful resolution to this volatile situation. We hope to get to the bottom of any problems we are directly responsible for in regards to the Moltaran people and assist them in any way we can.'"

"SRH888 released a statement Tuesday immediately after Queen Astereas's saying, 'The residents of Moltara are tired of the oppression. We want to grow plants in gardens and enjoy the sun on our faces! We want fresh water! We want a better way of life! I am here to shake up the above-grounders and draw attention to the Moltaran peoples' plight! We will be heard! We will survive! WE WILL THRIVE!'"

"Queen Astereas came to power on Terror Mountain one year ago. She is reported to be a fair but firm leader and a strict enforcer of the new laws that govern Terror Mountain. Residents say she rose to the challenge of ruling the kingdom with bravery, loyalty and kindness. She is revered by her subjects and does not take advantage of her position."

"Sources report the feud between Terror Mountain and Moltara has been brewing longer than Queen Astereas has been on the throne. The Moltarans often stirred the lava below Terror Mountain in attempts to force an opening which would allow them to feel the cool winds in their too-hot cavern."

"It appears we have our field reporter, Hinged Hickaby, coming to you live from Terror Mountain, Hinged, what can you tell us?"

"Well, Aife, I can tell you it's a war zone out here. Snowballs and fireballs alike are flying. I see magma Tonu in full armor and Bruce likewise prepared! The Bruce appear to be firing frozen fish from ice cannons, while the Tonu appear to have magma blasters spewing!"

"Hinged, are you safe where you are?"

"As safe as one can be in the middle of the action, Aife!"

"Hinged, is there any possibility of a cease fire?"

"It doesn't appear so here on the battlefield, Aife, but I hear there may be a breakthrough in the Queen's Palace."

"Thank you, Hinged. We now take you live to Prime Minister Henley, our liaison at the Queen's Palace. Prime Minister Henley?"

"Yes, Aife?"

"How are you today?"

"Things are not well here, I'm afraid, though we are hopeful."

"What can you tell us, Prime Minister?"

"Minutes ago, a delegation from Moltara brought word that Moltara is willing to come to the table for peace talks. They have some demands that will be addressed shortly by Queen Astereas."

"And do you foresee an end to the battle, Prime Minister?"

"We are very hopeful and look forward to working with the Moltaran Delegation toward a peaceful solution. I must go now."

"Thank you for speaking with us, Prime Minister!"

"Now, coming to you live from Moltara, Lothyra Bowman. Lothyra, how are you this evening?"

"As well as I can be, Aife."

"And what can you tell us, Lothyra?"

"Well, Aife, I can tell you that tension is at an all time high right now. The Moltaran people are tired of the heat and darkness and are aching for the day they can walk in the sun and enjoy cool breezes."

"Lothyra, how is SRH888 taking the news that Queen Astereas has accepted his offer for peace talks?"

"He is grimly determined, Aife. He has seen his poor people suffer for so long, he just wants them to have some enjoyment and freedom in life."

"Thank you, Lothyra."

"SRH888 also came to power around one year ago. He easily won over the Moltaran people with his promise to champion their cause and defend them against further tyranny. His predecessor was an evil Darigan minion. The Moltaran people welcomed him with open arms. He is said to be tenacious and withstands all opposition, along with providing a fair and just rule."

"It will be interesting to see if a peaceful solution can be reached in this long running conflict."

"In related news, the price of slushies has increased as the warehouse was razed in the first wave of Moltaran attacks. Scratchcards, neggs and brucicle futures are down as those factories are expected to fall next if the Moltarans push past Talia and Sammathi and the peace talks fail."

"I'm your host, Aife Featherly, signing off. Until next time, Neopia, remember follow your heart but use your head!"

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