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What's In YOUR Inventory, And Why?

by indulgences


What's in YOUR inventory, and why? Do you keep your inventory empty at all times? Do you keep your inventory full of junk items, to avoid getting your valuable items blasted into sludge? Or do you not care at all?

In case you're wondering, I'm the type who keeps 20 Mysterious Orchids in my inventory. They're so pretty! I guess I fall into the category of "keep lots of pretty things in your inventory so that your eyes are happy every time you check your inventory." Haha!

I wandered over to the Help Neoboard and asked my fellow users what they kept in their inventory. I was expecting a small variety of answers, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got swamped with 84 replies!

One user keeps his inventory empty because he's a restocker and he needs his inventory to be clear of items so that he can quickly snap up items in Neopia's various shops. As a former restocker, I totally understand. There have been several times where I had a full inventory and missed buying a rare and valuable item because my inventory was already too full.

Most people, however, had inventories full of the prizes they get from dailies. I'm a little neurotic about the prizes I get from dailies -- the junk gets discarded right away, and the rest go straight into my shop to sell. Most people are more relaxed about the prizes they get from dailies, though, sometimes having 4 or 5 days' worth of dailies prizes in their inventories!

By contrast, there are also lot of people are SDB hoarders. They do their dailies, move everything to their Safety Deposit Boxes, and end up with 9000 items in their SDBs. Insane! I can't wait until they decide to sell their SDB items. They'll probably accumulate millions and millions of Neopoints!

I have to admit, I get panicked when an expensive item ends up in my inventory, either from dailies or from contests. I send it straight to my shop or SDB or put it in trades right away. I don't want to run the risk of having a Random Event turn my items into sludge, or get eaten, or simply get stolen.

I was also thrilled to host a Kadoatie overfeeder on my thread! I admire people who've fed thousands and thousands of Kadoaties, and the person I spoke to admitted that his inventory is always full of Kadoatie foods!

One charming user admitted that she always keeps a single toy in her inventory to play with her pets, because the Neolodge doesn't improve your pet's mood. That's a great policy! From now on, I'm going to keep a toy in my inventory too. My pets are always in the Neolodge, but their moods do take a nosedive sometimes. It'll be super convenient to have a toy already available in my inventory. It's interesting that people care about the happiness level of their pets! I thought that people only cared about species and paint brush color, so I'm glad I was wrong. Please play with your pets, everyone! They deserve your love and care!

One hardcore Battledomer posted that she keeps five Essence of Everlasting Apples in her inventory. That's a good idea as well -- I keep mine in my SDB but it's a little inconvenient to have to move them out of my SDB and into my inventory all the time. From now on I'll have six in my inventory at all times!

One honest user admitted that she keeps nothing in her inventory. Nothing. According to her, she is in constant fear of the Pant Devil. I feel the same way! That's why I only keep items worth less than 1000 Neopoints in my inventory. This same user also admitted that she gets nervous having a Paint Brush in her inventory just for the three clicks it takes to get to the Rainbow Pool. Again, I feel the same way! I've never had a Paint Brush in my inventory for more than five pages' worth of clicking!

One user posted his exact strategy when it comes to his inventory and SDB. He doesn't put anything in his SDB unless it's r101, r180, Advent/GMC/site event prizes, investments, or maps and Codestones. Everything else gets sold or donated straight to the Money Tree. Can you tell by his system that he's been a Neopets user for almost 13 years? Awesome!

I keep site event prizes in my SDB, too, waiting for them to inflate in price. Map pieces and Codestones I sell right away, though. Especially now, in light of the upcoming plot, when Codestone prices are through the roof. My favorite part of the new Battledome is the Codestones I get from the Koi Warrior. Thanks, TNT, for giving out Codestones from the Battledome! It is your best idea ever! Being rewarded with training fodder (Codestones) by fighting Battledome opponents is genius!

For those of you who are SDB hoarders, emptying out my SDB last year was super fun! Don't be daunted or afraid! I sold all my limited-edition wearables (from plots and site events) for 3 million Neopoints, and other items like Petpets for another couple of million. Like someone cured of hoarding, I like to rifle through my SDB and inventory and revel in the emptiness! (Except for those fabulous Mysterious Orchids, haha. You can never have too many of those!)

The most popular answer on my thread was "Omelettes and Codestones." I had to laugh! I used to be overrun by Omelettes when I first started playing Neopets. I collected them, sold them, and put them in my galleries! Now I simply donate them, because I can't be bothered to price my shop for a 10 Neopoint item. Codestones were another addiction of mine too. I kept them out in my inventory to train with, collected them in my SDB, and sold the few extras I had. Now, because of the war, I sell them all right away!

In conclusion, our inventories are full of items that reflect our personalities and goals on this site! Having expected a tiny number of users to reply, the 84 replies I got were eye-opening posts that made me smile, nod, and laugh in agreement!

Enjoy this website, my fellow Neopians! May your inventories be always full of interesting items, or clear of clutter, of as you prefer!

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