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What Is Your Weirdest Neopets Quirk?

by indulgences


What is your weirdest Neopets quirk? I know you have one! Maybe even several!

Mine is watching people feed Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Not feeding the Kadoaties myself, but watching other people feed them! I fed my 75 Kads for the avatar a long time ago, and now I just love watching other people get the avatar. ;)

My second weirdest quirk is refreshing the Avatar Neoboard to revel in the joy of people getting new and rare avatars. Whenever I'm feeling down, clapping for the hard work and good luck of my fellow Neopians really lifts my spirits. My favorite thing to cheer for is when people are lent pricey avatar items worth millions and millions of Neopoints for free. Thank you, lenders!

So what is YOUR weirdest Neopets quirk? I thought the subject would make a great topic of discussion on the Help Neoboard, so off I went to create a new thread!

Some users admitted that their quirk is that they don't share the same values as the majority of their Neopets brethren. One user admitted that she doesn't really care about the looks of pets, or even whether they're converted or unconverted -- all she cares about are the pet's names. Quite unique, don't you think? Another user declared that converted Kacheeks were the best pets to own. A converted pet you could get at any time from the Create-A-Pet page? Valuable? To her, they are!

One user was so relatable to me that I laughed out loud. She claimed that whenever she talks to someone, she has to check their lookup and pets. Always. And the petpages. Even galleries aren't safe. "I feel like a total stalker." I doubled over laughing, because I totally do the same thing!

Another user admitted that she will lurk the NC Mall Neoboard even though she doesn't have any gift boxes to trade with. She just loves being jealous of people with large NC Albums! I have to agree -- poring over peoples' NC Albums is hugely entertaining and I'm always amazed by people who have hundreds and hundreds of NC items!

The Pound Neoboard can be fun too! Watching people pick the new owners of their up-for-adoption pets is always so entertaining! I don't have the time to write lengthy applications for my dream pets, but it sure is fun to watch other people try! There are some massively creative people on this website and I literally salivate when I come across an application that has amazing coding and imaginative plans and stories, not to mention spectacular artwork.

One user admitted that he has imaginary conversations with his pets. I have to admit, when I first joined the website, I used to do the same!

Another quirk that people seemed to share was being Rapid Refreshers. This is a personal term I made up that describes those people who attack a competition page with rapid-fire refreshing in hopes of catching the newest update to the page. For instance, refreshing the Lenny Conundrum page over and over again in hopes of reading the puzzle and submitting the right answer very quickly. Or refreshing the Storytelling page, or even the New Features page!

Bank etiquette was a popular topic of discussion on my thread. Some people were so neurotic that they couldn't go to bed until they'd emptied all of their Neopoints on hand into the Bank. Others had to have a certain allotment of Neopoints in the Bank, such as increments of 10k. Others had to have a certain allotment of Neopoints on hand, such as increments of 5k, and then deposit everything else in the Bank.

Habitarium was another popular topic on my thread. One user, when putting her Petpetpets in their houses for the night, had to have them organized by nester, worker, and soldier. I find that to be extraordinarily cute! I love Habitarium and I love it when other users enjoy the game as well!

As for Key Quest, one user claimed that when finishing a game of Key Quest, she doesn't click "unlock my prize" but instead leaves the page and goes to Key Quest again... then goes to "vault" and then "unlock my prize." She's been doing that for years, and has no plans to change her quirk! There's no rhyme or reason to our minds, sometimes!

The funniest reply I got on my thread was from one user who said that "my weirdest quirk on neo is that I don't have one....?" Well said! The Neopets website is a cauldron of people's quirkiness and weirdness. Individuality is a prized asset on this site and I truly admire everyone for being so different and yet so friendly and cooperative towards each other! The weirdest quirk to have on Neo is indeed the absence of any quirks!

A new question popped up in my mind while chatting on my thread: What do you all think is quirky about your fellow Neopians? And the overwhelming response was: SIGGIES! NeoSignatures, to be precise! There's nothing more unique than the text and pictures that Neopians choose as their siggies! The quaint little messages and pictures tell a lot about users' characters, as well as making other people giggle and chuckle and agree. Some are witty, others have neat little pictures (like cats and dogs) made out of keyboard characters, and still others are full of spunk and attitude. I love them all!

Another realization that cropped up was that each user considered his or herself to be the member of a particular Neoboard. One user claimed he was an ACer (Avatar Chat) though he visits other Neoboards on a regular basis as well. Another user claimed she was an HCer (Help Chat) even though she rarely posts... She basically just lurks the HC. Everyone seems to identify with a certain Neoboard, even when they don't actually chat! What a fun quirk!

In conclusion, being quirky is a terrific character trait that everyone should be proud of having! No one is exactly the same as any other, and that's what makes us all so special. I'm glad and honored to be surrounded by so many unique, amazing and creative minds on this site when I log in every day!

Kudos, my fellow Neopians, and may your quirkiness last!

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