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Ripples Of The Past

by lux_aeterna1234


Wistfully, the faerie Pteri opened her eyes.

      The weather was beautiful. Sunlight filtered through the clouds; rays of warm gold that lit up the small clearing.

      The cherry blossom trees were in their full glory, and their petals drifted around, carried by the invisible breeze. Likewise, the flowers were similarly in their prime. Delicate pink, yellow, orange and white blooms filled the entirety of the Pteri's vision. But not all of them were open. Some were half-closed, seemingly caught in the act. Others were damaged; some minor, others horribly so.

      Slowly, the pet began to get to her feet. She was a petite creature, her beautifully patterned wings and tail dwarfing the rest of her body.

      Her name was Kan. Or at least, that was what she called herself.

      In a movement of undeniable grace, she hopped off the ground and took flight, basking in the soothing warmth of the sunlight. Just as soon, she descended from the ground, serenely landing on the grassy field.

      She repeated the dance several times, each cycle even more soulful than the last. With a final flourish, she twirled into the sky.

      And began to sing.

      As if bidden by her voice, small buds flowers on the ground below began to shiver, before rapidly growing and opening. Wilted ones followed suit, along with flowers that had been reduced to plucked stems, until the entire field was in full-bloom.

      Her melody subsided as she surveyed the flora. With a final hum, she closed her beak and concluded the song.


      Ripples of water formed at the surface of the water; caused by the gentle footsteps of the Kyrii walking across it.

      Her watery form shone in the sun; her brightly translucent wings especially causing a beautiful refraction in the gentle light. Likewise, her long black hair flowed with such grace that it seemed to be as much water as the rest that comprised her body.

      Mizuhami was her name. She was a spirit of water, bound to a spacious pond in the high-off mountains of Shenkuu. A fact that she rather often despaired at.

      With a twirl, she raised her misty staff over her head. Bursts of water began to rise from all points in the pond; a magical spectacle that she herself bared witness to.

      To her, using her power was exhilarating. Being able to bend nature to her will, to control it. That rush wasn't enough to nullify the price of her containment, but it helped her receive some joy in her paradise of a prison.

      The Kyrii was so absorbed in her ritual, that the sound of light clapping startled even her. In a flash, the dancing water began to disperse; falling back into the pond in an unceremonious splash.

      Glancing around, she saw her, sitting under some of the blue and pink trees that surrounded the area: A faerie Pteri; with beautiful flowers wrapped around her neck sat at the northwest edge of the water, smiling gently.

      Noticing the spirit's surprise, she began to cheerfully laugh. "Ah, it seems I have disrupted your performance. My sincerest apologies."

      Mizuhami began to smile herself, her initial shock replaced by curiosity and excitement at the prospect of a new acquaintance. "Who are you?"

      The stranger sighed. "You don't remember me, Hama? Such a shame. I'm Kan? Don't you remember?"

      The Kyrii's expression was blank. "Hama?"

      "I meant you, of course... Ahhhh, I see. Oh dear. Did your conversion into a spirit jumble your memories?"

      "My... conversion?"

      The Pteri winked. "Exactly as I said. You used to be a villager by the name of Hama. Mmm, I'd say it happened about.... three-hundred and twenty years ago?"

      The spirit inched forward on the water, desperation beginning to creep into her. "You know of my past?"

      "Why of course! I wouldn't be able to think of why you would be so desperate about it, but..."

      The pet held a colourful wing to her face. "Ah, that's right. Your memories have been fragmented. My, I can be rather silly at times."

      In a whimsical flourish, the Pteri flapped her wings, taking off into the sky. "Hmm, but I suppose that's enough for this visit. Well, then, goodbye, Hama."

      The water pet shook off her shock and yelled. "Wait! Come back!"

      But the faerie pet was long gone, and far out of hearing range. Leaving behind the very confused spirit to her sudden myriad of thoughts.


      The Pteri smiled as she drifted through the blue sky. She closed her eyes, stopping her wings mid-flight.

      As she began to plummet, she began to hear them. Voices. Memories.

      "We're the same, aren't we?"

      Her expression was blank.

      "I'll do it. Otherwise... otherwise, someone else in the village will have to. Kan, go back and tell them."

      The faerie pet furiously shook her head. She denied it.

      "I'm sure things will be fine after it happens. I'll still be me. More or less, anyway."

      In an instant, the Pteri's eyes opened. She glided on an upward gust, soaring back to the sky from her fall.

      Her form was miniscule in the open expanse of empty space. A colourful dot, reminiscing about the past.

      A tiny dot, that was almost immortal.



      The Kyrii was so lost in thought, that she jumped at the sudden voice, almost sinking and dispersing into the pond. She turned around, gazing at the mutant Acara that seemed to be smirking at the entrance to her abode.

      "This is the second time in a month I've managed to catch you off-guard like this." He crossed his arms. "I must say, I rather like this change."

      Silence passed between the two pets, before the spirit suddenly burst out laughing. "What are you doing here?"

      The Acara by the name of Lazcus shrugged. "I saw it fit to visit you. Is it truly so surprising that I can willfully come up here without receiving one of your letters?"

      "Yes, it is."

      He grunted. "Well, think of this as payment for pushing me in the right direction. I somewhat loathe to admit it, but... it's thanks to you that me and my father have begun meeting each other again. I'm..." The Acara sighed, before forcing out the word. "Grateful, I suppose."

      A mischievous, but genuinely happy smile lit up the Kyrii's face. "I see."

      The mutant pet coughed. "Now then, what happened?"


      "I know you well enough that when I manage to catch you off-guard, it's because you're either fantasizing about the effort I have to go through to meet you, or something is troubling you. And right now, I'm fairly certain that it's the latter."

      The spirit turned around. "It's inconsequential."

      The Acara's tone was deadpan. "Really?"

      She bobbed her head in a nod.

      The mutant pet cast a troubled glance at the Kyrii, the flames composing his face burning even more. "I don't believe you. But knowing you, there's no way you're going to tell me unless you want to. So I'll leave the subject alone, for now."

      The spirit was silent.

      The Acara turned around, beginning to leave. "But Mizu, I suggest you make that time soon."

      He walked out, going down the stone steps that led out to her home. The Kyrii clenched a rippling fist.

      From beneath the large wooden bridge in the left side of the vale, a tiny faerie hegelob swam out to the middle of the pond. A jiggybug held on tight to his horn, seemingly resting.

      The spirit gently stroked the petpet along his back with a finger, inciting a small, happy squeal. The sight normally cheered the Kyrii up, but it only seemed to enhance her sorrow.

      She held her face in her arms. "Shin, why can't I remember?"

      The hegelob shook it's fins in confusion.

      "... Of course you don't know. You can't understand something as complicated as this."

      The Kyrii looked up at the sky.

      Who was that Pteri? How does she know me?

      The spirit closed her eyes and frowned.

      Who am... I?

The End

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