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Toy Shop

by kworldy


It was just a typical day for the green male Shoyru as he bustled around Neopia Central, looking for new trinkets to fill his home. His name was Martin, and he had his sights set on collecting the most unique items that he could find. His home was filled with rare, unique items that were hard to find in the shops of Neopia. He worked most of his adult life to find this luxury items, and he kept them in perfect condition. No one was allowed to touch his precious items and if they did, they would never be allowed back into his home again.

      Nothing around Neopia Central was catching his eye, so he headed towards the Bazaar in order to scour the other shops. Defense magic was sure to have something interesting today! Martin entered the shop and started his search for items. The Golden Grarrl shield was a new item he hadn't come across. He picked it up and noticed how heavy it was and almost dropped it!

      "Hey, be careful with that! If you break it, you buy it!" the shopkeeper yelled.

      But it's a shield! Surely dropping it a few feet wouldn't damage it badly. A shield is supposed to take stronger hits than a measly drop on the ground. Martin realized that such a flimsy shield would not be something he would want on display in his home. He was known for having the best! The shield may not be flimsy, but he would rather not take his chances on such an expensive item. He put the shield back and moved on.

      Most of the other items were not unique or luxurious to his eyes. Many items he already acquired through previous trips to the shop. Martin left the shop displeased with the turnout and headed towards Battle Magic.

      "Hopefully they have something of value in there; otherwise I will be thoroughly disappointed."

      Before he reached the entrance, he was knocked down by a small force. A young Blumaroo to be exact.

      "I'm so sorry, sir, I didn't see you there! I was just on my way to the Toy shop and I didn't watch where I was going!"

      "Well, get on with you. I have things to do."

      The young Blumaroo hurried along and out of the Shoyru's sight. Martin wanted nothing to do with kids. All they did was destroy perfectly good items without any care in the world. Reckless hooligans they were, and he didn't care for that.

      He looked over at the Toy Shop, and for some reason he felt particularly drawn towards the little shop. It was partially hidden with the trees near the edge of the bazaar. He wasn't the type of Shoyru to play with silly old plushies and key rings. Instead he liked the comfort of rare gems, stones, battle armor, and unique magic items. The kind of stuff one did not 'play' with.

      Inside the toy shop were few neopets searching the shelves for a toy of their liking. Parents were helping the shorter ones with the high up toys. Some were chatting with other parents as their kids played with the toys littered around the shop. The same young Blumaroo from before was running around with a Meridell toy plane held high in the air, whizzing right by Martin's face. He didn't seem to notice Martin this time. He just kept flying his plane as Martin grumbled about kids and their rude tendencies.

      "Well, hello there, sir. What can I help you with today?"

      She was a nice looking Lupe with long red hair and unique outfit that caught the eye of Martin. What a gorgeous outfit he wished he could have saved in a display case back in his home. She had a green pencil curled into her hair just below her ear. She pulled it out and grabbed a clip board off the counter behind her.

      "Did you come to pick up an order perhaps? The Blue Grarrl Puzzle? Or the Red Wocky Kite?"

      "Um, no I'm just here to, uh, look around," Martin groaned in response.

      "Well, ok, just let me know if you have any questions."

      The Lupe shop owner walked back behind her counter and Martin turned towards the less occupied area of the store: The Bath Buddy section. Martin liked taking showers over baths. He hadn't taken a bath since he was a little boy.

      He let his eyes scan over the objects until he landed upon one that caught his attention surprisingly. It was a purple Koi Bath Buddy. The eyes were glossy and the smile was playful and welcoming. For some reason this particular item was one that Martin couldn't leave alone. He picked it up and noticed how soft the material felt against his skin. He gazed into the eyes of the bath buddy. There was something about this toy that he couldn't place.

      And then it hit him. He had a Koi Bath Buddy when he was younger! But this couldn't be the one he had before. That one was tattered and torn. This one was just like new! The eyes glistened the same way his did, and the smile was slightly crooked just like the smiled on the one he had. He flipped it over and looked under the right fin and there it was! The initials MS: Martin Stow. His initials he wrote in the messy handwriting of a little boy. But how could this be? It's in perfect condition!

      "Sir, are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

      It was the young Blumaroo again. But this time he wasn't running around with the plane in the air. He was standing next to Martin with a look of concern.

      "I'm quite alright thank you. I just – I just remembered something important, that's all." And for the first time in a long time, Martin smiled a genuine smile. It was a child's smile. One of joy, happiness, and youth.

      "That's a cool Bath Buddy. Are you going to get it for someone?" the Blumaroo asked.

      "I, uh..." Martin couldn't say anything. He wanted the bath buddy he lost long ago, but he knew it was not something he needed. Another child could make it theirs.

      "Yes, I'm getting it for someone."

      Martin walked up to the counter and paid the Lupe the amount on the price tag and walked out. But his hands were empty! Where was he holding the Koi Bath Buddy!

      The young Blumaroo went to the counter to ask if he could put his toy plane on reserve until his mother came, but was surprised to hear that the older Shoyru had paid for his plane and requested the Koi Bath Buddy to be given to the youngster. The boy was so excited that he ran out of the shop in search of the Shoyru to thank him, but he couldn't see him anywhere. He hugged his new toys and walked home in delight.

      Martin smiled from behind one of the giant trees and headed back towards his home in order to redecorate his home of unique items, and to see what he really needed in his life: Luxury items or the joy of old ones?

The End

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