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10 Reasons Why 20 Pets Should Be Enough!

by kissamus



Hello! I'm Lia and this time I'm here to help you in pet management.

It takes money, time and dedication to take care of any Neopet and my objective in this article is to make you aware of future problems you may come upon while having a lot of them.

So the rules are that the maximum number of Neopets one can have is twenty, four in each of the five accounts allowed. With the exception that you can have one more in your main account if you're a Premium user.

Now on with the article!

One of the major goals in Neopets is to have our dream Neopet, of course.

And nowadays with pet trading and Draik/Krawk morphing potions less expensive, people are begging to fill up their accounts with their long time wishes. Yaaay!

With that being said, it's not easy being the caretaker of up to twenty personalities with their own likes, dislikes and possible tantrums.

Oh, what's that? It should be easy you say? Well, here are ten reasons why it isn't! haha.

1. Utilities and/or Neolodge bill.

Food, clothing, codestones or dubloons, medicine, books and gourmet food! Holy Bruce! At the end of the month all of it added and multiplied by twenty should fry your budget unless you're a millionaire. And don't forget vacation time at the Neolodge... Nooo! Cockroach Towers doesn't count as vacation!

2. Twenty pet lookups and twenty petpages are hard to upkeep!

Every pet deserves their own personalized pet lookup and petpage for two reasons: the first one is to feel good and proud of themselves and to show off a little of their enhanced beauty and the other for visitors to drool at. In my opinion, their pet lookup or petpage should give us an insight into their identity. Upon stumbling into a Neopet pet lookup or petpage the visitor should be wowed.

Now imagine working on and updating (!) twenty pet lookups and twenty petpages... Not an easy task.

3. Difficulty in combining twenty different pets with twenty different Petpets...

We all LOVE how many Petpets there are in Neopia. We all LOVE to combine them with that dream Neopet we just got. And mostly, we all HATE the time it takes to get that PERFECT combination of either color or personality or simply because we love to see the two of them together. Surely we can take our time and wait, think it through, ask neofriends... But we are restless! We need to do that as soon as possible to show them off! Now to make things harder on ourselves we must go through that process twenty times. And as we are finally done...

4. Difficulty in combining twenty different Petpets with twenty different Petpetpets.

Now we have to find a matching Petpetpet that goes perfectly with the Petpet and the Neopet! And here we go again with arduous task! Now we have to add a third element to the previous two we took so long to finalize! And multiply that by twenty (again)!

5. Twenty different personalities are hard to memorize...

Visualize having to remember twenty birthdays, twenty different allergies, twenty favorite toys and foods. Not to mention twenty dos and don'ts for each pet... In some cases it'll be ok if you get confused, but it's not ok if it's to an UC MSP Poogle with a bad temper.

6. Thinking of twenty different personalities for each of them...

All Neopets are unique in their own way and we love it so. They can be simple and calm, eager to please or they might just want to be left alone. In any case, they must have an identity and those don't create themselves. They need to be crafted and sometimes it's not easy to match the two of them together.

7. The cost of customization!

Ok, so now we have our perfect Neopet with Petpet and Petpetpet, matching Pet lookup and Petpage and custom personality. Are we done? Nooo... We need to dress them up according to their personality and spend some neopoints, or neocash in doing so. Nowadays there's so many wearable's its crazy! Backgrounds, trinkets and clothes make a Neopet, that is certain, but in some cases that's an arduous task. In our quest for that unique and perfect look these accessories are fundamental. In some cases, you may find dozens of them that match your Neopet identity some of them cheap and some of them a bit pricy. Either way it's hard work!

8. Keep Neopets that may want to eat each other distant!

You already know that Chias and Lupes at the same account: not okay. And keep battle dome pets distant as well, as fighting personalities may be hard to manage in the same space. Other example is, for instance, Grey and Baby pets. On one side you have maximum energy pets who'll cry and throw a hissy fit (especially if they are one) if their needs are not met and on the other side you have Neopets who crave peaceful hours. So managing different personalities and combining into accounts them can be tricky.

9. A 20+ bedroom Neohome isn't cheap!

The title says it! Neopets need their own space or they'll go berserk on you.

10. Activities upkeep.

Sure enough you need to spend time with them! Now imagine going out with twenty Neopets at once. For instance, if you're planning on a night out at Kelp, you should take turns at taking all your Neopets or you risk coming back home with less Neopets than when you left. Not to mention the cost of the meal itself.


Hopefully you got to understand how frustrating it can be to take care, manage and keep twenty pets happy, active and customized. Don't forget about that before you go and adopt another one into the household. Being the caretaker of a Neopets is serious work and more you have, the more you need to put into them. To finalize, Neopets need to be loved and it makes no sense to have them and to just keep them there unattended.

See you next time and thanks for reading! ~kissamus

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