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April Fools Top Tricks

by fantasyeyesuk


Pranks, jokes, and hoaxes are everywhere in Neopia on April 1st. You may even have been on the receiving end of a few tricks in previous years yourself. Whether you're a first-time trickster seeking revenge on friends who have fooled you, or whether you participate in April Fools every year, I have some recommendations to make your April Fools the most mischievous one of them all!

Note: Please be mindful and think about who you play tricks on. I'm sure Jhudora wouldn't be pleased if you switched her toothpaste for dung...

Baby Fireball in a Box

From: The Toy Shop

Scare your friends out of their wits with this nifty toy! It's cheap for those on an April Fools budget, costing just 30 neopoints! Place it beside your *ahem* victim's bed in the morning, wind it up... and wait for the fun to begin. ;) There are many other 'boxed' toys you can use to scare your friends. Examples of others include: Hissi in a Box, Niptor in a Box, and Snowager in a Box.

Book of Fake Scratchcards

From: The Book Shop

Know a Neopian who enjoys testing their luck from time to time? Use these fake scratchcards to play a rather nasty trick on them. This book is rather expensive (unless you happen to see a rare copy of it in the book shop)... but no doubt worth it for the perfect April Fools trick. You can also buy individual fake scratchcards at the Gift Shop. You'll go down in April Fools history!

Creepy Wind-Up Meepit

From: The Toy Shop

This little critter will make anyone jump out of their skin. Wind it up and send it off in the direction of the person you want to scare. Great results for only 200 neopoints! And perfect for an annoying little sister who has been pestering you all week. It's probably best not to use this on those who are in league with the Meepits.

Fake Nail

From: Crackers

A classic April Fools trick, Fake Nails have become something of a rarity in Neopia nowadays. Rumour has it that you can get them from pulling crackers, but there appears to be a slim chance. If you can get hold of one, an Elderly Neopet might appreciate the joke a little more than the rest of us. Ahh, nostalgia.

Fake Shoyru Gum Shocker

From: The Toy Shop

Gum, anyone? This is another classic trick, and incredibly cheap, too! Neopians have been using this one for years, but the reaction from the tricked one still never fails to amuse. Go get yourself one and offer gum to as many people as you can find!

Court Jester Jokes

From: The Book Shop

Fancy a more laid-back day, or just tired from the madness that is April Fools? Gather your friends and share jokes from this hilarious little book. Authored by the Court Jester himself (the only person who can put a smile on King Skarl's face), it's sure to have you and your friends in fits of giggles.

Practical Jokes

From: The Book Shop

If you're new to April Fools, get your hands on this book and start learning! It catalogues all of the best practical jokes that you can play on your friends. Who knows, you may even become the clown amongst your friends all year round! This book comes with a warning: watch the squeezer when you pass it to a friend! ... Or not, if you prefer. ;)

Fake Barf

From: The Toy Shop

Yuck! You may have to find a way to recreate the odour, unless you're painted Swamp Gas, but this fake barf will shock all of your friends. This is another cheap suggestion for those of you with a slightly empty wallet – it's only around 20 neopoints.

Chilli Chia Hot Sauce

From: The Food Shop

Hot sauce... I wonder what we could do with that? Slip it into the evening meal, or someone's cup of tea, perhaps? This one is guaranteed to cause an eye-watering reaction. It's regularly stocked at the Food Shop and is very affordable.

So, you have some great items at hand, and perhaps you've played a few jokes on others. But maybe you want to improve, so you can come up with your own tricks next year. There are a couple of famous jokesters in Neopia worth mentioning. Xenia, the Master Prankster, and the Chia Clown.

Xenia is a witch who often flies around on her broom, looking for people to play tricks on, but her base is thought to be at the Haunted Woods. If you can find her, she'd probably be able to offer you some great tips (after she had played a joke on you, of course). It may be easier to find her on April Fools day itself, as it's her favourite holiday.

The Chia Clown is easier to locate – he's been a frequent visitor to the Battledome ever since the theme park in the Haunted Woods closed down. His fighting technique, of course, involves trickery. If you can defeat him in battle, perhaps he'll share some of his secrets with you.

But you don't have to talk to the experts! Just get out there and have fun. Play jokes on your friends, and invite them to be in on your jokes – practice is important! Test your joke-telling skills on Skarl (you'll know you're a master when you can make him laugh... or perhaps just crack a smile). Pay a visit to a jester and study them carefully. Ask them for advice and learn to your heart's content.

A word of warning, though. Light-hearted trickery can easily become something more... sinister. If you take it too far, you may end up doing something you regret. We can all learn from Kanrik, who deceived Hannah, tricking her for his own gain. Fortunately, Kanrik realized he had taken things too far. Hopefully, you Neopians out there will enjoy April Fools for what it is – a fun-filled day that everybody can laugh about.

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