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Easiest Species to Zap with the Lab Ray

by blessed_faerie


You hemmed and hawed over whether or not to zap your favorite pet. You were hoping for a cool lab ray-only color like chocolate, snot, or robot. On the first zap, your pet changed species. You run to the Trading Post and the Auction House, only to find out that the morphing potion to get your pet back to normal costs hundreds of thousands of neopoints. Does this story sound familiar? We've all been there.

This article will show you the seven Neopets species that are the least expensive to morph. If you can learn to love one of these species, it will save you tons of neopoints in the long run. This short guide will also help you if you feel like one of your Neopets needs a change. It can be boring to keep your Neopets the same species and color forever. Maybe your Acara doesn't want to be an Acara anymore! Your Neopet will instantly (and painlessly) change species and color after drinking the proper morphing potion.

The morphing potions in this article are arranged from the lowest priced to the highest priced. All prices current as of the Month of Awakening, Y15.


Ogrin morphing potions are by far the cheapest morphing potions on the market. Basic Ogrin morphing potions (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue) can be purchased for less than 3,000 neopoints with the help of the Shop Wizard. Ogrins have been released in some awesome colors like chocolate, elderly, eventide, and wraith. Ogrins' long legs and big mohawk make customization a lot of fun. They look especially cute in long dresses! If your Neopet has a devilish streak, Ogrins have a great "Rebellious Ogrin" wearable set that can be purchased with neopoints.


Kyrii have the most easily recognizable morphing potion on the market because of the long mane that comes out of the cork. That mane makes Kyrii super fun to dress up. The least expensive Kyrii morphing potion, Green, can be had for only 5,000 neopoints. Kyrii look especially nice in water, Halloween, Maraquan, and zombie. Kyrii also have some amazing fantasy-themed wearable sets, including the "Kyrii Guru" and "Kyrii Mage" clothes. There are many famous Kyrii in Neopia for your newly morphed Neopet to look up to, including Capara, Kyruggi, Jacques the Swift, and the Island Mystic.


Moehogs are one of the least popular species in Neopia, along with Ogrins. They are definitely underrated, though, because they come in some cool colors! 8-bit, robot, and transparent are my favorite Moehog colors. Take a peek at them at the Rainbow Pool and I'm sure you'll like them too. The Red Moehog Morphing Potion is the cheapest at about 6,500 neopoints in user shops. Moehogs have some really unique neopoint wearable sets, including a "Moehog Bowling" set and a "Moehog Poet" set. They also have lovely personalities and are musically talented Neopets. Have you seen Moehawk, the all-Moehog band?


You can have a lovely underwater Neopet to customize for only 10,000 neopoints by purchasing an Orange Koi Morphing Potion. Koi are Limited Edition Neopets, meaning they cannot normally be created from the "Create a Pet" page. That makes this morphing potion an even better value! Koi come in many great colors like woodland, mutant, and spotted. They also have great gypsy-themed neopoint wearable sets for both male and female Koi. Koi are outgoing pets and make great leaders--King Kelpbeard, the leader of Maraqua, is a Koi.


Did you know that Kougras are the 3rd most popular species in all of Neopia? Their playful and adventurous personality makes them very popular pets. Lucky for you, they are very cheap to morph and the least expensive Kougra morphing potion happens to be a non-basic color: Orange. Orange is an especially great color for Kougras, who look like big cats. If you decide to zap your Kougra at the lab ray, you can wish for nice colors like maractite, eventide, 8-bit, and chocolate. An Orange Kougra Morphing Potion will cost you 15,000 neopoints. Kougras have some of the best-looking wearable sets if you have some neopoints to spare. The standouts include the "Gothic Kougra", "Green Kougra", and "Winter Ranger Kougra" sets. The species-specific wigs available to Kougras are especially beautiful.


Unis are one of the top ten most popular species on Neopets, even though they are known for being a bit vain. Unis are available in all the most beautiful colors in Neopia, like water, eventide, woodland, and desert. Halloween Unis (also known as "Nightsteeds") are a favorite among most Neopians. Unis also have some of the best wearable sets, including the "Dark Uni", "Elegant Uni", and "Studded Leather Uni" clothing sets. The Green Uni Morphing Potion is the least expensive at 18,000 neopoints. There's even a popular acronym on the Neoboards for using one of these potions on a pet: GUPing ("Green Uni Potion"-ing.)


Thanks to the new Mysterious Negg Cave daily game, the price of Red Poogle Morphing Potions has dropped from more than one million neopoints each to only 20,000 neopoints each. Because they are a Limited Edition Neopet, Poogles cannot be created from the "Create a Pet" page. Poogles are a favorite to lab because they have a special color only for them: MSP. MSP Poogles are evil and creepy--in a good way! Halloween and Robot Poogles are also great to zap for, since they come with paint brush clothing that will stay in your closet even if your Neopet changes color. Poogles also have some great wearable sets that can be purchased with neopoints, like the "Winter Poogle" and "Poogle Witch Doctor" sets.

If you want to zap one of your Neopets with the lab ray in hopes of a special color, try one of these seven species. They're easy and inexpensive to morph back if your lab gives you a species change. All of the morphing potions listed above can be found with the help of the Shop Wizard, so you don't need to wait for an offer on a trade to be accepted or for an auction to finish. Now you can lab your pet without worrying about your budget.

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