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8 Tastiest Chias

by trubiekatie


One of the most memorable species in Neopia, Chias have existed since the beginning years. Cute and huggable, they have been a great pet to many Neopians for years. Unlike other pets, Chias can be painted in a wide range of fruit flavours. From peach, pear to the classic asparagus, Chias have always been the outstanding fruit pet.

Many would agree (including those Lupes!) that Chias are, um, delicious. To celebrate this Chia Day, I'm counting down the 8 tastiest Chias in Neopia. Note: I am not by any means suggesting eating an ACTUAL Chia! I'm sure the Petpet Protection League would overstep their normal duties to ensure no pet cruelty.

8. Box of Chocolate Chias

Description: Packed full with lots of little chocolate Chias for you to enjoy.

Cost: 10,000 NP

Nothing is more classic than this box of chocolates. Great for having celebrations and parties at your Neohome or even as a gift. They taste just sweet enough that they aren't overpowering so you could quite easily eat the entire box before you realize that they're all gone! They don't rank high on the list because the box design is quite bland, as are the cookies. But, they do need a mention because the taste is great for such a little cookie!

7. Purple Chia Muffin

Description: This muffin is only available if you have a Purple Chia rare item code from Limited Too!

Cost: N/A

I will admit: I don't particularly like the look of this muffin. It's one of the biggest reasons it's so low on the list. That said, the muffin is a bit more colourful and flavourful than the Box of Chocolate Chias. The taste of this Chia food item is delicious and quite healthy! This is a great way to start any day as a breakfast. The little cherry on top is just the added sweetness and fresh taste you need when you have this muffin.

6. Chocolate Chia Waffles

Description: Add some chocolate syrup to make this a morning meal you will never forget.

Cost: 75,000 NP

Definitely not as healthy as the Purple Chia Muffin, but these waffles are drool worthy! One can also opt for the pancakes, which I find rather interchangeable. The sugar sweetness can be a bit overpowering for a breakfast, but I personally like the extra whip cream on top. This is paired perfectly with chocolate syrup and is a fantastic Chia eat!

5. Chia Cake

Description: A perfect cake for a wedding, a Chia wedding that is!

Cost: N/A but expensive

It's a Chia within a Chia! Each tier of this delicious cake is even more awesome Chia flavour! Forget weddings, this great cake can be enjoyed at any special occasion, or perhaps on no occasion at all! It's tiers provide almost endless amounts of cake to enjoy. While I can't cite any health benefits, it is truly delicious, with more flavour packed inside. The price of this luxury cake is quite high so make sure you savour it when you get a chance to try this treat!

4. Asparagus Chia Cupcake

Description: A yummy cupcake in the shape of an Asparagus Chia.

Cost: 10,000 NP

Everyone loves the Asparagus Chia and its main uses on the site. I prefer this cupcake form of the Chia. It's an adorable looking cupcake and brings some very unique flavours to such a sweet dish. I love how the cupcake has some actual asparagus sticking from the top. The cupcake is very earthy and is delicious. I like this a special treat when I'm feeling accomplished! Out of all the sweet treats, this has to have some of the best health options with the asparagus vegetable in the batter.

3. Orange Chia Cake

Description: Orange icing, orange flavoured sponge, and lovely orangey bits... mmmmm.

Cost: 20,000 NP

This cake is simply adorable! I think it's very genius that every slice of cake will be cut to the Chia shape. There is an abundance of orange flavour in this cake, from the icing, to the batter and anything decorative. I love this cake because the orange is such a great flavour. It's perfect for any occasion and very affordable compared to the Chia Cake. The face on the cake is the cutest part!

2. Gummy Orange Chia

Description: This gummy Chia candy is orange flavoured

Cost: 1,000 NP

This is a very simple and cheap candy, but it is such a lovable Chia! I think the orange gummy is the cutest out of all the different Chia gummies, plus the orange flavour is delicious. Orange is very classic and in a gummy, it doesn't lose much of its flavour. I ranked it high on the list because it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Chia food items out there. There is nothing that would stop anyone from trying this cute little gummy!

1. Carrot Chia Cupcake

Description: A yummy cupcake in the shape of a Carrot Chia.

Cost: 8,000 NP

The number one on my favourite Chia food items is the adorable Carrot Chia Cupcake! I may have been a bit biased choosing it: I love carrot cake. That aside, the adorable carrot shaped cupcake is one of the healthiest cupcake choices available, it's very vibrant and it is delicious! The carrot batter is the highlight, but I do love how the cupcake is a bright orange and green. This sort of treat is a great gift to a friend or the best way to end a long day. It's relatively inexpensive to enjoy. It also ranks high because you could even be so generous as to feed your own carrot Chia one of these lovely cupcakes!

There are many more Chia food items you could try, but these are the best of the best. They not only look good, but they are simply delicious. While I don't agree with Lupes that Chias are tasty, Chia related items certainly are! So while you're out and about on Chia Day, why not try one of these delicious treats?

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