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Will you be my Anti-Valentine? A Customization Guide

by coco_bella


Also by plasticrose

With Valentines Day around the corner, it is time to start planning your outfit for the day. But sometimes it is easy to get tired of all the pink, romance and glitter that normally goes with the day. Or perhaps you feel a little bitter because nobody sent us a card this year. The good news is- no matter what your reason is for going against Valentines Day- there is a new trend out there: the Anti-Valentines trend! For the past few years, the NC Mall has released some decidedly anti-romantic wearables- both as buyables and as exclusive prizes for sending an ironically-named 'sweetheart' gram.

So if you are new to Anti-Valentines Day, new to customization, or just love reading up on the top items for creating any look, this guide was made for you. As self-proclaimed customization addicts, we have seen every item out there- and that's why we are here to show you our top 10 items for making a statement on this Anti-Valentines Day.

Anna's Picks:

Antique Locket Charm and Key

Newly released into the NC Mall as an item given by the Disheartening Sweetheart Gram, the Antique Locket Charm and Key is one of my favorite Valentines/ Anti-Valentines Day items released this year. Not only will this item be cheap or easy to acquire as a current buyable, but this item allows your pet to have a handheld that provides them an escape from the usual Valentine bouquets or plushies. Besides- even an Anti-Valentine can't say no to a beautiful new necklace.

Black and Red Promenade Dress

One of the top-used dresses in my closet, the Black and Red Promenade Dress has it all: color, pattern, flair and- most importantly- a bit of a gothic side. Featuring a buckled waistline and a stunning shade of red (with a vividly contrasting shade of black), this dress is one of the more sought-after gothic pieces. Not only can it be easily used for Anti-Valentines Day, but also this dress can find its way into several other looks year-round. Needless to say, this is definitely a piece that is worth the investment.

Gothic Garden Background

One of the darker and more generic pieces that I am spotlighting, the Gothic Garden Background is exactly what its name promises- a very gothic background featuring a dark garden, the moon, and several flying bats. While there are many different gothic and garden backgrounds out there, I suggest this one because it is a very universal piece- similarly to the Black and Red Promenade Dress. What I mean by this is that- for a background- it has the ability to be customized to your choosing. For example, if you add Anti-Valentine (or even Valentine) elements to the environment, this background will be Anti-Valentine in nature; likewise, you can add spooky elements to make it suitable for Halloween. But since this is an article for Anti-Valentines Day, we would strongly encourage you to stick with that look. :)

Lady Blurg Antennae Wig

One of the biggest keys to achieving that perfect look is balance. The Lady Blurg Antennae Wig is one of that items that will help you add balance to an otherwise overly rebellious or gothic look. Although it is a blonde wig, it features a black and red headband that will not only tie into the color scheme easily, but it will also add a whimsical element to your look. In addition, the styling of the hair nicely frames the face of every pet, and adds a delicate and feminine aspect, as well.

Valentine Tree of Lights

My final recommended item is more so a Valentine item than an Anti-Valentine item. However, as mentioned above, balance is required to make every look work; The Valentine Tree of Lights is our other balance piece. While it may be very feminine and Valentine-inspired, this item also has some elements that blend well with gothic pieces- such as the red roses at the base of the tree, and the lights around the tree that switch to a red color with purple glow. This is a perfect balance item that works wonderfully with both Valentine and Anti-Valentine looks.

Sarah's Picks:

Broken Heart Plushie

As somebody who absolutely loves a wearable plushie, this is one of my all-time favourite Anti-Valentines items. Actually, scratch that... it is just one of my favourite Valentines items. Released in 2011 through one of the NC Mall's awesome sweetheart grams, the Broken Heart Plushie just looks so incredibly squishy and soft- and the band-aids are a nice touch. It is also such good value and can be found in many one-cap sales. Seriously, why wouldn't you want it?

Gothic Lace Valentine Capelet

A new item for 2013, this capelet is by far the standout item of the Disheartening Sweetheart Gram. This would go perfectly with any gothic or black dress to make for a dramatic and extremely stylish valentines look. Plus, the hearts are subtle enough to make it suitable for a traditional gothic look any other time of year. The only thing that lets it down slightly is that it cannot be paired with Black Lace-up Dress, which would have been a perfect combination in my eyes! Still, it does look very nice when combined with Gothic Lace Facepaint or Black and Red Promenade Dress.

Lost Valentines Garden Background

This background is absolute perfection for those who are truly Anti-Valentines. It features a more subdued and cold colour palette over the bright red and pink of traditional valentines backgrounds and the roses almost look vicious. The twisting branches and thorns nicely complement the 'broken' motif used here, and there are even broken hearts in the middle of each rose. Not to mention that the anti-cupid looks positively cruel. The message here is clear: love hurts!

Queen of Hearts Dress

A wonderful choice for both Alice in Wonderland fans and anyone with an inner tyrant, this dress channels the infamous Queen of Hearts and is another nice twist on the traditional red hearts and roses valentine theme. It also works very well as an alternative to the Red and Black Promenade dress, if you want something a little different. The glistening heart in the middle is particularly striking, and the flashes of gold add an extra bit of glitz and glamour.

Glass Rose Staff

My last pick is a more traditional choice for a Valentines Day wearable. In case you didn't realise from my other choices and my username, I'm kind of obsessed with roses and this is a really beautiful item. There's a reason it is so popular, after all. As Anna mentioned, balance is important and I think this staff can really pull an outfit together. What makes this staff different is the glass effect and the fact that it's definitely too large to be a gift, which tones down the traditional romance a little. But it's still a great addition to a romantic look if you prefer that to our theme.

So whether you go for all of them, some of them, or maybe just a couple, we promise you will not regret adding these Anti-Valentine items to your closet. We hope you found this article useful, and remember, nothing heals a broken heart like a little retail therapy!

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