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The Faerie Ball

by black_skull725


The Month of Awakening meant that Queen Fyora was keeping an almost perfect batch of roses and violets in her garden. Celandra often stood alongside her, assisting her with all the gardening. The Month of Awakening also meant that Valentine's Day was just around the corner. Of course, that also meant that Queen Fyora was preparing for the Faerie Ball. Decorations for the Ball were starting to hang from various places in the castle and the faeries were busy cleaning the ballroom down to the very last speck of dust.

      Faeries were also preparing for the ball. They were not just preparing the castle for the ball but also themselves. After all, the Faerie Ball would not exist if the faeries did not have a dance partner in mind. Each faerie was to find a Neopet to go with them. The faeries have used various tactics for picking Neopets such as visiting the various locations where pets gathered to play Faerieland games. Some used astrology, letting star alignments point them to the location of their dance partner. Still some would just randomly select the next pet they see. Regardless of how the faeries chose their dance partners, Queen Fyora always insisted that they do their best to participate in tradition of the Faerie Ball. After all, the Queen must also select a dance partner for herself.

      That brings us to right now where Queen Fyora is busy watering her violets only to have a rather shy light faerie approach her.

      "Um... Q-queen Fyora...," the faerie stammered.

      Queen Fyora set down her watering can and turned around to face the light faerie.

      "Hello, Cora. What brings you to see me?" she asked.

      "Uhm... see... uh... about this faerie ball thing coming up... Wait... How do you know my name?" Cora began.

      "You've been helping me out by sorting my Neomail. I know the names of my helpers."

      "Oh uh, alright. See, I really came here to-uh-talk about this Faerie Ball thing. The thing is that I-uh-..." Cora began.

      Queen Fyora put her hand on Cora's shoulder.

      "You seem quite unnerved. Just relax a bit."

      Cora took a deep breath and continued.

      "Yes, this Faerie Ball. See, I can't dance very well let alone find a dance partner, Queen Fyora. I just think I should sit out the Faerie Ball. I'm sure nobody will notice me anyway."

      "I'm sure a poor Neopet out there would notice that you aren't at the Faerie Ball though."

      "No, that poor Neopet would rather find a faerie that can dance."

      "Hmm, she's not going to be easy to convince. Well, I guess I should get to know her a bit better," Queen Fyora thought to herself.

      "Well, Cora, I need a break from gardening. Would you mind taking a stroll with me?"

      "Uh... sure, Queen Fyora."

      "Drop the 'Queen' please. It's just Fyora."

      The two faeries strolled toward a small stream in the garden. Inside that stream swam quite a few Goldy. To the right of them was marvelous marble bridge that lead to a marble gazebo.

      "This place is so beautiful!" Cora exclaimed.

      "Yes indeed. It took a while to rebuild after the fall of Faerieland though. Everything is in order now thanks to many helpful Neopets that assisted us on our quests," Fyora replied.

      "I see."

      "Oh, but this garden will never truly be the way it was. In fact, I almost decided not to replant it."

      "R-really? I couldn't imagine the castle without a garden around it."

      "Oh, yeah. See I didn't think I could start a garden from scratch; I didn't know how. Our ancestors planted this garden many years ago and all I've done is maintain it."

      "Why did you change your mind about not replanting it?"

      "Well, Faerieland just wasn't the same without the garden. It was affecting the faeries around the castle."


      "I feel that the Faerie Ball won't be the same without you."

      "I don't know. I can't dance well so the ball wouldn't be missing anybody."

      "Well, we would be glad to have you but if you really don't want to, I won't make you. Keep in mind though; most of the faeries going won't be picture perfect dancers either. Promise you'll think about it still? "

      "Alright Fyora, I guess I'll think about it."


      "How are those legs feeling, Jex?" Kirk asked.

      "The doctor said I'm not going to be able to hop on either one of them for at least a few weeks. Looks like I'll be rolling my way around for a while. She also said I shouldn't skateboard around the Deserted Fairground anymore as there are too many dangerous objects to land on accidentally. Guess this little Blumaroo learned that lesson the hard way," replied Jex as he mustered a weak smile.

      "I guess the doctor knows best," said Aaron.

      The three friends had known each other since they were baby Neopets. Kirk is a blue Shoyru, Aaron is a green Lupe, and Jex is a Speckled Blumaroo.

      "Guess what?" Aaron said.

      "What now, Aaron?" Kirk responded.

      "The other day, this air faerie named Aria came up to me and asked if I would like to go to the Faerie Ball with her."

      "Oh wow, I would have never guessed that," Kirk said, rolling his eyes.

      Jex's ears drooped.

      "Jex, what's wrong?" Kirk asked.

      "I was so ready to go to the Faerie Ball, but now I can't do any sort of dancing. All I can do is just roll around back and forth and in circles."

      "Aww, I completely forgot man. Sorry," Aaron said.

      "No, it's ok, I'm adjusting to this new routine too. At least I'll be able to hang out with Kirk."

      Kirk stared into the ground.

      "Yeah about that Jex. I'm going to be at the ball too. I was asked yesterday by an earth faerie named Fauntina. Sorry about that man."

      "Well, I guess I'll be at home alone then. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. It's alright you are both going. I'm happy that you both were asked."

      "Well, I guess Aaron and I will go and try out some outfits. Is there anything else you need from us? Need a push back home or can you wheel yourself?"

      "No thanks, I can handle myself."

      "Alright, we'll catch you later, man."

      Jex watched as his friends disappeared down the path to the clothing shop. He couldn't be angry with them. After all, they didn't really mean to leave him behind. Who could turn down a faerie asking them to go with them to the Faerie Ball?


      After thinking for a very long time, Cora decided to look for someone to go with to the Faerie Ball. Queen Fyora's words sank in.

      "As long as I don't completely make a fool of myself, I'll be fine," Cora thought to herself.

      The light faerie decided search the road between Faerieland and Brightvale. The road was fairly new; built soon after Faerieland fell from the sky. Since then, Neopets have steadily started moving in.

      "I wonder if anybody is around here," Cora thought.

      At that moment, Jex was rolling down the path.

      "Whew, this is getting tiring," he thought to himself.

      He reached the foot of a small hill and attempted to roll over it. Cora noticed the speckled Blumaroo struggling a bit and decided to help.

      "Should I help? I'm not sure, what if he gets upset that I'm watching him," Cora thought.

      After thinking some more, Cora decided to see if the Blumaroo needed help and approached him.

      "H-hello. D-do you need some help?" Cora asked.

      "No, I got this," Jex said.

      However, Jex's right hand slipped and he spun around backwards. Cora flew right behind him, caught him, and rotated him back. She then pushed him over the hill.

      "You alright?"

      "Yeah, thanks... uhh..."

      "Oh my name is... uhh... Cora."

      "You're a faerie, what brings you all the way out here?"

      "I was, uhh... looking for someone."

      "Oh, who?"

      "I'm not sure, maybe you could help me."

      "Oh? Nah, I would be more of a burden. I should really just go home. My friends will be back soon. They're out trying outfits to wear to the Faerie Ball."

      "D-did you say Faerie Ball?"

      "Yeah, I wanted to go too but it looks like I'm going to have to wait until next year."

      "Hmm..." Cora stood there and thought for a bit.

      "Uhh... I didn't catch your name."

      "It's Jex. I guess I'll be on my way now?"

      "Wait... uhm... there's something I'd like to ask you before you go Jex." Cora took a deep breath. "Ok, here goes. How would you like to go with me to the Faerie Ball?"

      Jex froze in shock.

      "You're joking, right? I'm in no shape to dance."

      "Neither am I, but I think we can make it work. After all, I just twirled you around."

      "You mean it?"

      "Sure! I think we can make it work!"

      "I guess I should go get an outfit too then."

      "I'll see you on V-Day!"


      Valentine's Day came around. Early in the morning, Queen Fyora rolled into Faerieland on a carriage, taking a back road to avoid being seen with her dance partner. She slowly stepped out of the carriage after surveying the area. Moments later, a Darigan Korbat stepped out, except he had a pair of baby blue faerie wings and was smiling. Celandra stepped out to meet them and escorted the two into the castle.

      Meanwhile, Jex and his friends traveled on foot to Faerieland with Aaron and Kirk taking turns, helping Jex get over the rolling hills between Brightvale and Faerieland. Jex, Aaron, Kirk were all dressed in suits, dress shirts, and ties matching their own color.

      "It's awesome that you were able to come with us after all," Aaron said.

      "Yes, although I'm still a bit worried that we'd make fools out of ourselves."

      "That's nonsense. The faerie obviously believes this will work out. Though I hope she knows what she's doing. The Faerie Queen will be there."

      "The... the faerie queen? Oh no, I completely forgot she would be attending."

      "Come on, you aren't going to turn back just because you're afraid are you?"

      "No, of course not! I'm going to be fine!"

      The group of three arrived in Faerieland, which was now decorated with all the roses and violets that Queen Fyora planted in her garden. Moments later, three faeries swooped down and met their guests.

      Cora gave Jex a smile.

      "You look great, Jex. Welcome to the Faerie Ball and thanks for coming with me. It means a lot to me."

      "Thanks for your invitation Cora."

      Everyone filed into the ballroom in the Faerieland Castle. Music was going. A large disco ball was spinning. All the Neopet-Faerie couples gathered and began to dance. Cora looked at Jex.

      "Let's do this then!"

      Jex and Cora twirled around and began their improvised dance.

      "Look at those two!" Kirk and Aaron both said.

      Suddenly, there was an applause coming from one side of the ballroom and the music stopped. Queen Fyora then stepped onto the dance floor with her guest, who was none other than Lord Da-erm-Faerigan.

      "Bravo! Cora, I'm glad you could make it. You and Jex really make a cute pair. Well, don't mind us, keep on dancing everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!"

      The music started back up and everyone resumed dancing. Cora and Jex smiled at each other. Suddenly, Cora leaned over and embraced Jex.

      "Thanks again Jex for being a great dance partner, but more importantly a great friend."

      "Awwe!" exclaimed the guests.

      "Let's get back to dancing, shall we?" Cora said.

      Jex nodded and the two continued dancing joyously.

The End

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