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10 Items to Impress Jhudora

by trubiekatie


In Faerieland, there's much to do that is fluffy and safe, such as Poogle Racing, visiting the Healing Springs or venturing into the city. But, outside Faerieland's bustling center, up and off to the edge is a wicked place only the crazy go. It's risky and strange, that bluff owned by the dark Faerie Jhudora.

She doesn't seek your help to rebuild Faerieland, unlike other faeries. Instead, she is seeking various items for her own personal goal. What that is, no one knows, but we do know this: Jhudora is a dark faerie who hates Illusen with a passion.

Whenever you need to see Jhudora for a quest, you know she's a tough faerie (unlike that kind Illusen). As one of the dark faeries, Jhudora is known to be mean and sinister to Neopians, especially the ones who fail their quests. To better prepare yourself against this snarky faerie, I have provided an item checklist for you to have to impress Jhudora so she is somewhat kind to you as you complete her quests!

1. Jhudoras Bluff Background

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Jhudoras hangout looks more menacing than it looked up in the sky...

Estimated Cost: 135,000 NP

Nothing says you're not afraid of Jhudora by parading your pet around styled like her bluff! Jhudora will appreciate your tribute to her home, where you go to accept her quests and will be even more overjoyed at the prospect of you displaying your appreciation for this dark faerie to everyone! Besides, this background actually does make her home look less eerie and friendlier!

2. Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus

Item Type: Neocash

Description: Sarah and Daisy look quite happy to see you... This is the bonus for purchasing all 5 Questing Faeries Finest Collection items.

Estimated Cost: 35-40+ caps

Show Jhudora you can handle anything she throws at you when you've tackled handling her pets Sarah and Daisy! You can demonstrate all the tricks you've taught them and imitate this dark faerie's power with your own set of bodyguards! I personally don't recommend trying to feed them or allowing strangers to pet them, because they may just bite with those razor sharp teeth. In fact, you may just be better off leaving them on their leashes at all times… Let's move on.

3. Jhudora Wig

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: If you ever wanted to have hair like the famous Dark faerie, now is your chance!

Estimated Cost: 100,000 NP

Wow! Nothing says "I heart Jhudora" then actually looking like the faerie herself! This sleek and stylish wig is about as close to cloning as you can get. Combine this with the Jhudoras Bluff Background and people may actually mistake you for Jhudora! (Note: I am not endorsing this in any way as a means of getting people to give you her quest items. I don't think Jhudora would appreciate that!)

4. Jhudora: Terms of Service

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Rules so evil even we hope no one finds the key.

Estimated Cost: 2,000 NP

Personally, if you can even open this book, I think Jhudora will be impressed. Coupled with that, you'll actually know how to properly accept and complete one of her requests! Instead of just running to her hastily, she may prefer some style and grace as you give her the item. I will admit the key is a bit hard to find and if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

5. Defaced Portrait of Illusen

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Illusen looks different somehow...

Estimated Cost: 1,000 NP

Take that Illusen! Prove to Jhudora she's the only faerie for you by showing her this. Given the long-standing hatred between the two, Jhudora will surely appreciate Illusen vandalism. It's sure to garner a laugh, or at least a cackle, from the dark faerie herself. I'm not sure who did this (it wasn't me, I swear), but if Illusen finds out, she may not be too impressed. In the short run, at least Jhudora will be content!

6. Jhudora Stained Glass Window

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Who would want Jhudora watching over them all the time? Even if she is just a piece of glass...

Estimated Cost: 1,000 NP

Now you can decorate your Neohome so that Jhudora is a constant reminder! It will serve to inform you to complete a quest and that you support this dark faerie in her causes, whatever they may be. Just be sure that this never breaks or Jhudora may come after you…

7. Jhudora Throne

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Why would a Jhudora fan sit in anything else?

Estimated Cost: 13,000 NP

Be the dark faerie of your neohome as you sit in this glamorous throne! It's only fit for Jhudora herself, so as a fan, you can easily impress her by pretending to act like her! Maybe it's not a hot idea to use the wig, background, window and this throne or people will really start to think you are her. But then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

8. Jhudora T-Shirt

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Your Neopet can express its love for Jhudora with this great t-shirt. One size fits all!

Estimated Cost: 1 NP

Wear this shirt on Jhudora Day proud! Or when you go to complete a quest, don this shirt and show where your support lies. Who needs Illusen when you have a big Jhudora head on the middle of your shirt? If you complete enough requests, you could even get one from Jhudora herself (but, don't go asking her to sign it). Plus, this shirt fits everyone!

9. Evil Jhudora Valentines

Item Type: Neopoint

Description: Angry Valentines are a favourite of Jhudora.

Estimated Cost: 200,000 NP

Jhudora will be impressed that not only did you think of giving your valentines these dark faerie themed candies, but that you were thinking of Jhudora on Valentines Day! They taste great too, so maybe swing by her bluff on Valentines Day and give the dark faerie one of these very sentimental cards!

10. Disembodied Cackling Jhudora

Item Type: Neocash

Description: She always seems to find something funny…

Estimated Cost: 150 NC

I have to give a warning: this will either be a hit or a miss. Jhudora will either love the fact you want her around 24/7 when you travel Neopia, or be severely disturbed that you want to see her headless. If you're feeling brave, try it on for size with the wig, but perhaps if you're feeling a bit safer, try one of the other nine items first.

Well Neopia, I hope this guide has taught you well! The dark faerie can be generous, but only if you catch her on a good day. Hopefully, with these ten items, every day can be a good day, and Jhudora will be thoroughly impressed with your stalk- er, tributes to her. There are plenty of other items Jhudora will like, but just be careful – wouldn't want those bodyguards on you!

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