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Rules & Guidelines for Jhudora Day

by tyuio_k50


Jhudora Day is perhaps the most un appreciated day of the year. It's a day of the year where Jhudora can celebrate herself, I guess. Unfortunately, many Neopians end up being sucked into a vortex created by Jhudora on this day, for not following her Jhudora Day rules. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What can I do to avoid be sucked into a vortex, and what are Jhudora Day rules??" It's very easy; read on!

There are a list of rules you must follow. You see, Jhudora has a Crystal Ball, and she can see you. Yes, when the Pant Devil steals something from you, it's Jhudora, when you lose an auction, it's Jhudora, when you have to pay the Marrow Tax... It's Jhudora. While she's not quite the Darkest Faerie, she is in fact a Dark Faerie, and is to be obeyed. Lucky for you, she doesn't want to take the time to pull as many helpless Neopians into her Meepit filled vortex this year, so she's letting us take a look at her rule book.

Each rule will be listed below, as written by Jhudora, and must be followed. You are to do as you're told, obey, and spread the word. Failing to do so will, of course, result in a vortex. Where the vortex leads to? We don't know, but she surely will open it upon those who disobey. And you're aren't going to disobey, are you?

Be sure to read through these rules, I'm sure most of them are reasonable!

Note from Jhudora:

"Any Purple text you see like this is additional info written by me. Do what I say, act as I tell you, and you may survive. Be sure to put aside the limits of 'Possibility', and get to work!"


General Rules:

1. Bow down before Jhudora. Are you healing a sick Neopet? Are helping lost Neopets get home? Stop, and bow down.

2. Illusen is the enemy. You are to avoid her at all costs, unless you are going to be mean to her . You may:

*Ignore her

*Give her an angry Slorg

*Steal her socks

*Throw cheese at her

*Dress up like her (Mockingly)

You may not:

*Do her quests

*Give her a smile

*Buy her candy (Or any form of gifts, sweets, etc.)

*Ask her to be your Neofriend

*Be nice to her

3. You may not have fun on this day. Having fun will cause you to laugh, and when you laugh Jhudora's ears hurt. You may take this time to serve Jhudora, and nothing else.

4. If Jhudora wants it, and you have it, give it to Jhudora. Jhudora expects all of your valuable possessions to be hers before sundown. Additionally, if she sees something in a shop and wants it, you are obligated to buy it, even if it means you must sell your Neohome or rummage through he rubbish dump for a year.

5. Don't tell Fyora what Jhudora is doing. No, Fyora cannot save you from Jhudora. Obviously, Jhudora is much more powerful than Fyora, and much prettier too.

Other rules:

Here are some other things you should keep in mind. These rules aren't as enforced as the ones above (The vortex won't be as large), but you'd better try to follow them anyway!

1. Only talk about Jhudora on this day, her name is lovely and should be said often.

2. Let your friends know that they must follow Jhudora's rules.

3. Convince Fyora to hand the crown over to Jhudora, she's the real Faerie Queen.

4. Make fun of Illusen's hair.

5. Make fun of Illusen's dress.

6. Make fun of Illusen's house.

7. Do chores for Jhudora when she asks.

8. Make food for Jhudora when she asks; she likes nachos.


Here are some additional guidelines you must follow, you are encouraged to follow these even after Jhudora Day is over:

*Only use a Jhudora avatar

*Only buy Jhudora themed items (Unless Jhudora wants you to buy something else)

*Do lots of quests for Jhudora

*Create a/participate in a Jhudora Guild or Fan Club

*Name your pets after Jhudora

*Tell people Plumpy & Mr Coconut love Jhudora, because they do

*Say Jhudora as often as you can; it's a lovely name

*Ask for Neopets to become to JhudoraPets; it has a better ring to it

Dos & Don'ts:

Do: Quests for Jhudora

Don't: Do quests for Illusen

Do: Model your pets after Jhudora

Don't: Model your pets after Illusen

Do: Be kind to Jhudora

Don't: Be kind to Illusen

Do: Follow all of the rules

Don't: Skip out on rules, a vortex will get you

Do: Tell people Jhudora is better than the Soup Faerie

Don't: Like the Soup Faerie more than Jhudora

Do: Watch silently if your friend is pulled into a vortex

Don't: Tell Fyora that your friend was taken to another dimension

Additional Info

While these are not quite rules, they are hard facts, and al Neopians should acquire this knowledge. Be sure to study these thoroughly.

1. Jhudora is the real Faerie Queen.

2. Jhudora is prettier than all other Faeries.

3. Jhudora actually created Neopia.

4. Jhudora once threw a boulder 80 times her size off Terror Mountain

5. Jhudora can control the Snowager

6. Jhudora once made Dr. Sloth cry

See? Real facts-- It's all true! So get studying, and rewrite those History Books, everybody must know the truth!


Okay, what? Does she actually have the authority to do that?! No! She's just a Dark Faerie, nothing to fear, right? She didn't create Neopia, she's not the Faerie Queen, and I'm sure that someone as thoughtful as Plumpy wouldn't like her! I doubt that she can make a vortex!

So forget these rules, Fyora does keep a watch of Jhudora, after all. She's only a little scary looking! No need to worry, we're all safe, she can't harm us in anyway. So go about your day, forget these rules, and have a goo --- AAAHHH! *Vortex*

Note from Jhudora:

"Say Good Night Mr Coconut."


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