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The 12 Most Beautiful Books in Neopia!

by fantasyeyesuk


Are you an avid reader who spends hours with their nose buried in a book? Or perhaps you're a book collector, constantly scouring Neopia for the loveliest books you can get your hands on, eager to display them lovingly on your bookshelf. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but we know we're all guilty of it, so I present to you the top 15 most beautiful books in Neopia, counting down to number one!

Warning: Read at your own risk! I cannot guarantee the contents will be as appealing as the cover! ;)

Faerieland Clouds

This delightful little book floats on a fluffy, winged cloud – what could be more aesthetically pleasing than that? Only a faerie book could pull off such elegance! If you want to add this book to your collection, however, you might find yourself a little out of pocket, as it will cost you around 50,000 neopoints. But if you really do revel in the beauty of books, 'Faerieland Clouds' is a perfect tome to show off to all your friends.

Shenkuu Hiking

Not only is this book stunning on the outside, but it is on the inside, too! The cover features a beautiful Shenkuu landscape, and the tree is even 3D, popping off the spine. When you open it up, you will find illustrations of some of the most perfect Shenkuu hiking spots. This beautiful book will help you find beauty in the land of Neopia, not just in the world of books!

Lifestyles of the Royal and the Uni

This adorable book pays tribute to the royalgirl Uni. It is decorated with brightly coloured flowers and a royalgirl Uni hat, complete with trail! Inside, you can learn all about royal Unis, from their lifestyle to their eating habits! Unfortunately, this book is only available via a rare item code, so you'll have to go that extra mile to get your paws on it!

Enchanted Butterfly Book

A book shaped like a butterfly, how lovely! And when you open it, real butterflies will fly out and flutter around your head! Isn't it just a bookworm's dream? And you need only pay around 24,000 neopoints for this majestic book. You will surely be the envy of all your friends!

Fancy Fyora

A book featuring Queen Fyora just had to appear on this list! This book is rare, so nobody knows much about the contents, but a select few collectors have suggested that it contains a complete biography of the faerie queen herself. The exterior is a dream to look at, featuring an image of Fyora with her wings extending away from the pages. Simply beautiful!

Dry Flower Décor

If you're a flower lover, this is the book for you. The cover is decorated with an assortment of dried flowers, and within the pages of the book, you will learn how to beautify your Neohome in the same way. This is, without a doubt, a beautiful book inside and out, and only costs about 2,000 neopoints! Easily accessible for any book hoarder.

Make Your Own Faerie Gift Baskets

This book is shaped like a gift basket and is decorated with pastel coloured flowers! It even shimmers slightly when you touch it. The chapters within will teach you how to make your own gift baskets that you can give to friends or just hang around your Neohome or garden. This book was clearly designed with beauty in mind. It's ideal for collectors who favour beautiful books, as well as creative types looking to learn something new.

The Hidden Tower

This book is shaped like a glowing white cloud, with the hidden tower perched on top! It's simply breath-taking to look at, and contains glorious images of the interior of Faerie City and The Hidden Tower on sleek, shiny pages. This book is a little gem, and very cheap, priced at only 1,000 neopoints.

The Golden Journal Vol. 1

This book is a complete history of Brightvale, ranging from year six to year seven. It's a hefty book, but the design is spectacular. Its golden surface glows brightly, and never seems to fade! It's advised that you wear sunglasses when handling this book, however, as the light may become blinding after prolonged staring. You can purchase this stunning book for only 2,500 neopoints, and enjoy its radiance for as long as you wish.

Angelic Usukis

Whoever drew the Usuki featured on the front of this book was clearly a talented artist – the design really pops, and the colours are magnificent. After setting eyes on this book, your Neopet might begin to beg you for a Little Angel Usuki Set! But at least that would be cheaper than the book! This book is priced at around 65,000 neopoints, and it is certainly worthy of such a price with such a perfect design.

Lutari Painting

This book is beautiful in a traditional way, not in the way that you would usually expect. It's unique and artistic, featuring some Lutari beads, a feather, and a splodge of colourful paint. There's also a carved, swirly design on the cover. In the book, you can learn about how residents of Lutari Island create works of art with a particular colour palette. The book will cost 41,000 neopoints, but is worth buying if you are a true art appreciator.

The Snowbunny Burrows Into Spring!

To complete the list, we have another rare book that the collector's out there might enjoy tracking down on the Trading Post. This book was only available via a Gift Card, so there aren't many of them floating around Neopia. The book has a gorgeous, scenic spring design, featuring the much loved Snowbunny petpet, and a lilac flower. It's not clear how much this book would sell for, as it's so rare, but keep your eyes out on the Trading Post or the Auction House if you're interested in this adorable little book!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the most beautiful books in Neopia! They are all definitely worth displaying on your bookshelves so your Neofriends can turn green with envy!

To purchase any of the books mentioned here, visit any of the bookshops scattered around Neopia, or consult your local Shop Wizard for more information. Please note, certain books are only available in certain shops, so make sure to know where you need to purchase from!

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